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Hero 30 mode is where you'll be spending the majority of your time. It incorporates all of the featured gameplay elements, and it's done so in a cohesive fashion. It never feels disjointed or forced. An ad-hoc mode pits you against other three other players in a race to see who can get to the boss and defeat him first in Hero mode. It's another great playable feature that is almost worth the price of admission alone. Overall, this is a unique game that is fresh and fun. It's hard to imagine anyone not enjoying it. If you have a PSP, you simply have to have Half-Minute Hero in it.
Gaming Age (Oct 28, 2009)
As it stands, Half Minute Hero is absolutely worth checking out for the Hero 30 mode, even if I found the other modes involved a little disappointing. They're worth playing too, but none of them were nearly as fun for me as the main Hero mode was. Also, for those of you with a friend interested in the game, there's some multiplayer involved with a local connection, but I was unable to test that for the review. All together, I really enjoyed Half Minute Hero, and I think it's absolutely worth picking for PSP owners. It's a great spin on a tired formula, with some fantastic art design and a quality soundtrack to go along with it. Definitely pick this one up and you won't be disappointed.
The A.V. Club (Oct 26, 2009)
The other modes are less robust than Hero 30, but they more than justify their presence. The best and most bizarre is Princess 30, in which a princess picks off monsters with a rapid-fire crossbow while being carried around on a pillow by her loyal retainers. Princess 30 acts like this premise is entirely sensible, which is what makes it funny. Half-Minute Hero knows when to laugh at itself, and when to go deadpan. Timing is the key to comedy, after all, and few games are as well-timed as this one.
90 (Sep 15, 2010)
Solltet ihr eure PSP schon längst vergessen oder verlegt haben, dann holt sie erneut ans Tageslicht, denn mit "Half-Minute Hero" kriegt sie das, was sie verdient: ein vorbildliches und innovatives Stück Software. Auch wenn das Spiel aufgrund der schwächeren, dafür aber recht kurzen Spielmodi knapp an der Höchstwertung vorbeisaust und dem technischen Anspruch des Systems nicht gerecht wird, kann ich es jedem PSP-Spieler blind empfehlen. Auch solchen, die normalerweise keine Rollenspiele spielen, da wir es hier mit einem ganz unkonventionellen Vertreter des Genres zu tun haben. Leider ist das Spiel nicht bei uns in Deutschland erschienen, so dass man zwangsläufig auf einen US- oder UK-Import angewiesen ist. Die Anschaffung ist aber wirklich jeden einzelnen Cent wert! In diesem Sinne bleibt nur noch zu hoffen, dass der bereits in Japan angekündigte Nachfolger ebenfalls den Weg in den Westen findet.
Gamer Limit (Oct 27, 2009)
Still, Half-Minute Hero is a wonderful example of a game catering to the strengths of its platform. “Pick up and play” is an overused back-of-box quote; few games achieve that title as admirably as Hero. If you’re a retro fan, or an RPG fan, or even just a PSP fan, you should pick up this game. The simple yet unique concept, coupled with a classic aesthetic and a biting sense of humor, makes Half-Minute Hero a winner. Check it out if you have a spare thirty seconds in your busy schedule.
Worth Playing (Oct 31, 2009)
For everyone claiming to be "too busy" for games these days, Half-Minute Hero may be exactly the title you need. The title's bite-sized action will hook you right from the start, and once you start playing, this is really one of those games that's extremely difficult to put down (especially since you know that the next level is only 30 seconds long). The game's only minor weakness is that Hero mode makes the other three pale in comparison, but if you judge each by its own merits, they're all incredibly fun. You can now also save the world in 30 seconds, and haven't you always wanted to do that?
Destructoid (Oct 29, 2009)
If you love RPGs, you'll love Half-Minute Hero. If you don't love RPGs, you may still love Half-Minute Hero. Fans of the genre will love the jokes and parody, while haters of the genre may love it for the very same reasons. Even moreso, the puzzling gameplay is addictive and perfectly suited for portable play. If you own a PSP, you really should try and own Half-Minute Hero as well. You can't say it isn't worth thirty seconds of your time.
Game Critics (Nov 02, 2009)
After all's been said and done, I've got nothing but praise and adoration for Half-Minute Hero. It's extremely smart, has a great sense of humor, a bold design and fantastic art direction. Although having a basic familiarity with JRPGs may be required to fully appreciate everything that's going on in this title, those well-versed in the genre or who can appreciate truly innovative design will find it impossible not to fall in love with.
GamePro (US) (Oct 13, 2009)
The only caveat I have with recommending Half-Minute Hero is that it's probably not for everyone. The concept is so differently, albeit brilliantly executed, that because it may alienate gamers who don't "get" the game's inherent quirkiness. I'd love to think that millions of people would pick this game up and have the same great experience as I have, but I know that probably won't be the case. However, gamers who buy into the game's eccentric vibe and hilarity will definitely be rewarded.
90 (Feb 01, 2010)
Only achieving meager sales, it angers me that this game has not received the recognition it deserves. If you own a PSP, you need to buy and play this game right now (available on UMD and digital download from the PSN). If you do not own a PSP, you should suggest buying one or borrowing one just to play this game. Half Minute Hero is that good and that important to the evolution of the RPG.
IGN (Oct 09, 2009)
If you like RPGs, Half-Minute Hero is a refreshing take that mixes in all the quirks the genre is known for, and if you've never been into RPGs, it's light enough for any noob to get behind and enjoy; plus, there are a bunch of other gameplay types to get behind the controls of. I think there's a stumble here in presentation and there in clarity, but none of that detracts from making this a great portable game that PSP owners should seriously give a shot.
GameTrailers (Nov 03, 2009)
Half-Minute Hero moves like a bullet train, with non-stop laughs and light speed gameplay. There's more depth to it than you'd expect, but its bite-sized chunks make it great to play in short bursts. If you've ever wanted your RPGs to pick up the pace, don't pass this one by.
85 (Dec 01, 2009)
Guuuut, die scheinbare Vielfalt mit ihren vier Spielvarianten und dem witzigen Mehrspieler-Gehetze dünnt beim genauen Hinsehen aus, weil man dann ja doch immer dasselbe macht. Ach, und von mir aus ist die Anforderung zum Lösen der eigentlichen Missionen eben praktisch nicht vorhanden. Dafür kann ich jeden Level beliebig oft wiederholen, habe meistens gleich mehrere Quests zur Auswahl und erlebe auch als Schönling, Ritter und Prinzessin allerhand... Quatsch. Und Quatsch ist ohnehin die Essenz der Medizin, die Half-Minute Hero der Videospielmoderne verabreicht. Die beschwingte Fröhlichkeit, die wunderbaren Insider-Anspielungen - mich hat die Liebe zum Detail, mit dem die minimalistischen Figürchen zum Leben erweckt werden, einfach verzaubert. Für mich ist Half-Minute Hero ein ebenso rotzfreches wie sympathisches Statement an die ganze überproduzierte Triple-A-Totenstarre: Ich bin Pixel - und das ist gut so!
PlayStation Universe (Oct 19, 2009)
Overall, while this quirky collection won’t be suited to everyone’s tastes, if you're looking for a unique RPG romp offering a diverse set of game modes, then Half-Minute Hero gets the job done. The music is great, the gameplay is simple and fast-paced, and packs in quite a few laughs to boot. While we were most impressed with Hero 30, some gamers will inevitably prefer the RTS and shooter mechanics found elsewhere. Looking back, we feel Opus certainly took a risk with their approach to the classic 8-bit RPG, and they succeeded admirably. However, if we are to see a sequel, we hope Hero 30 is expanded upon, and the multiplayer offering is a little more substantial.
85 (Nov 07, 2009)
Simply put, Half-Minute Hero is the perfect game to take on the go. You can play in very short spurts, or you can sit down and play for a good hour and still feel satisfied either way. I reviewed the game on a PSPgo, and I found that just having the game on there made me more likely to take the handheld with me on even short trips away from home. To me, this is exactly what a great handheld game should do. Fun from start to finish, Half-Minute Hero is a pleasant surprise on the PSP and should definitely be on everybody's list of must play games this year.
Meristation (Feb 25, 2010)
Este título lo tiene prácticamente todo para ser una parodia esplendida, para reírse de las convenciones que a pocos interesan en la actualidad. Lo hace de forma respetuosa y, lo que es más importante, tomándose en serio a sí mismo. La posibilidad de guardar partida en cualquier momento, de disputar los cuatro modos de juego cada uno a su ritmo: todo se ha puesto a disposición del usuario para que pueda echar una partida en el metro, en el autobús o en donde sea sin tener que preocuparse de si le dará o no tiempo para guardar. Es, en fin, la viva prueba de que se puede realizar una obra notable que no alcanza el sobresaliente por las taras que se han explicado a lo largo del análisis. Quizás en una futurible secuela que, quién sabe, quizás nunca aparezca. Por suerte siempre podremos disfrutar de este título. No lo dejéis pasar.
AceGamez (Mar 09, 2010)
There are around 15 to 20 hours of content in HMH’s single player modes, bolstered by the option for some fast paced, ad-hoc multiplayer fun in Hero mode. Despite the game’s diminutive size, the warmth, wit and intelligence it’s been put together with result in a package that wonderfully blends the old with the new, creating a compendium of different game types that warp your concept of time, turning you into a master of the millisecond. Half-Minute Hero is the most entertaining pixelated panic attack you’ll find on your PSP, and a game where time is very much of the essence.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 11, 2011)
For portable systems like the PSP I'm always looking for fun and original titles that I can't find on a normal console, and Half-Minute Hero is a shining example.
1UP (Nov 10, 2009)
The game works best as an RPG, and it ends on a high note, returning you to the generic blond-haired Hero's story at the end to close out the harried tale. But Half-Minute Hero will probably last you several more hours than you'd realize, since it comes in such easily palatable chunks. No matter how frustrating a level might be, there's almost always a solution that can get you in and out in less than a minute. Though once you get sucked in, it's hard not to search for the absolute fastest path out. After all, it's only 30 seconds, right?
RPG Site (Dec 23, 2009)
While it isn't perfect, it's fair to say that any fan of old-school RPGs owes it to themselves to give Half-Minute Hero a go. It's a loving homage to those 90s classics and everyone who loved and grew up with them.
The Guardian (Feb 26, 2010)
The game is not without its flaws, however. There is, almost inevitably, a disappointing amount of repetition, some weird enemy AI and, even allowing for the 8-bit limitations, some dodgy animation. But the positives and value – the main games alone will take 15+ hours to complete – make them easier to overlook. For the most part, Half-Minute Hero is a quirky delight.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 11, 2009)
Half-Minute Hero — это блистательная пародия на жанровые клише, ускоренная в десять тысяч раз. В основном режиме (Hero 30) — три десятка этапов, предлагающих ровно 30 секунд для спасения мира. Диспозиция всегда одна: есть замок Темного Властелина, вознамерившегося уничтожить все живое, и есть наш Герой, неизменно первого уровня и с сотней золотых в кармане. Стремительно пробегая от стартовой точки до черного логова, он рубит на кусочки многочисленных врагов и убить главного негодяя. Сходу учинить расправу над ним нельзя — нужно «прокачать» навыки на обычных зверюшках, на что уходят драгоценные мгновения. Как справиться с этим за полминуты? Дело в том, что в деревнях ход часов замирает. Спокойно набираем лечебные травы, приобретаем новое оружие, общаемся с местными… И — главное! — приносим в жертву богине Времени те самые золотые, после чего таймер волшебным образом обнуляется.
80 (UK) (Dec 10, 2009)
The approach certainly doesn't render its inspiration redundant because, in reality, Half-Minute Hero is essentially an innovative arcade game dressed as a JRPG. Indeed, the similarities between the two are limited to aesthetic, tone and theme: underneath the parody, entirely different systems hum. For that reason, while Half-Minute Hero will be best appreciated by gamers familiar with its surface inspirations, it can nevertheless be savoured by anyone.
RPGFan (Dec 15, 2009)
Half-Minute Hero obviously isn't a big budget title, and you might be tempted to stay away from it because of the weird name and outdated graphics and sound. However, if you take the time to sit down and play the game, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the game's humor and originality. It might not be the longest RPG out there at around 10-15 hours, but Half-Minute Hero is a game that's worth experiencing, and most importantly, you'll have fun doing it.
Teletext (2009)
The unlockable Knight 30 game is not a direct pastiche of anything, as you try to protect a wizard long enough for him to cast a spell. As much as we hate escort missions though this one has a clever balance of strategy and action. As a whole then the package is a mixed bag, but Hero 30 alone is more than worth the price of admission.
D+PAD Magazine (Mar 03, 2010)
There are also two further unlockables in a 300-second Hero mode with no rewinds and an extreme 3-second stage that YouTube videos make look significantly easier than it actually is. These extras will satisfy the game’s more devout followers, but none of the game’s superfluous content proves to be as entertaining as the deceptively lengthy, and brilliant, Hero 30 mode. It’s being billed as a niche title, but there’s enough joy within Half-Minute Hero to make the game an entertaining experience for anyone.
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 02, 2010)
If your PSP has been sadly gathering dust over the past few months due to the drought of quality software, then Half-Minute Hero offers the ideal opportunity to wipe away the cobwebs and get stuck into some mischievously entertaining RPG action.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 13, 2009)
Half Minute Hero doesn't attempt to deliver a full RPG experience, but fans of the genre will appreciate its sense of humor and the developer’s obvious appreciation of the games it parodies.
GameSpot (Oct 15, 2009)
You'll spend roughly 15 hours completing the game, but Princess mode feels a bit shortchanged at an hour's length. The lack of any underlying depth, such as skills to master and dungeons to explore, limits your motivation to revisit Story mode for better scores. Fortunately, ad hoc multiplayer boosts replayability by pitting you against friends in a feverish race to defeat the boss in Hero mode. Though Half-Minute Hero may be troubled by repetitive objectives and trivial flaws, its cute presentation style and great speed-driven gameplay offer an enjoyable adventure you won't soon forget.
RPGamer (2009)
The very fact that Half-Minute Hero exists is a shining example of the creativity that still exists in Japan. Much like early 2009's Retro Game Challenge, Half-Minute Hero is a tribute to days gone by, taking what was imagined back then and giving it a modern twist. Although the game can be completed in less than fifteen hours, they're a terrific fifteen hours, and the addition of ranks and hidden titles for achieving certain times and performing certain actions gives it plenty of replayability for those who want to try to get "hi-scores." It's also a terrific portable game, as each level takes only a few minutes to complete at the very most. Even on a fifteen minute coffee break, you could easily finish two or three levels, and with four different game modes to choose from, you shouldn't get bored either. Half-Minute Hero is a terrific game, and PSP owners would be remiss to pass it up.
Modojo (Oct 29, 2009)
Had Xseed done away with Evil Lord mode in favor of something else (like a strategic ship battle mode or something), it could've easily scored a perfect rating. Still, three out of four isn't bad for Half-Minute Hero, so we fully recommend it. Its various modes and retro presentation make this a game worth spending time with.
I feel Half Minute Hero does have a few things to offer, but gets really old really fast. Its strongest points are the soundtrack, and how easy it is to pick up play. Its downfalls are the graphics and the double edged sword of being far too easy. If you are looking for an easy RPG the game is definitely for you, but if you want something a little more challenging I would stay away from this one. I feel there are a lot better games the PSP has to offer, that are out or on the way out.
Legendra (Apr 25, 2010)
Sorte d'enfant illégitime du Puzzle Game et du RPG, Half-Minute Hero est définitivement taré, complètement jouissif et prend le contre-pied des productions classiques. Malheureusement, ses graphismes volontairement datés et son aspect répétitif pourront rebuter, et le jeu ne sortira certainement jamais de la niche des retrogamers.
TheSixthAxis (Feb 25, 2010)
What was once a free downloadable Windows project is now one of the cleverest games on the PSP. It’s a smart, humourous post-ironic dig at everything from Zelda to Final Fantasy which never takes itself too seriously. Split over several game modes (including a neat interpretation of real time strategy and even a shooter) Half Minute Hero not only bucks the expectations of gamers but also manages to carve its own niche.
GamesRadar (Oct 21, 2009)
At its best, Half Minute Hero is equal parts love letter and roast to the beloved RPG genre with a sprinkling of pop-culture references and self deprecation. It's definitely one of the most original games we've played on the PSP even if it is a short trip.
Game Revolution (Nov 12, 2009)
The whole thing won't take you long to work through, even if you want to play and collect everything it has to offer. Just unlocking Knight Mode can be done in around 5-6 hours, and that's tinkering around and toying with the multiple paths. It's not long, it's not deep, but sometimes that's just what you need: a fun – albeit short – hit to keep you going.

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