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Dracula: Undead Awakening Credits

Publishing: Chillingo

Head of PublishingJohn Coghlan
Joint Managing DirectorsChris Byatte, Joe Wee
Co-FoundersChris Byatte, Joe Wee

Conversion: Abstration Games

ProductionRalph Egas
ProgrammingRalph Egas, Erik Bastianen
ArtJay Milton Egas
ManualJay Milton Egas
LocalisationSuzanne Beerschop (& Team at U-TRAX M.M.L.)
Sound EnhancementsLarry Burns, Joakim Abrahami, at SoundWare Amsterdam

Original Game by: Moregames Entertainment

ArtAndrey Kovalchuk
DesignAndrey Kovalchuk
ProgrammingPavel Kupriyanov
Music byStrategic Music Studio

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (237658)