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Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot Credits

52 people (26 developers, 26 thanks)


This game was designed byThe great community at in cooperation with The Bearded Ladies Consulting., Design concepts were created and selected by the community., The Bearded Ladies acted simply as their cheap slaves.

The Community Designers

Head DesignerMarco Profiti
His Right ArmGiles Samuel Wood
Creator of WorldsStefan Nunez
Enemy and Boss DesignSergey Kuligin
CopywriterJakub Januszewicz
Theme MusicPaulo Mendes (Club Fun and Zen)
Additional Design ConceptsDayne Oram, Luis Deodato, ''Deadbrainpl''
In Game Grafitti ArtistsAnton Pimenov, Sergey Kuligin, Josè Gabriel Gaitan Amaru, Davis Schrapel, Emma Lineham, ''Chrisa3211'', ''Chrisluis67''
Thanks toeveryone who participated in this great project
Special Greetz fly out to the following forum membersBearskopff, Poggins, Mchaza, Musterbuster, Zzrafz, Chocobo115 and Ella, Kingmookie, Sand-Snake, Redraven, Elite-Hawk, Blukay, Plambey, Pacman Ownage, Cloudedpaul, Bioswat, Followerofset, Unwlelt, Krygus

The Bearded Ladies

Senior Instruction JugglerDavid Skarin
PixelmonkeyKalle Söderberg
Gameplay OrchestraElizabeth Bodling
Python StranglerMagnus Grundberg
Circus DirectorHaraldur Thormundsson
Concept ClownOscar Bodin
Thanks to all the testers, special greetings toOliver Eklund, Sandro Soby
Special Thanks to the RoadiesAurelien Poma, James Gallagher, Marque Pierre Søndergaard, Linda Bolin, Danne Palm, Once again thanks to everyone, hopefully we didn't miss anyone

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