F1 Grand Prix Credits

Traveller's Tales

DirectorJon Burton
Project LeadChris Stanforth
Lead ProgrammerChris Stanforth
Lead Artist (Prototype)Leon Warren
Lead ArtistDavid Hoye
ProgrammersChristopher Payne, Richard Taylor
Level ArtistsRobert Dickerson, Paul Dobson, Michael Snowdon, Kenny Wood
Car ArtistBarry Thompson
Track EditingArthur Parsons
Pitstop AnimationEdward Cates, Bill Martin, Jeremy Pardon
Additional ArtworkCharles McNair, Barry Thompson, Alan Wales
VP of TechnologyDavid Dootson
Lead Engine ProgrammerAlistair Crowe
Engine ProgrammingDavid Connell, Chris Halliday
Lead Tools ProgrammerRoland Hougs
Additional Engine ProgrammingRalph Ferneyhough, Steve Monks
Office ManagerBev Deakin
Special ThanksAndrew Burrows, Annika Barkhouse, Sam Burton, Ben Burton, Helen Burton, Samantha Crowe, Chrissy Edwards, Lauren Edwards, James Kay, Trudy Ingham, Maria Lines, Nicola Daly, Lily Parsons, Adrienne Payne, Fiona Stanforth, Emily Stanforth, Peaches Stanforth, Emma Taylor, Oliver Taylor, Laura Warren, Kiera Warren, Ryan Warren

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Executive Vice President - DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Vice President - External DevelopmentMichael Denny
Executive ProducerJohn Rostron
Senior ProducerIvan Davies
ProducerCraig McCracken
Software Development ManagerKevin McSherry
Associate ProducerMark O'Connor
External Development CoordinatorJoanne Richardson
Game ApprovalsMartin Harrow, Mark O'Connor
Product ManagerColin Kennedy
New Release ManagerLouise Welch
New Release AssistantLisa Callow
Manual DesignerAndy Hope
Packaging DesignerAndy Hope
Manual and Packaging CopywriterAlex Pavey
Head of PRCharlotte Panther
Software PR ManagerRebecca Rice
Print ProductionBradley Ralph
Business & Legal AffairsRebecca Darby, Stacey Fowler, Anthony Hodgson, Albert Marshall
Video Production Perelandra Beedles, Jeff Culshaw
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Internal QA SupervisorJim McCabe
Lead TestersMark Slade, Simon King
TestersChris Hopley, Donald Shallcross, Mark Warburton, Derek Hartin, Michael Green, Brandon Conley, Rowan Lee, Rory Abbott
TRC SupervisorPaul French
TRC TestersJohn Hale, Daniel Giles, Michael Kennedy, Christopher Atkinson, David Hill, Martin Houghton, Keith Derby
CD DuplicationCraig Duddle, Christopher Stanley
Planning and Localization ManagerVanessa Wood
Planning and Localization CoordinatorJennifer Rees
Planning and Localization AssistantNadège Josa
Localization SupervisorNadine Martin
Localization Lead TesterKatharina Tropf
Localization TestersMathias Donoso, Mathieu Youna, Daniele Tacconi, Daniele De Blasio, Rafael Deogracias, Alberto Pérez
Manual ApprovalsClare Crawley, Lee Garner
Music Licensing CoordinatorSergio Pimentel
Music Licensing AssistantMartin Hewett
Special ThanksStudio Liverpool F1 and Wipeout Teams
Formula One ManagmentVirginia Della Mura, Laura Carey
FerrariLorenza Lavezzi
B.A.R.Caroline Moulin, Rachel Collier
RenaultJon Woods
WilliamsSimon Forrester
McLarenDiana Kay
SauberMarco Jelinek
Red Bull RacingPaul Storey, Paul Marko, Dominik Mitsch
ToyotaThomas Meyer, Sabine Marsollek
JordanCharlotte Anderson
MinardiMichele Ciavola
TilkeMarcus Krott
Istanbul MSOBulent Ozerdim, Ali Baras
North One TVAbby Bass, Nicola Gooderham
Historic CarsRenault is a trademark of and is used with permission from Renault F1 Team, The Williams name Williams logo and the Williams car design are trademarks / or intellectual property rights of Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited. All rights reserved. © Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited 2005, Lotus type 25 and Lotus type 79 licensed by Cassic Team Lotus Limited


"Nowhere Again" performed bySecret Machines
"Nowhere Again" words and music byJosh Garza, Brandon Curtis, Benjamin Curtis
"Sold" performed byThe Suffrajets
"Sold" written byAlex Gillings, Gemma Clarke, Vicky Kingston, Claire Wakeman
"Better Living Through Chemistry" performed byQueens of the Stone Age
"The Bucket" performed byThe Kings of Leon
"The Bucket" words and music byCaleb Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill
"Shatterproof" performed byLucky Pierre
"Doorman" performed byStereophonics
"Doorman" written byKelly Jones
"Fun-ker" performed byAndy Gray
"Fun-ker" written byAndy Gray
"You Used My Death As A Pretext To Go Running" performed byQUICKSPACE
"You Used My Death As A Pretext To Go Running" written byTom Cullinan

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Credits for this game were contributed by DreinIX (10673) and formercontrib (159455)