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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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86 (Jan 17, 2006)
In conclusion, Infected is a breath of fresh air for the PSP’s game library. This title delivers a fast paced 3rd person shooter experience with a fairly substantial amount of depth. Although a more substantial single player campaign and better infrastructure game modes would’ve certainly helped, as it stands Infected is a worthy action title for the PSP.
I didn't put this game down until I had blasted through the entire campaign, and I'll definitely be putting in my time online, spreading my virus to the world. Infected has quickly become one of my favorite new games of PSP.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 27, 2007)
Infected is the perfect game for a quick fix if you are in a hurry. The concept behind the game is solid, and the action is quick and fun although it can get a little old in extended sittings. If you do get bored of the single player missions, you are in luck because the online ability to infect other PSPs is sadistically satisfying and enough to recommend this game on that fact alone. If you enjoy bullet blazing blood bathes then this is your game.
1UP (Nov 14, 2005)
Whether they are console ports or games that should be on consoles, many PSP titles have been forced to try to pigeonhole their gameplay into short chunks that sometimes feel unnatural in a portable setting. A few like Lumines work well in this respect, with stylish presentation and appropriate controls for the system, but Infected is the first game we've seen that really builds a concept around what the PSP can do, and it executes on that concept very well.
TotalPlayStation (Dec 12, 2005)
The PSP needed another good action game, and hooboy is this it. Pure visceral thrills from start to finish, just a touch of strategy and online play that actually lets you play against others all over the world. THIS is the kind of game the PSP can offer.
Game Chronicles (Dec 12, 2005)
Infected is one of those concepts that is so simple and well executed that it just had to succeed. But just in case, Planet Moon packed in a humorous story and more blood than any handheld game has ever scene.
It’s rife with humor, and the online play does an excellent job of using its core mechanics to keep even boring deathmatches fresh. Also, being able to infect people with your avatar virus and check its progress online is brilliant.
GameZone (Jan 13, 2006)
Yes, this is a hoot of a game to play and again I warn you, only for the mature. The action comes at you with both barrels blazing and never lets up. With crude humor, a "B" movie plot and lots and lots of guns, this is a zombie fan's dream.
GamesRadar (Jan 18, 2006)
But for all its failings, Infected is very addictive. The sight of a chain reaction of zombies detonating is impressive and when you nail a big combo, it makes the blasting worthwhile. And running a chainsaw across Santa's back will at least provide a small consolation for your crap Christmas presents.
Gaming Target (Jul 18, 2006)
Infected features 35 single-player missions of zombie-slaughtering gameplay, free of puzzles of full of pumping the dead with bullets and your own virus-curing blood. The multiplayer is also fun if you have friends with a copy of the game or have the intent to infect the world with your avatar. While blowing away zombies feels like it’s on the verge of becoming repetitive by the game’s end, the theme is enjoyable and makes the experience free of moments of boredom. But, we knew that anyway since it was coming from the minds of Planet Moon Studios
Yahoo! Games (Nov 14, 2005)
Infected does get repetitive, there's no denying that. But the sheer action and stress-factor of clearing out mission areas, and the bloody, cartoonish joy of Bruce Campbell-ing your way through legions of splattering zombies to a Rawk soundtrack is probably more than you expected from a zombie-centric game in the first place. Take Infected and your PSP on the road, and leave your brrraaaiiiinnnns at home.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 22, 2005)
Infected is the type of game the PSP needs. Its light, fast-paced gameplay is great for just picking up and playing. With over forty levels, it’s got just the right amount of depth to be a top-shelf PSP game. The great graphics, awesome multiplayer, and reasonably long campaign mode are sure to keep you pleased for a while. I won’t even mention the fact that this is pretty much the only “gory” or “adult” game on the PSP that’s any good. Infected is an entertaining game. Don’t hesitate to pick it up.
Modojo (Nov 22, 2005)
Infected seems to be deemed the anti-Christmas game for the holiday season, which is odd. But then, Planet Moon really wouldn't have it any other way, and I'll give them kudos for producing a fun, if somewhat short-lived, blaster for the PSP. Hey, this definitely beats getting a fruitcake for Christmas, so enjoy it.
Tough call. Sure, we're all hurting for things to do with our PSPs these days—hell, we even watched Be Cool last week on it, which totally blew ass—but the bottom line is: rent. Then get plenty of fluids.
PGNx Media (Nov 30, 2005)
Infected is a fun little game that does what it set out to do. Thanks to the controls, shooting masses of zombies is pretty fun. The frantic gameplay keeps up throughout the game’s length, though it only checks in at a disappointing five or so hours. That’s the major drawback of Infected, though a more robust online mode would have been appreciated.
Cheat Code Central (Dec 16, 2005)
On one hand it's the most innovative PSP game ever created and on the other it just doesn't carry through on its promise of entertainment value due to the repetitive nature of the single player mission and the lackluster online mode.
Darkstation (Jan, 2006)
In the end, Infected for the PSP is just one solid game that I think fans of action/horror games are really going to enjoy. The game has a good light-hearted story, a solid multiplayer experience, and a decent single player experience, all of which add up to a game that I would definitely give a look. The game may not be perfect, but it does have a lot of good features that are worth checking out.
PSX Extreme (Jan 31, 2006)
When push comes to shove, Infected rises above its shortcomings because the overall experience is enjoyable. Yes, it is repetitive and somewhat light on content, and it doesn't really push the PSP's capabilities, but it is also fun and extremely charming (in a dark, twisted way). Anyone that has been looking for a fast-paced, not-too-complex zombie killing game should definitely check out Infected.
IGN (Nov 14, 2005)
Infected is a single-minded bloodfest that could have benefited from some bigger ideas but still works well at its scale. The game feels like something designed for multiplayer and then back-thought to cram a single-player mode in. It's limited, but the developers were able to ring a lot out of just a few control options and play types. We're still playing through some of the trickier stages to try and earn all of those gold medals, and there are three levels of challenge to give everybody a rush. Plus, we've got a few "infected" stages from multiplayer bouts that we have to clear out.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 23, 2006)
It makes an otherwise enjoyable little shooter feel like a tawdry affair. Infected's graphics won't turn any heads (the characters look like cardboard cut-outs), but the urban scenery looks pretty good. Despite its flaws, Infected managed to get under my skin. It certainly excels in the instant gratification department, making it ideal for portable gaming.
75 (Jan 05, 2005)
Could have been a great game but fell short with the lack of varied levels and missions. This game is definately a rental for PSP owners.
Science Fiction Weekly (Jan 17, 2006)
The PSP is an awesome system. Unfortunately, it debuted with very few quality games. Infected is good news for the portable's fans, news that PSP games are getting better by the day. Better, but not yet great.
Infected is a fast and fun game, which may not be heavy on the depth but offers plenty of arcade action for folks on the go. Having a few friends along for the ride is pretty much mandatory, as the single-player game wont keep your interest too long, but for those looking for a sweet multiplayer shooter experience on the PSP, Infected is a good choice.
GamingExcellence (Jul 29, 2007)
If you're looking for a pure brainless gory game to pass the time and have decided not to reinvest the money you'd normally spend on a subscription to Tiger Beat magazine, I'd highly suggest Infected to cure what ails you.
Game Critics (Dec 06, 2005)
Infected is a simple game, and one with very specific goals. It doesn't set out to create a new genre or try to get players to think very hard. But, don't mistake my comments as criticism—in fact, in this instance these are good qualities. An adrenaline rush can be a very welcome thing, and playing something this fast and trigger-happy on the PSP made me feel glad that I had spent the money on the unit after so many months of boring, flawed games. A project like Infected probably wouldn't fly on a home console, but on a portable small screen, it feels like perfect fit.
Portable Review (Feb 01, 2006)
Infected is good in more ways than a cheesy zombie movie kind of way. It offers fast-paced action with moderately addicting game play. If you find yourself a fan of zombies or just looking for a fun game on your PSP, you might consider picking up Infected.
72 (Jan 23, 2006)
But because the developers took the extra time to develop an excellent online mode, this is a game that should be played by all PSP players. And where else can you blow up zombies with a viral chainsaw dressed in a Santa suit?
GameSpot (Nov 16, 2005)
Infected makes a pretty good first impression, and the quick mission structure makes it really well suited for the handheld format. But once that first impression wears off, it becomes apparent that there's not a terrible amount of depth to the game. The whole multiplayer infection system seems downright tragic--it's a really interesting idea that has been executed quite well, but it's bound to a game that doesn't play well with others.
GotNext (Dec 10, 2005)
For what it is, a painfully simple action game with a smattering of clever ideas and twisted humor, Infected does a great job of entertaining people who are looking for exactly what it has to sell. If you’re willing to look beyond rough edges (why does completing a mission dump you back to the main menu) and are happy with simple action games then this is the PSP game you’ve been waiting for. However, if you really love Santa Claus and like your games to have a little variety then this is not one for you.
Infected is so surprisingly enjoyable, it's almost infectious. It just need a bit more substance.
70 (Oct 12, 2006)
Infected is the gaming equivalent of a video nasty that devotees of gore-splattered mayhem will lap up like a new Romero movie. Designed exclusively for the PSP, it also shows developers are starting to really think about what handheld gamers want, rather than just porting stripped down versions of established PlayStation franchises.
Infected’s over the top gory action and satirical humor make for some fun gameplay, but only in small doses. The gameplay is just too shallow to provide you with entertainment for hours on end. If you enjoy mindless zombie killing gunplay, toss Infected into your PSP case and pull it out when you have a couple of minutes to kill.
GamePro (US) (Nov 09, 2005)
Infected takes a risky step back to a simpler time, and can't really stand on its own two legs as a full-fledged modern game, but it's niche appeal may be worth a closer look if that's what you're looking for.
GameSpy (Nov 11, 2005)
When I hear the name Planet Moon Studios, I get happy. They're one of the few developers who consistently manage to get humor and gameplay together in the same package, and they're not bad at action, either. The latest effort to bear the studio's logo is Infected, a PSP title that plays sorta like 28 Days Later, the game.
It's a good game, just not as good as it could have been given more time. We think Planet Moon Studios can do a much better job next time around.
Jolt (UK) (Oct 09, 2006)
Infected is one of those rare PSP games that manages to tick all the right boxes in terms of design, functionality and execution, so it’s no wonder it received so much hype prior to release. Sadly none of that translates to a particularly compelling gameplay experience.
Deeko (Dec 06, 2005)
With only decent gameplay, simple graphics and the poorest infrastructure mode yet, Infected suffers from a disease of great ideas that have been exposed to a bacterial culture of poor execution.
Worth Playing (Feb 01, 2006)
Average; nothing special but no glaring shortcomings either; any charm might be lost to fans outside of the genre.
GamesFirst! (Dec 16, 2005)
Overall Infected is a good game for short play, but Infected still isn't a killer app for the PSP. Infected does showcase some of the PSP's more impressive possibilities that hopefully will lead to the development of at least one game based on Infected's unrealized potential.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 10, 2006)
So yeah, Infected just isn't infectious enough. It's a good idea let down by poor execution. The single-player campaign is unlikely to take you more than a few hours to complete, and the novelty of the multiplayer wears off quicker than it takes to make yourself a cup of Lemsip.
Bordersdown (Jan, 2006)
Bearing in mind the ethos of Sony's handheld unit is all about offering short bursts of portable gaming, Infected could be your ideal title for compact blood-soaked chunks of gory shooting fun. However those who are not immediately drawn to it or enamoured with its subject matter will doubtless find very little to sway their mind towards purchasing or maintain their interest, with Infected's repetitive nature and lack of longevity doing little in the way of making it a standout title.
45 (Dec 18, 2006)
Vu le temps d'incubation d'Infected, on aurait pu penser que la virulence de son gameplay aurait tout ravagé sur son passage. Pourtant il n'en est rien, le jeu de Planet Moon Studios ressemblant davantage à un début de rhume qu'à une souche porteuse de la malaria. On ne sait pas vraiment ce qu'on y fait, on s'y ennuie rapidement et au final on se fera vite vacciner pour passer à quelque chose de plus sain.
Boomtown (Nov 14, 2006)
So, what does it have going for it? It's got zombies too, and everyone likes zombies. Also, if you like Slipknot (and their ilk) there is music by them throughout and even unlockable character models of each of the band. The style of music suits the action well but still seems like cynical polish applied to a poor game. Combined with the offensive humour and a fifteen rating it suddenly seems clear it is aimed at getting cash from a very specific type of teenager who will probably buy it regardless. Everyone else, please, stay away as this game is truly terrible.