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GameZone (May 30, 2007)
No Harvest Moon fan should be without this sequel, even if it means buying a handheld you don’t currently have (Innocent Life is a PSP exclusive). I also recommend it to anyone who isn’t strictly a fan of one game type or genre. If action games are all you play (and all you want to play), then you probably clicked on this review by mistake. But if you don’t mind slowing down every now and then for a different kind of video game experience, Innocent Life will make you forget that you have a life outside of this game.
Overall, there's not too much negative to say about the design of this game. Extremely good looking graphics, a solid formula, and beautiful music really make this game seem like one you would really want to check into. But I would caution those that pick this one up, simply because the gameplay becomes a little strained. But it really is a fun experience, especially for those who know and enjoy the classic gameplay of Harvest Moon, and fans of the series will appreciate the new twist on their favorite classic.
FOK!games (May 24, 2007)
Innocent Life is ideaal voor een verloren uurtje rustig gamen. Het spelen geeft je een kalm en voldaan gevoel dat je niet snel zult zien in andere PSP-games. Niet geschikt voor iedere doelgroep, maar de moeite waard voor iemand die geen behoefte heeft aan snelle games.
70 (UK) (May 10, 2007)
This futuristic Harvest Moon is definitely worth playing. But I'm not at all sure that you'll like it.
IGN (May 18, 2007)
Compared to other Harvest Moon titles, this one feels like it strays pretty far away from the franchise¿s formula. The inconvenient truth is that while you still harvest crops, the farther into the game you go, the less important farming becomes and the more island exploration takes over. Unfortunately, the unbalanced level of exploration, slow development of the story and nonsensical character development (coupled with his virtual isolation) makes the game one of those titles that appeals to an even smaller niche of this niche genre.
62 (May 12, 2007)
Mit Innocent Life haben die Entwickler den Bogen überspannt. Es ist zwar löblich, dass der PSP-Ableger noch umfangreicher werden sollte als seine Vorgänger. Doch es wirkt so, als sei das Spielerlebnis nur künstlich in die Länge gezogen worden. Bei Harvest Moon DS musste der Spieler zwar auch erst einmal ein paar Stunden auf dem Feld ackern, um an genug Bares zu kommen. Doch dann konnte man sich sofort einen Stall bauen lassen und die passenden Tiere dazu einkaufen. Bei Innocent Life auf der PSP dagegen müsst ihr euch erst einmal durch viele ereignislose Tage quälen, bis ihr an die Edelsteine herankommt, welche die versiegelten Felder und den Stalltrakt freischalten. Wer viel Zeit und noch mehr Geduld aufbringt, kann trotzdem 50 bis 100 mehr oder weniger unterhaltsame Stunden in der wunderschönen Fantasiewelt verbringen, um in aller Ruhe seinen Bauernhof in den Ruinen aufzubauen. Mir dauert das eindeutig zu lange.
60 (May 03, 2007)
Innocent Life verlangt einiges an Geduld und Zuwendung. Ungemein viel Leerlauf ergibt sich durch lange Wachstumszeiten, in denen man lediglich für etwas Wasser bei seinen Zöglingen sorgen muss. Die Mischung aus dem klassischen Harvest Moon-Prinzip, The Sims, Animal Crossing und Lost in Blue zündet nur bedingt, allzu schnell sinkt die Motivation ob der fehlenden Abwechslung. Dafür ist man aber jeden Tag gespannt, was die Ernte einbringen wird und plant schon erforderlich Hoferweiterungen. Auch die Vielzahl an verschiedenen Pflanzen und Pflanzenarten wollen alle angetestet werden, besonders da jede ein eigenes Profil hat und dementsprechend behandelt werden muss. Dennoch fehlt trotz guter Grafik und spaßiges Design der Esprit und Witz von Animal Crossing. Im Kern also ein Harvest Moon, wie man es bereits kennt – und von daher nur wirklichen Debütanten ein neues Spielgefühl vermitteln kann.
Modojo (Jul 04, 2007)
Finding out the mysteries of the island seems to be the reward for your perseverance. Imagine an RPG world without monsters to pop up at you every corner, allowing for every newly opened section of land to be just filled with potential treasures and discoveries no longer constricted by the fear of there being a deathtrap with every step. In this way it's like very few games which came before it. A lot of ways its very little like the previous Harvest Moons. Artepiazza has developed a rather special game, and for that I wish I could reward them with a better score. But it would be a disservice to gamers if I ignore the fact that wading through the uneventful days can feel like trudging up a long hill leading nowhere.
1UP (May 15, 2007)
The game itself is lovely, very pensive and philosophical, even a little melancholy -- and really, really slow. At the outset, I admit, I was just bored; I really only wanted the game to hurry up. But once I'd adjusted my pace, I began to play very lazily, exploring the game world a little bit sleepily, trying new things. And as I unlocked more areas and possibilities, I appreciated being able to spend more time doing the sorts of things that appealed to me, being able to plan and spend my in-game "days" as I wanted. At last, I understand the "farming sim" draw. I might as well have been playing a Zen rock garden. But with this said, the game begins much too slowly to really captivate. Which is a shame because a lot of gamers who might really appreciate Innocent Life's vibe could very likely put the game down before it's ever really begun. I'm glad I kept at it, though, because Innocent Life gradually (very gradually) blossoms into a deep, contemplative experience.
GameSpot (May 21, 2007)
If you're looking for a deep, complex life simulation for the PlayStation Portable, you'll be disappointed with Innocent Life. It can be satisfying at first to see your hard work bring valuable produce from a dusty patch of earth, but the sense of accomplishment quickly wears off. Some of the simplified processes offer a welcome break from the tedium of farm work, but Innocent Life is watered down to the point that it doesn't feel like much of a game anymore.
GameSpy (Jun 06, 2007)
Casual gamers will probably appreciate this game more than hardcore fans of the series, since the very low degree of challenge would allow even the least experienced gamers to enjoy it for the first season or two. But once the initial enthusiasm fades, there's very little to keep a player's interest. The plot is inconsistent and the pace of the game is too discontinuous to be truly appreciated. Different elements such as farming, exploration and interaction with other characters aren't well balanced, resulting in either frenetic or slow and boring days. There's no doubt about the fact that the series needs some innovation, but simply setting it in the future and lowering the degree of challenge is definitely not the right way to accomplish this.