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Just as I've always liked a FPS with the ability to hold two guns and fire them at the same time, I love the primary/secondary weapon design in this game. There are heavy or special weapons that have to be configured in a particular way on your car, but, in each race, you can take advantage of two weapons in one of three places on your vehicle. The early weapons are the machine gun, the rockets, and the mines but it gets better from there. To again go back to Wip3out Pure and draw a comparison, there isn't anything nearly as fun as that game's Quake weapon in this ditty. Comparisons are easily drawn to cool racing and combat games that incorporate destruction as a theme. Full Auto 2: Battlelines tries to walk a line between too many styles or draw from too many wells and ends up feeling like a complete mutt. Many interesting ideas here which, if further developed, could make for a nice game.
Gamernode (Apr 02, 2007)
There is also a loading time for every single car you rotate through in the selection screen before a race, and it is INFURIATING. Other than that, there are no glaring flaws. Combat racer fans with a PSP will enjoy this, but others may not play past the first few courses. If you do end up picking this one up, enjoy the race.
62 (Apr 17, 2007)
Geil, heizen und ballern gleichzeitig! Was kann angesichts dieses den Urtrieb nach Zerstörung befriedigenden Prinzips noch schief gehen? Einiges. Die Karren reagieren viel zu bockig für ein Arcade-Spiel und brechen ständig aus. In einer bierernsten Rennsimulation lasse ich mir das noch gefallen, aber hier sieht das anders aus, zumal das störrische Verhalten auch nichts mit Realismus zu tun hat. Das Spiel will außerdem alles andere realistisch sein. Mit der Zeit gewöhnt man sich aber an das hakelige Handling. Dann hat mir die Zerstörungsorgie sogar etwas Spaß bereitet. Allerdings nur solange, bis die fantasielosen Missionen mich zum Gähnen gebracht haben. Jage x gegnerische Fahrzeuge in die Luft, befördere y zivile Fahrzeuge auf den Schrottplatz, zerstöre z Spezialziele. Immer dasselbe, bloß mit wechselnden Zahlen für die jeweiligen Variablen. Immerhin finden ein paar Kämpfe zur Abwechslung in Arenen statt.
GameZone (Mar 23, 2007)
Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PSP fails to maintain the exhilarating car battles found in the console version of the game and brings us a game that can be both fun and frustrating at the same time. Even if you loved the console version of the game, I don’t recommend this one. Hopefully, Sega will make the right adjustments for the sequel and bring us a game that will give Burnout and Twisted Metal a run for its money.
IGN (Mar 21, 2007)
Is Full Auto 2: Battlelines the car combat title fans have been looking for? Not really...There are elements that can be fun when you blow up various sections of cityscape as you charge to the finish line. However, an extremely shallow career mode, unbalanced vehicles and weaponry and simplistic tasks makes this a game that only the hardest of the hardcore racing fans would want to play.
GameSpy (Mar 20, 2007)
Full Auto 2: Battlelines on PSP still hasn't brought the series' ambitions to fruition. You'll kill a few hours blasting away, but there are much better action and/or racing games on the platform. Maybe I'm a little harsh on it for not upholding some aspects from its more advanced siblings -- physics, button configuration, level design -- but at the same time the franchise is too middle-of-the-pack to lose key features and still stay out of the junkyard.
60 (Mar 26, 2007)
Unless you are a huge fan of the Full Auto franchise this game will not impress. The game could have been better if it had explosions and had a better single player game. Sadly, the game falls short and is an average PSP game. If you have played Twisted Metal Head-On and you are looking for a new car destruction racer its best to either wait for a new Twisted Metal or just keep on waiting. This game is for Full Auto faithful only.
Worth Playing (Apr 14, 2007)
In the end, Full Auto 2: Battlelines's another car combat game that fails to deliver on the level of Twisted Metal. There are a decent amount of races, events and courses to keep you occupied, but there's not much to it, gameplay-wise, to keep you playing for long, as everything is fairly basic and by-the-numbers. Sadly, there's also the hand-cramping situation, sure to pop up for anyone involved in extended playing sessions. Full Auto 2 is a decent idea if you're looking for a game to just pick up and play for short periods of time, but as a worthwhile purchase, it doesn't have the goods to back it up. If the multiplayer had included online support, this easily could've been a good addition to the PSP library. As it stands, it's just another shallow wave in the sea of mediocrity.
PSX Extreme (Apr 30, 2007)
Full Auto 2: Battlelines is not a bad game, but it is incredibly average. It isn't worth a $40 price-tag, but if you happen to see it for closer to $10-15, you should consider picking it up. There's a lot of game to be had, but with very little depth, innovation, and a lot of frustration. The gameplay isn't very balanced, so you'll end up getting killed by the A.I. constantly, despite your best efforts to stay alive. It's visually decent, but the sound is generic, with the exception of a decent, but short, soundtrack. A lack of proper online multiplayer also dampers things quite a bit. Unless you really enjoy the Full Auto games, I wouldn't recommend the PSP version. Instead, go track down a copy of Twisted Metal for the PSP, if you haven't played it already.
Pocket Gamer UK (Apr 03, 2007)
We're not ashamed to admit it's just far, far too difficult. For those able to play the game to its conclusion: congratulations! You're a better woman than we'll ever be.
GotNext (Apr 30, 2007)
It's too bad that the car combat is easy and somewhat dull then. Blasting through traffic and taking out the numerous random objects each course is covered with is unsatisfying, and the car handling feels just plain weird. Even with these issues though, I can't bring myself to actively feel any strong emotions to Full Auto 2. Maybe it's a result of the game's ease, progressing on to new and better toys relatively quickly, or maybe it's because the basics of car combat are just strong enough to negate any offense the game might otherwise cause. Whatever it is, Full Auto 2 is a small step above actively bad, but that's still not good enough.
50 (May 07, 2007)
Full Auto 2: Battlelines is eigenlijk maar een slechte voortzetting van een niet foutloze reeks. Waar de next-gen versies nog wel wat grafische pracht lieten zien en ook nog eens wat physics, is hiervan op de PSP weinig terug te vinden. Eén op één gevechten met de tegenstanders maakt veel goed, het gebrek aan aan focus op het finishen van de race doet daar veel aan af.
In the PSP's library of mediocre racing games, FA2 is... another one. Even if its only purpose was to lure speed-hungry maniacs off our roads, thereby saving hundreds of lives each year, it still wouldn't be worth it.
GameSpot (Mar 23, 2007)
Overall, this is a generic, poor-playing combat racing game that isn't deep enough to please even diehard fans of the genre. While it isn't aggressively broken, there's nothing in Full Auto 2 that makes it a particularly appealing game.
40 (Apr 30, 2007)
S'il persiste dans cette optique, Full Auto n'a aucun avenir. Sur PSP comme sur PS3, il pourra distraire l'espace de quelques minutes mais n'a finalement aucune réelle qualité. Pas original pour un sou, il continue à se chercher entre jeu de courses et jeu d'action. A côté de 187 Ride Or Die, il fait bien pâle figure et ne séduira sans doute pas grand monde.
30 (Sep 23, 2009)
Full Auto war ein nettes Spiel. Full Auto 2 allerdings – zumindest auf Sonys Kleinstem – ist eine mittelschwere Katastrophe und gesellt sich, als erstes Sega Spiel überhaupt, in die Riege der gänzlich misslungenen PSP-Portierungen. Die Technik ist schwach, die Steuerung unnachvollziehbar, die Ladezeiten nicht zumutbar und der Schwierigkeitsgrad eine Frechheit. Wer Full Auto spielen will, sollte also zum PS3 Pendant greifen oder den Vorgänger wieder aus dem Regal nehmen. Und wer ein gutes Rennspiel für seine PSP sucht, sollte sich stattdessen das exzellente Sega Rally ansehen.
1UP (May 08, 2007)
The console Full Auto games were simple, destructive spectacles in their own way, but the PSP just doesn't really do spectacles. The most brain-dead of race junkies will probably find some appeal to this portable take on the formula, but there are much better racing games and much better action games if you're looking for a fix of either (or Twisted Metal: Head On, a vastly superior car combat game that's two years old and half the price).