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76 (Dec 31, 2005)
Als ich auf Frantix aufmerksam wurde, hielt sich meine Begeisterung in Grenzen. Ich soll Türen öffnen, Kisten ins Wasser schieben und das alles nur, um unter Zeitdruck Edelsteine zu sammeln? Aber das Ergebnis macht vieles richtig: Die Rätsel sind sowohl einfallsreich als auch fordernd, die Steuerung geht flott von der Hand und der gefürchtete „Nur noch dieses eine Level!“-Faktor tritt stärker auf, als der Umwelt im Allgemeinen lieb ist. Schade nur, dass Killer Game bei Steuerung und Akustik gepatzt hat, auch ein Mehrspielermodus hätte drin sein sollen. Wer aber gerne die Gehirnwindungen rauchen lässt und mit kleinen Schwächen leben kann, wird hier mit unkompliziertem Puzzlespaß ohne schmückendes Beiwerk bedient.
Frantix is not terribly 2005. It's more of a charming throwback to the late '80s action puzzles that populated the Nintendo Entertainment System-- the kind in which you control a character and pick up gizmos, avoid enemies, and can walk only in the four cardinal directions. (Adventures of Lolo, anyone?) The goal here is to grab crystals, dodge monsters in a maze, and reach the exit. It's simple fun, great for on-the-go gaming.
Game Chronicles (Oct 18, 2005)
If you love puzzle games and don’t mind the lack of presentation then you will probably really like Frantix. We currently don’t have a lot of options when it comes to this genre on the PSP - Smart Bomb is certainly no alternative. So if you are looking for a large collection of quick and challenging brainteasers that you can pick-up and play without huge time commitments then you should really check out Frantix. It’s one of those addictive games that will keep you busy a lot longer than you think.
GameZone (Sep 29, 2005)
FRANTIX is simple, yes, but it is a platformer game rendered out with very nice three-dimensional environments. It is very linear in nature and you cannot move to the next level without succeeding on the level before you. FRANTIX is not over involving, but this is the type of game you can pick up and put down when you have a few minutes to spare.
This new round of handhelds has seen some great additions to the puzzle genre, and now Killer Game and Platform Publishing are attempting to add an action-oriented twist to the proceedings with Frantix. While I applaud their efforts, Frantix has some problems that keep this game from reaching the heights achieved by titles like Lumines and Meteos.
There are a lot of levels to keep you busy, but that's exactly how the whole game feels - like busy work.
63 (Dec 23, 2005)
Frantix macht genau 30 Minuten Spaß. In dieser Zeit lernt man im Tutorial alle denkbaren Fallen und Gegnerarten kennen und weiß, was künftig zu tun ist, um diese zu umgehen. Überraschungen gibt es im weiteren Spielverlauf deshalb kaum. Vielmehr steigt der Schwierigkeitsgrad durch die ungenaue Steuerung sehr schnell an und das immer gleiche Spielprinzip langweilt schnell. Für absolute Puzzle-Fans mag das Spiel dennoch einen Blick wert sein, alle anderen bleiben beim fantastischen Lumines.
GamingExcellence (Oct 10, 2005)
Frantix is a clever title that tries hard to fulfill a particular niche on the PSP and its puzzles are frequently brilliant and well-designed. The twitch aspect sours the experience a bit but any puzzle fan will learn to look past them. A worthy title that stumbles, but still proves enjoyable.
60 (UK) (Dec 13, 2005)
Some people will probably enjoy Frantix. It involves a bit more lateral thinking than the average puzzle game, and it doesn't outstay its welcome or exceed its mandate more than is forgivable. But puzzle games can be and often are a lot better than this. We'd all like to relive our teens, right? Frantix is the years that preceded 'figuring out how it all worked', and something like Lumines or Zookeeper is all the times you were left alone in the house thereafter.
60 (Oct 12, 2005)
If you like puzzle games then you might enjoy Frantix for PSP, but don’t expect there to be anything to do after you beat the 180+ levels. That is a lot of levels to solve, but unlike Super Monkey Ball and GripShift that include mini-games to unlock, Frantix has nothing. You do get The ChubbChubbs animated short film on the disc, which is cool, but you could also go out and buy the Men In Black II: Special Edition DVD for probably $10 or less used and watch The ChubbChubbs on that or convert it to play on your PSP. The Sony PSP has a limited library of games and it is nice to see Frantix or any game released, but it would’ve been better if Frantix had a little more to offer.
Frantix isn't the best puzzle game to appear on the PSP and despite it's wealth of content there's not a generous amount of variation here and you'll need to be dedicated to keep yourself interested throughout the almost 200 levels. That said though the game has an asking price of £19.99 and can be found online for less which does put the game in a more favourable light. If you like your puzzle games and aren't expecting a game to the standard of Lumines (which is a full price game) you may just enjoy what Frantix has to offer.
IGN (Sep 20, 2005)
Frantix, developed by Killer Game, is one such mobile-friendly puzzle game. Billed as the first character-based 3D puzzle-solving adventure for the PSP, Frantix delivers quick bursts of gameplay through 100-plus stages. The longest stage shouldn't take longer than a few minutes to beat, with many of them taking only a matter of seconds. Now if that's not handy when playing on the bus or when waiting for class to start, nothing is. Frantix saves the game automatically after every stage and whenever you quit to the main menu, so there's also no fear of losing your progress.
More than any other genre, puzzle games can suck me in for hours. Since playing a round can take so little time, it's easy to promise myself "just once more"; 60 promises later, I find I just blew half a day.
GameSpot (Sep 13, 2005)
The puzzles can be fun and challenging for a short while, but the anemic gameplay and generic presentation will leave you feeling unsatisfied with Frantix.
PSX Extreme (Jan 12, 2006)
All in all, Frantix just doesn't quite work. Seriously, ask yourself "do I find mazes fun?" For most people, the answer is no. Worse, the few diehard maze fanatics out there that actually might want a game like this will probably be turned off by its dodgy controls. Frantix... the maze-oriented puzzle game that you have to be hell-bent on liking to enjoy.
Game Over Online (Oct 20, 2005)
The biggest thing Frantix has going against it is the complete lack of any other mode of gameplay other than basic story mode. There's no multiplayer or anything. It's pretty much vanilla Frantix all the time. In the end, Frantix gets old very quickly. After the first few rounds you'll find yourself thinking “Is this all?” The answer is yes.
Portable Review (Oct 22, 2005)
Frantix probably isn’t worth its $40 pricetag, but it might interest people looking for quick mind teasers. Frantix certainly isn’t the best game though, and has its share of faults. There’s no story, and really nothing to keep you coming back. Is it a bargain bin game? Not yet, but it should be soon.
50 (Dec 14, 2005)
Frantix profite de bonnes idées qui ne suffisent malheureusement pas à éviter la lassitude qui s'installe d'elle-même après deux ou trois heures de jeu. La faute à des défis tournant en rond et une maniabilité comportant quelques soucis bien désagréables. Les développeurs auraient également dû penser à un mode multijoueur vu que leur soft aurait facilement pu se prêter à cet exercice de style.
GameSpy (Oct 04, 2005)
There have been some pretty decent puzzlers for the PSP so far. The genre is perfect for the system. What better way to kill a few minutes -- or hours -- of your morning commute than with a little mental challenge? Platform Publishing is hoping that you'll be spending plenty of time making your way through its new puzzler, Frantix. It's a platform-style, maze-crawling deal that might initially captivate you, but ultimately won't end up being a part of your daily commute.
Game Shark (Oct 26, 2005)
In the end Frantix is a 3D puzzler that feels a little too old school to be a good thing. There's a ton of puzzles to solve, but most will want to move on to something with a little more soul. Frantix is a no-frills puzzler in dire need of a personality transplant. You can find better things to waste your PSP's battery on, but if you're not convinced give it a rental and see for yourself.