Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen
Loading screen
The city map, helps you navigate
Victor "Vic" Vance, the main character
Caught! Sometimes the police might catch up with you
At an illegal shooting range looking for guns
A sweet low rider. Gotta have that one..
You can save the game when you find a disk icon
Driving around the barracks with a sweet bike
Looking for a new mission
Meeting at the airport
Yachting with friends
Fist fighting with a stranger
Staking out new turf
Quad race
Starting up a multiplayer game
Vic is one serious dude
A great addition to classic gameplay: you can pay a bribe of just $2000 to get your weapons back after you are killed or busted
You can enter many stores in Vice City
The off-road track offers a lot of time trials in different categories
Paramedic missions now have checkpoints
Vic's wardrobe
Construction site rampage
Attacking the rival gang's business site
Once you successfully attack and purchase the site you can build a business of your choice
If you fail to defend your business from a rival gang it needs to be repaired. Fail defending it several times - and another gang will occupy it.
Vic's apartment in Clemenus Suite. Note the ferris wheel outside, you can actually take a ride on it
Foreground: Rampage icon. Background: one of 99 red balloons hidden throughout the city.
The "Trip skip" option is handy if you fail a mission; it's a checkpoint of sorts
Smashing actors dressed like zombies!
Fire Copter side mission
Speed boat chase
Having fun with sniper rifle
Things like this happen all the time
Sunshine Autos is just a small business in 1984
One of business cites owned by Vic
Fours stars wanted level. Maybe they will take me for a fellow cop?
Hello, E.T.!
Everybody loves this Mexican
Vic is drugged
I've got a big gun and there's nothing you can do about it
Phil Collins and Reni Wassulmaier
In one mission you control a robot in first-person view
The Hunter. The most formidable war machine in the game
For the first time in the series you can auto-check the discovered collectibles on the game map making the life of a completionist so much easier!
It really pays off to get those red balloons.
A game of golf
On a jet ski.
Vic's brother Lance. Maybe you remember him from GTA: Vice City
Shooting some bad guys in a helicopter mission