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Frantix Credits

Killer Game

Developed ByTom Braski, Da-Hsiung Hsia, Andé Counturier Maitret, Alan Scales, Philip Van Valkenberg

Sony Online Entertainment

Director of DevelopmentNicholas Beliaeff
Associate Producer Fannie Gunton
Project Manager Kevin R. O'Hara
Executive ProducerBrian Lowe
Audio DirectorHeather Sowards
Sound DesignerChadwick Mossholder
Audio LeadMichael Smith
Voice Over Project ManagerGlenn Snyder
PresidentJohn Smedley
Senior Vice PresidentRussell Shanks (Chief Operating Officer), Andrew Zaffron (Legal and Business Affairs / General Counsel), John Needham (Chief Financial Officer)
Chief Creative OfficerRaphael Koster
Senior Vice President of Information TechnologyAdam Joffe (Chief Technical Officer)
Project ManagerMichael Gaylord
Special Thanks ToThe Little A’Le’Inn, Nathan Bosia, Todd A. Carson, Christopher Clark, Chris Eden, Clint Worley


Executive Director of International OperationsMatt Sivertson
Manager, SOE Product LocalizationBob McEntee
Project Manager Dave Kim
Senior Software EngineerKatty Bashir, Bill Mauer
Software EngineerDevon Kim, Chris Lee, Lina Liang, Jason Polk
Technical LiaisonStacey Greibel
Localization SpecialistBernard Dambron, Adriano Vasco


Vice PresidentSteve Weiss
Executive DirectorRick Herman
Staff CounselKelly Conway


Operation ManagerJim Desmond
Assistant Channel Marketing Manager SMPKatie Thomas

Sales and Marketing

Senior Vice President of Sales and MarketingTorrie Dorrell
Senior Vice President of SalesDonald Vercelli
Vice President of MarketingMichael Lustenberger
Senior Brand ManagerChristopher E. Sturr
Associate Brand ManagerHeathcliff Hatcher
Associate Manager, International MarketingKirsten Kinney
Marketing CoordinatorAri Ziegel
Marketing AssociateMorgan Daversa
Director of Corporate CommunicationsChris Kramer
Senior Public Relations ManagerApril M. Jones
Public Relations ManagerTamara Sanderson
Marketing Services ManagerJennifer Belfield
Art DirectorMike Meyer
Editor, Creative ServicesClayton Kroh
Marketing Services CoordinatorLauren Zeiger
AV ProducerBrian Patience
Assistant AV ProducerSteven Gefrom

Quality Assurance

Vice PresidentGeorge Scotto (Customer Service and Quality Assurance)
Executive Assistant Allison Needham
Executive Director of Quality AssuranceTony Rado
Senior Quality Assurance ManagerEdward Hocking
Quality Assurance SupervisorJason Boone
Quality Assurance LeadCarl Flaherty
Quality Assurance AnalystsMariah Clanton, Daniel Hosford, Kevin Shoemaker, James Stoops
Technical Requirements SpecialistsDavid R. Curington, Vincent Pang

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stratege (20430)