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I really enjoyed playing through Gripshift. It has a great learning curve, slowly reeling you into the incredibly tough later levels, but I guarantee you’ll keep going back to it until you have nailed every one of them. Multiplayer is great, and passes lunchtimes very nicely at work. It really is a perfect game for the platform, and I highly recommend it in your PSP collection.
Gameplanet (Dec 14, 2005)
This game is so much more than a racing game, it challenges both the mind and the reflexes on some of the most insane tracks we have ever seen. The only word of caution we have is that it's no easy beat and you will need to play many levels over and over again before mastering them. Leading up to Christmas this year all we can say is "buy Kiwi made".
Portable Review (Oct 22, 2005)
With the over 100 challenges and multiple mini-games, GripShift has quite a large amount of replay value. That's not even considering the game's track editor. Couple this with the sheer fun the game is to play and it's a game deserving of at least a look.
The frustrating and repetitive action that is inherent to Gripshift may be enough to scare off low-patience players, but most gamers simply use their frequent failures as fuel to keep driving. The simplicity of the game is deceptive; this is immensely entertaining fun in a tight, clean, and ultimately cool little package.
Game Chronicles (Oct 15, 2005)
For as ambitious a title as GripShift aspires to be it actually succeeds at touching on most of the genres listed on the box in a truly unique and inventive fashion. The very nature of the game design lends itself to short bursts of gameplay. The longest mission you can do is the Playground and that is 8-minutes or less. Most runs last less than a minute and seldom go beyond two or three. GripShift won’t satisfy anyone looking for a pure racing experience, but if you are looking for a more challenging puzzle-style game with racecars, wonky physics, and high-speed action then look no further.
Softpedia (Jan 19, 2007)
This is one of the best PSP titles I have played so far and it comes as a surprise, because the producers seemed to have lost their touch in the innovations field. A new genre hit the consoles' universe and its features will leave many players frustrated, but if you're an open-minded gamer, you'll have the fun of your life. There hasn't been a title that combined vehicles, rockets and crazy tracks since the times of S.C.A.R.S or Rollcage. Although GripShift is an entertaining game designed for short and often plays, its high replay value will soon make it one of your favorite PSP racing games.
Gripshift cooks up a strange stew, one that combines the driving and puzzle genres with a little pinch of Super Monkey Ball for added flavor. All in all, it's a pretty tasty dish.
GamingExcellence (Oct 18, 2005)
In the end, while GripShift may have a hard time truly representing itself, any gamer who takes the time to play it for what it really is will walk away quite pleased with the overall experience. It may take gamers a few minutes to get a true feel for the controls and feel of the game, but with numerous goals, mini-games, multiplayer modes and track editor, GripShift will keep any fan interested and busy for a long time to come.
80 (Oct 12, 2005)
GripShift is a fun and entertaining game that is a welcome addition to the PSP library. The PlayStation Portable has been lacking new and original games and GripShift hits both of those targets. If you like puzzle, racing, action and/or platform games you should like GripShift and with its multitude of game levels, and gameplay options it should keep you busy for a long time. Plus, when you finish all the levels in the game you and your friends can make even more with the included level editor to keep the fun going. If you own a PSP and are looking for an original game to add to your PSP collection then you should check out GripShift from Platform Publishing.
It's impossible to say that GripShift is a great game. It's going to draw a sharp line between those who have played it, and those who actually understand it. It's a sad case of becoming accustomed to the usual, and expecting nothing that goes outside those lines. GripShift has no problem with what it is. If you understand that, like to bowl penguins down with a car, and if you're patience level is high, you're the market for this unique PSP title.
PGNx Media (Oct 03, 2005)
GripShift is a fun little game that came out of nowhere. Though the racing is a bit frustrating at first, you can get used to it. The game includes a lot of content, so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.
Pro-G (Jan 06, 2006)
If you really get into GripShift you might fancy creating some of your own courses and this is possible thanks to the rather accomplished track editor. Whether you make traditional racing circuits or more complex challenge courses is up to you, and while the PSP's limited controls are awkward at first, the designers have done the best they can to make things intuitive. Track sharing is also possible and while this is once again limited to your local friends, developers Sidhe Interactive have made a number of tracks available to download from their website and the game's official forum also allows users to upload their own tracks
GameZone (Oct 16, 2005)
Gripshift is a compilation of different ideas packed into one title what has racing at its core. But if you look at the game merely from that perspective, it is somewhat lacking. Take in the entire package – track editor, multiplayer, combat and bonus games as well as the racing aspect, and you have a fun little package that offers something different and does a good job in handling the different elements.
GripShift is a good PSP game that could have been a whole lot better had the handling been improved. In terms of content, originality and suitability there's little to complain about and it's a game that definitely has potential. However whether you'll enjoy the game or not will really come down to whether you have the patience to put up with the awkward steering. If you do have the patience you'll find a lot to appreciate in GripShift and I have to admit after a few hours you do find yourself coping with the steering. If you don't want to fuss over the awkward handling though, it's a game that will prove irritating.
IGN (Sep 13, 2005)
GripShift half succeeds at what it sets out to do. It certainly includes elements from all four genres it says on the box, but it’s the implementation of said genres that decides whether a game succeeds or not. While GripShift does in fact offer varied, unique and entertaining gameplay, it feels like these genres never really gel together as well as they should. Still, it’s fun once you get used to the idea. Plus, the mini-games, track editor and multiplayer tracks help establish GripShift as a solid title. Rent it if you’re uncertain.
73 (Dec 23, 2005)
Mit Gripshift haben die Entwickler gezeigt, dass es durchaus noch Raum für innovative Spielideen gibt. Die Verbindung aus Geschicklichkeit und Rennaction hat durchaus Potenzial - das schwache Fahrmodell sorgt dabei jedoch ein wenig für Ernüchterung. Wer die permanenten Neuauflagen bewährter Spielkonzepte satt ist, ist mit diesem Titel trotzdem gut bedient.
70 (UK) (Dec 12, 2005)
In the final reckoning Gripshift's probably a bit too messy to really work. It's not really an issue of the handling; it is what it is for a reason. And it's not losing points for asking me to do something - cross fingers - seven times; this is a world of acrobatic vehicular dressage, and making that perilous jump is as much about the six attempts that preceded success as it is about the success itself. No, it just doesn't seem confident enough to let itself be the thing it is, and this manifests itself in a reward structure that stops short of demanding the most of you, and in lots of tangential fodder that dilutes its purposefulness. Nonetheless, it has the feeling of a game that will appeal to people who bask in challengingly unrealistic pursuits like those of Trackmania, Super Monkey Ball and Mercury, and I reckon the PSP could do with a lot more games like it. Buy it if you know what I'm talking about.
TTGamer (Feb 11, 2006)
Gripshift is a game that breaks the mould of most PSP titles available now. First of all it’s only available on the PSP and second of all it seems perfect for traveling. Each game takes twenty seconds if that, but the ‘just one more time’ mentality may have you missing you bus or train stop many times over. Gripshift shows us what the PSP can do if developers get creative and look at the system as something other than a portable PS2.
PlayDevil (Dec 25, 2005)
"Gripshift" is a fine fast racing game that will keep you busy for a long time. Thanks to the course editor you'll have lots of fun creating and sharing your own tracks with other gamers over the internet. It features lovely graphics and crisp sound and since it's priced at a very budget price, you definitely can't go wrong with this one!
70 (Dec 09, 2005)
GripShift aurait pu être un petit bijou si deux défauts ne s'étaient pas glissés subrepticement dans le jeu : le niveau de difficulté exagérément élevé et les lacunes au niveau de la gestion des armes. Hormis ces deux bémols, le soft ne s'en sort pas mal du tout : bien réalisé, disposant d'un éditeur de circuits et d'un mode multijoueur, c'est un titre qui plaira aux amateurs de jeux hybrides mélangeant des éléments de courses et de plates-formes et qui n'ont pas peur des challenges.
3DAvenue (Mar 11, 2006)
Gripshift is a game that breaks the mould of most PSP titles available now. First of all it’s only available on the PSP and second of all it seems perfect for traveling. Each game takes twenty seconds if that, but the ‘just one more time’ mentality may have you missing you bus or train stop many times over. Gripshift shows us what the PSP can do if developers get creative and look at the system as something other than a portable PS2.
Worth Playing (Mar 13, 2006)
So, on paper, GripShift seems like it could've been one of those great little, diamond-in-the-rough titles, and to some, it may be. However, it has some things going against it that will turn off many gamers before they get into the meat of the game, not the least of which are the crazy physics. Yeah, it's possible to get used to them, but you have to wonder how much better this budget game (it's only $20 new) with over 100 tracks could've been if the floatiness were simply turned down a few notches. Still, GripShift has some redeeming qualities, perhaps the best being the relative addictiveness of the challenge mode and the act of unlocking new content. It's unfortunate that this promising combination comes mixed with a good amount of frustration.
Game Over Online (Oct 24, 2005)
In the end, GripShift is one of those opportunities that sadly didn't pay off. So much work was put into this title that it's a shame to see it killed by unresponsive controls. If you're a puzzle fan or just enjoy failing, then give it a shot, otherwise stay away.
PSX Extreme (Sep 21, 2005)
If Gripshift's controls were anything resembling playable, the objectives were time-based instead of focused on collecting, and the game had a little bit of personality, Sidhe and Sony Online might have a sleeper hit on their hands. If you're curious, it's worth a rental, but at its current price tag of $40, there's simply not enough to Gripshift to make it a compelling purchase.
GameSpy (Oct 04, 2005)
While the PSP crowd still waits for the killer RPG or action game to hit the system, they still have to make do with the glut of racers that are available. GripShift stands out from the rest. It doesn't quite make do on its promise of being a hybrid platform/puzzle/action racer, but it does enough things right to make it worth checking out.
Game Shark (Oct 25, 2005)
In the end, GripShift is a great game concept that didn't get fleshed out the way it should have. There's a ton of cool content and some great puzzles but it's all weighed down by loose driving controls. If you're looking for some action racing and some interesting challenges the give GripShift a look. For fans looking for decent physics and a more refined driving expereince, you'd be better off checking out Burnout Legends or similar racers out for the PSP now.