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    Give your mind a spin!

    Fancy giving your brain a spin like it's never had? Look no further than echochrome, a fiendish puzzle game which has you guiding a mannequin through a series of confounding 3D mazes. Rather than turning the mannequin, you turn the maze itself, altering the viewpoint on-screen and changing sudden drops and dead ends into pathways to your goal.

    Optical illusion is the key here, as altering the perspective of the screen means you solve the puzzles of the game - and once you've tested your skills and imagination on the increasingly difficult mazes, you can put your experience to good use making your own brain-busting levels. When you're happy with your topsy-turvy creations, you can share them with friends on PlayStation Network (PS3), so there's always a fresh challenge just around the corner.

    Whether it's by yourself or with friends, the fun of echochrome is all about how you look at things...

    • Solve dozens of baffling puzzles
    • Download new user generated levels each time echochrome is loaded
    • Compare best times with an online ranking system

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22261) on May 20, 2010.