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The Golden Compass Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Main menu
Game bonuses -- the bitmaps' resolution is blatantly poor
Intro -- Lyra and Iorek
Iorek's special attack in a fight with wolves
Who's the little chubby bear? Who's the chubby bear!
Climbing down beautiful snow ledges
Running ahead of the crumbling ice path
Quick-time event for clearing the path
Lyra by herself, using the so-called insight to scrutinize the surroundings
Throwing rocks at the icicle
Quick-time event for escaping the hunter
Pan morphs into a bird to help Lyra fly across the rift
Pan morphing into a silver fox
The stylish "loading" screen
Iorek ripping a hunter apart
Cute bear training for circus act
You'd better believe it!
Fighting the shaman
Dentist mini-game!
Ms. Lonsdale's on a mission to give Lyra and Pan a bath
Videogames teaching kids what to do with books
Keeping Lyra's balance
Journal, written in the poor choice of MS Comic Sans
Lyra can hang on to ledges... like Lara
Videogames teaching kids to spit plum seeds at teachers (which is good)
Sorting it out with the local bullies... by a running contest