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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Main Menu
Opening sequence: Bellatrix meets Snape.
Introduction: a conversation about the unbreakable vow
The Exploding Snap mini-game
The Hogwarts Express acts as a tutorial.
A sample of the Remembrall with the multiple quests you receive.
Traditional Gobstones mini-game
Harry is on the first of seven floors.
Characters with an exclamation mark usually have important information.
Digging through the collective memory of Voldemort.
The radial menu where you can access the inventory, potions, Remembrall and more.
Entering the Common Room.
A Wand Fight in progress
The Hospital Wing
My opponent is about to deflect my incoming shot.
A gathering with the three friends
Wizard Skittles mini-game
Trade items with other students.
A match of Quidditch in progress
Harry takes Luna to a party, even though he really wanted to ask Ginny.
Performing a spell on the statue to retrieve items
Inventory screen
Potions and Ingredients screen
Brewing a potion with QTEs.
Results of the brewing process
Chasing Bellatrix in a static first-person shooter section.