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Solid Historical-Fantasy Recreation grimbergen (462) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
A delicious tactical JRPG Rorco Reggz (2) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (12 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Game Shark (Sep 12, 2007)
Jeanne D'Arc manages to deliver on all fronts, from the presentation to the fast paced and streamlined open-ended battles and skill binding mechanics. Everything in this game is polished, pretty, highly functional and fun. At the end of the day it's hard for me to complain about anything in this game. It delivers the perfect balance of storytelling, presentation, and engaging gameplay. Jeanne D'Arc is the best roleplaying game on the PSP to date. Buy it.
The A.V. Club (Aug 20, 2007)
Like all great tactics games, Jeanne D'Arc gives players the power to micromanage battles down to the tiniest detail. Every step taken, spell cast, and blow dished out is executed in turn. This approach to combat stretches fights out to long, slow-motion brawls that some may find tedious. But those who savor the idea of puzzling out troop positions will find Jean D'Arc's cinematic scenarios among the best the strategy RPG genre has to offer. On top of this fine level of combat control, the game offers nearly bottomless layers of character customization and skill-crafting for obsessive-compulsive gamers to peel away. All these mechanics come expertly packaged into a plot infused with Joss Whedon ensemble drama, surprise plot twists, and, of course, tragedy. Who knew that it would only take a little anime flavor to make a classic story feel this new?
Except for a few minor balance issues (mainly in regards to transforming charcters), there is little that Jeanne d'Arc does that doesn't work. Though I usually don't suggest Strategy RPGs to those who aren't a fan of the genre, Jeanne d'Arc is something that should appeal to much broader audience. Granted, it won't appeal to everyone, but if what you've read interests you, it is definitely something to check out.
All in all, Jeanne d’Arc just doesn’t have any noticeable weak points. I really believe it is a game that can create a PSP renaissance. It quite simply is a must-own for every PSP owner, whether you typically enjoy turn-based Tactics-style RPGs or not.
TotalPlayStation (Aug 25, 2007)
Jeanne d'Arc does nearly everything perfectly, and I know I keep harping on this, but it's just a stellar first effort for Level-5. If your PSP has been collecting dust since, say, Crush, break out the dust mop and grab this game.
Game Chronicles (Sep 04, 2007)
Jeanne d’Arc is the best tactical RPG that I have played in a long time. The amount of skill customization and various character types with their own weapon types and skills is amazing as is the sheer level of detail in ever facet of the presentation. And I still can’t get that opening movie out of my head. A fantastic mix of historically accurate characters and a world of fantasy sewn together is all I could ask for. Well Level-5 and Sony delivered. I highly advise anyone to buy this game. You will not be disappointed. If you’ve been looking for that next great RPG for the PSP look no further. The world of Jeanne d’Arc awaits.
Atomic Gamer (Sep 11, 2007)
Jeanne D'Arc is one of the best games to be released on Sony's portable system to date. The battle system is very well executed, with a combination of new elements and ones that are familiar to those of this style of game. Character development is wide open to many different playstyles, allowing you to, more often than not, use the characters you like the look and story of as opposed to forcing you to use someone because they have a necessary ability. Finally, the game just looks incredible, from the well-done anime cutscenes to the in battle graphics and animations. If you own a PSP and enjoy RPGs to any degree, you owe it to yourself to buy Jeanne D'Arc – especially since it is 10 bucks cheaper than the average PSP title.
Overall, I was thoroughly enraptured by Jeanne D'Arc. It's a sweeping epic that has both the mechanics and visuals to make it a must-play title. I went into this game expecting the generic thoroughfare, but I was so pleasantly surprised. There's so much depth and emotional connection during this game that it's truly a privilege to play. I would definitely recommend this title to anyone who owns a PSP.
Defunct Games (Sep 26, 2007)
After a two year wait, PSP owners finally have a role-playing game worth bragging about. Jeanne D'Arc is everything it promises to be, even if it is a by-the-books tactical RPG. At the end of the day Sony's newest adventure game excels because of its fascinating story, fast-paced battles and fantastic presentation. At a mere $30 this game is a must-own for every PSP owner looking to get sucked into a great role-playing experience. While you won't find a lot of historical accuracy in Jeanne D'Arc, you certainly will find a whole lot of fun.
RPGFan (Mar 29, 2008)
What Jeanne d'Arc lacks in originality it makes up for in its polish. It's an all around solid strategy RPG that anyone into that genre will eat up and enjoy. Considering the loads of mediocre RPGs being thrown at the PSP, it should be a welcome addition to any RPG fan's PSP library. It is refreshing to see an original title of such high quality on the PSP and I hope to see more like it.
Gaming Age (Aug 24, 2007)
Jeanne D'arc is a work of art all around. Level 5 has even gotten around long load times and bad frame rates, which normally kill titles like this on the PSP. Load times are kept way down and it is pretty rare to find any slow down. The game is a must have for fans of the genre; it's very good looking, the music is excellent, and the game is just all around fun. Make sure you pick this one up to save France... again.
Jeanne d’Arc is nothing if not an extremely solid title. The game could use a bit more refining in terms of balance, control, and narrative though. It’s important to keep in mind that very little would need to be done as the game is fantastic as it is. Some of the changes would be out of streamlining the process – remove the ability to walk on spaces that are impassable (e.g. rooftops) – and others are a more personal nature, and of that I’m primarily referring to trimming some of the fat off the cutscenes and story. The positives far outweigh the negatives, though. A rich combat system complimented by a unique setting and a strange cast of characters rounds out an impressive 40-hour journey that is sure to please any strategy fan.
Darkstation (Aug 26, 2007)
There are really two categories of RPG’s, the great ones, and the less than favorable ones. Jeanne d’Arc manages to get in the top category, which just shows that Sony really pushed this game to become great, and they succeed in doing that. I would highly recommend Jeanne d’Arc to any RPG fan who is looking for a new experience to delve into. As a portable RPG game, you have to understand this is one deep and rewarding experience.
gamrReview (May 01, 2009)
Jeanne D’Arc, from its great plot to its addictive gameplay, is one of the best strategy-RPGs on the market and one of the best games on the PSP. Even people who aren’t fans of the genre should give it a try, and anyone looking learn more about history should give it a chance too. Either way, any PSP owner should consider picking this up, or at least consider renting it. If their was any game needed to demonstrate the developing talent at Level 5, Jeanne D’Arc would be a prime choice.
90 (Aug 28, 2007)
Jeanne D’arc is one of those games that gets better as you play it. With each development of the story, you are pulled into Jeanne’s world as her destiny begins to unfold. Unlike Disgaea or other SRPGs, D’Arc is easy to get the hang of without too much micromanaging of tiny details. I didn’t feel like the developers were trying to push a new feature on me to “force” entertainment, what was presented spoke for itself. The fall season is officially upon the PSP and D’Arc is a great way to bring on the Holiday rush. All in all, playing Jeanne D’arc is like sipping Kool-Aid on a warm summer day in a lawn chair, it just feels right.
Daily Game (Aug 16, 2007)
The engaging storyline is well crafted through an incredible anime-style cartoon. Characters are well drawn and have their own distinctive personalities. The animation and voice work is top notch and the writing is bar none the best we've seen from an RPG in a while. We literally wanted to plow through the battles just to see what happens next. Fortunately, the story still unfolds while you're battling through comical conversations between the allies and banter between the opposing sides. This is a must buy for anyone seeking a well balanced tactical strategy game with an excellent story, incredible graphics, fast paced action and plenty of customizable skill sets.
GamesRadar (Aug 21, 2007)
When all these ingredients – story, gameplay, and character customization – are thrown together and stirred, the result is an irresistibly scrumptious strategy RPG that would be an absolute shame to pass up.
IGN (Aug 13, 2007)
Extremely deep gameplay. Balanced tactical strategy and fast paced action with rich game mechanics. An intriguing twist on a well known tale. These three statements only scratch the surface of Jeanne d'Arc, which manages to deliver on all of these fronts. Packed with challenging strategic play and tactical action, Level-5's latest title is a phenomenal game that will keep you engaged for hours. If you've been eagerly awaiting a game to end the Strategy RPG drought on the PSP, look no further: your title has arrived.
GameSpy (Aug 10, 2007)
The tactical RPG is a tough genre to gush emotionally about, as slow-paced and deliberate as it is. But Jeanne manages to capture perfectly what we want from a tactical RPG: to make us care about the characters through a well-done but not distracting story; to give us enough choices in customization to make preparing for battle and spending our resources meaningful; and in providing us with battles that feel like certain doom from the first turn, even after we've won dozens of them.
PSX Extreme (Aug 31, 2007)
Jeanne D'Arc is a huge breath of fresh air for those looking for a kick-ass S-RPG game. This isn't just an S-RPG you can play to tide yourself until Final Fantasy Tactics hits, but this is an S-RPG you can put alongside FFT and hold it up as a standard for others to follow. Jeanne D'Arc's superb gameplay package and beautiful art-design really makes this game feel like a videogame novel. To top it off, the voice acting and soundtrack completes the entire package. Level 5 has done it, yet again.
Game Over Online (Oct 15, 2007)
If Jeanne d'Arc was a PS2 game, it'd be one of the last great games on the system. As a PSP game, it's definitely a reason to own the system, although it has a surprising difficulty curve that may frustrate some players. Like every good game on the PSP, though, it also serves to highlight the system's flaws.
AceGamez (2007)
As you continue through Jeanne d'Arc you will become more and more engaged with the characters and story and be surprised by the various twists and turns the plot takes along the way. It is wonderful and amazing in a game that is focused on a series of tactical combat missions that you get such a marvelous story to carry you through the many hours of playing time. The game isn't perfect, as there's a certain simplicity to the combat based on only attacking on the ordinal directions and some of the dialogue doesn't flow very well, but overall it's an engaging and fun game that you won't want to put down until the very end.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 11, 2007)
The good summer for the PSP continues with Jeanne D’Arc being the latest game to keep PSP owners busy. Right now, it’s the best strategy RPG on the system, though Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions rears its head in October to challenge for that crown. For PSP owners who want some strategy RPG action now, however, Jeanne D’Arc fills that void quite nicely while you wait for Square Enix to step up. Level 5 can add another notch to their belt as they delight RPG fans with another strong game as they spread the RPG love to another platform.
GamingExcellence (Oct 26, 2007)
Overall Jeanne d’Arc is not ground breaking in an innovative frame of mind. Nothing is really new but everything is still excellent. It’s a perfect SRPG formula that plays superbly on PSP. Level 5 has made a solid game with great replay value. It’s attractive visually and audibly, with an in-depth story, great characters, and features many ways to provide variations on battle strategies. The cut scenes included are high quality which begs the question, how did they fit it on a UMD? Dialogue is in place of voice acting so maybe that’s where the extra space should’ve gone too to keep things rolling but it is an RPG, and thus should be more like a story. Jeanne d’Arc is a perfect mix of folklore and fantasy and is my pick for handheld RPG of the year thus far. Everything put together deserves appraisal and is definitely worth the price tag.
GameZone (Aug 14, 2007)
The game has a few minor problems but when looking at the overall scope of the game, and what it achieves on the handheld platform, this is a pretty impressive title. It plays well, you will find that the characters have a bit of personality (yes, even Liane – whose value is definitely in the role of healer or spellcaster), and the game’s missions are diverse enough to give you a reason to keep moving the story forward. This is a terrific PSP title.
Digital Chumps (Mar 18, 2008)
As a general critic of videogames, I'm supposed to approach each title that comes my way from an objective point of view. Here's a not so big secret: no one can do that, everyone has their particular likes and dislikes about a game/genre/developer/etc. For me, strategy RPG's are near the bottom portion of my "games I like to play" list. I can dump 120 hours into FFXII, humiliate unfortunate souls in Super Smash Bros Melee all day, and complete every corner of a platformer until my hands go numb, but I cannot stand sRPG's. Until now. Jeanne d'Arc completely reversed my preconceived notions and actually made me want to play a title from a genre I typically loath. This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what your interests are, Jeanne d'Arc is truly a title than anyone can enjoy. It’s not simply the best RPG on the system, it’s a serious contender for best RPG of the year.
We have another winner for the PSP. Jeanne D'Arc has an excellent story and great game play. It may be nice to use the stylus to play turn based games but when you compare this game to all the turn based games out on the Nintendo DS there is no competition. Fans of these kind of games will be let down with the lack of character development, not being able to earn new abilities through constant battling is a huge let down. The gem system does add some flavor but it gets real lame when you are creating the same thing over and over again, a simple number is all the difference you will see when you sacrifice rare gems. For the most part Jeanne D'Arc is a solid that should be purchased for RPG fans. The $29.99 price tag is a steal when you consider the replay value and hours of game play you get.
When you get down to it, Jeanne D'Arc is not going to change your mind about console RPGs if you never liked the genre in the first place. However, if you're an RPG fan it's hard not to like the game and the breath of fresh air it brings to an often tired genre. So go out there and stop the English … with orcs!
Graphics are good, controls aren't frustrating, and the gameplay challenges me. I can't see how this could be a better title. A lack of multiplayer doesn't hurt the game, as I have only seen two other strategy RPGs with multiplayer (Kartia, and Band of Bugs...I am certainly forgetting some out there) that worked well. Even better, other than somewhat annoying victory conditions on a couple of maps, the game plays fair and doesn't cheat just to give itself an advantage. Overall, I wasted no time in the hours I have put into this title, and I will be putting more in. A solid 'Buy' recommendation from us, and a hands down rental if you don't want to buy!
Game Critics (Sep 19, 2007)
"You did what for Madden? I mean, I know there hasn't been a lot of reason to even have a PSP lately, but Jeanne D'Arc totally makes up for it. You should have held out. It's the best SRPG I've played in years and crushes just about everything else on portables, straight up... if you don't get that PSP back and give it a shot, you're missing out, bro. And hey, where's that five bucks you owe me?"
Extreme Gamer (Sep 06, 2007)
In total Jeanne D’Arc runs for an average of 40 hours with expansive environments where you crusade through the countryside helping revive the fallen French towns while learning about your unique circumstance and the demon threat. It’s more than enough game for the price, and anyone who enjoys the history of Jean of Arc will enjoy stepping into the shoes of this young girl as she avenges her fallen comrades. I highly recommend Jeanne D’Arc for gamers who don’t mind spending a little time and thinking out battles rather than mashing buttons. Jeanne D’Arc is an A+ title that will be up for many awards nominations for Sony’s Playstation Portable. Like the legend of Joan of Arc, Level 5’s Jeanne D’Arc has marked itself along side some of the other great turn based strategy RPG games that we’ve come to adore over the years.
This title does what all of Level 5 games do – it lets you loose in an inviting environment armed with a variety of tools at your disposal. Whether it’s forming bunkered defensive formations with your cast of characters or using Joan’s Armlet powers to lay waste to a board of enemies, this is an alternate history lesson that you should not miss.
1UP (Aug 21, 2007)
Ultimately, Sony has given Jeanne d'Arc a serious edge by offering it at the surprisingly affordable price point of $29.99. A gaggle of inferior strategy-RPG options sporting higher asking prices already litters the PSP's substandard role-playing pool, so this fully competent, polished game should be an instant no-brainer for fans of the genre.
Game Revolution (Sep 21, 2007)
Overall there's nothing incredibly ground breaking about Jeanne d'Arc. However it has an extremely compelling story with some great “Holy Crap!” moments. The graphics and animation are very well done, not to mention the deep gameplay and solid, intuitive controls. I recommend surrendering to The Voices you hear right now, and go pick up this game start slaughtering some stinking English degenerates.
Video Game Talk (Sep 08, 2007)
Overall, Jeanne D'arc is a solid strat-RPG. It offers an easy-to-learn battle system that is common to other games of the genre, but also incorporates a few changes to keep the game play fresh. It also promises a lot of game play, as there are twenty-six different stages and a multitude of "free combat" stages that can be replayed over and over again to level up characters. Another driving factor is the game's storyline. It is a pretty rich story that is supplemented by high quality voiceovers and animated cut scenes. On a somewhat related note, I loved that you are able to skip cut scenes (sometimes you die and don't want to watch the long cut scene again). In the end, Jeanne D'Arc is a solid game and with a thirty dollar MSRP definitely worth getting.
RPGamer (Sep 14, 2007)
Jeanne d'Arc is a lengthy title that will take most players over 30 hours to finish. There are several side missions and a coliseum mode to compete in for bonus items and experience. The high difficulty may turn off some, but those looking for a real challenge that is both satisfying but may leave a few gray hairs, this is the perfect game.
Bordersdown (Sep, 2008)
There’s no doubt that coming to this game from something such as Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea will prove to be too easy a ride for those experienced with the genre, but for anyone looking for a more portable Strategy-RPG, with a wonderful story to tell, Jeanne d’Arc will be a perfect fit.
GamePro (US) (Aug 23, 2007)
While basing much of it's gameplay off of previous games of its genre Jeanne d'Arc doesn't bring many new things to the table, but it does offer up solid game mechanics and a really nice visual presentation, while leaving the door open to casual or new strategy RPGers. At the least, it'll keep you busy while you wait for the Final Fantasy Tactics remake that is scheduled to hit the PSP soon.
GameDaily (Aug 13, 2007)
With tons of hours of gameplay offering a constantly evolving game play experience, Jeanne d'Arc will heartily satisfy fans of the genre, but more surprisingly, can be enjoyed by just about anyone looking for an intense RPG experience.
GameSpot (Aug 20, 2007)
If reliving 15-century French history sounds as appealing to you as being burned at the stake, rest assured you will find a lot to love about Jeanne D'Arc. This is revisionist history at its finest, which sounds like a dubious honor but in fact is high praise for one of the year's most compelling and fascinating stories. The gameplay is equally gripping, thanks to the pounding pace of battle. Finally, 2007 brings us a PSP RPG well worth its price tag.
Modojo (Aug 16, 2007)
That should be the final word of this. It is not. There are faults within this title that are never truly grievous, barring the terrible French accents adopted by the English voice over. Maybe it's only great fault was that it aimed too low or never really escaped the conventions of the genre in story or in gameplay. But it has to be mentioned, forever again, that what is here was a game brilliantly executed on many fronts. And its great risk was already taken in just choosing to tell such a loaded story. Level 5, I tip my hat in your general direction.
Gamernode (Aug 30, 2007)
With a strong story, a main character that is actually pretty interesting, a very competent visual package, and gameplay that is enjoyable, Jeanne D'Arc is a solid tactical-RPG overall, and arguably the best RPG available for the PSP at this point.
Pocket Gamer UK (Aug 27, 2007)
Ultimately, even though it simply refines what other games have done before, Jeanne d'Arc does this with brilliant aplomb, warranting praise, demanding a play-through and gaining forgiveness for its misinterpretation of frogs.
When a proven RPG developer like Level 5 takes its expertise and applies it to grid-based strategy, good things are bound to happen. Jeanne d’Arc, the company’s first foray into the genre, holds its own even against the likes of Fire Emblem. It isn’t quite as merciless as that series (characters are revived after each battle with full health), but Jeanne d’Arc finds other ways to add tension to a fight. Jeanne’s once-per-battle transformation into a holy avenger needs to be used judiciously, and there is a thrill to brandishing your custom-made weapons. The well-balanced and exceptionally fun combat is a must-play for strategy fans, providing you don’t mind a ridiculous alternate history angle.
Games Finder (Mar 15, 2015)
Jeanne d’Arc is undoubtedly the best game in this space for Play Station Portable owners, it has just enough depth to keep things interesting but never tries to overwhelm the player with fancy and unnecessary mechanics.
Legendra (Jan 31, 2007)
Level-5 passe le test Tactical RPG haut la main. Si Jeanne D'Arc n'apporte rien de vraiment révolutionnaire au genre, il le respecte bien, et le glorifie d'une très jolie réalisation avec une histoire captivante sur fond d'animation japonaise, et ses débordements assumés. Si vous avez une PSP, que vous êtes amateur du genre, l'investissement est incontournable. Dans le cas contraire, si l'intérêt réside, vous savez ce qu'il vous reste à faire.
Gaming Nexus (Sep 20, 2007)
If you've been waiting for a great role-playing game for your PSP then the wait is finally over, Jeanne D'Arc is everything you could possibly want in a great adventure game. It features a fascinating story, fast-paced battles, and a fantastic presentation. There's a little something for everybody in Jeanne D'Arc, just don't expect a whole lot of historical accuracy.
70 (Jan 22, 2013)
L'un dans l'autre, Jeanne d'Arc parvient, sans rien réinventer du genre, à proposer une expérience solide, agrémentée de quelques bonnes trouvailles. Si le scénario est assez inégal, on suivra l'histoire sans trop se prendre la tête et en profitant des quelques rebondissement distillés ça et là pour en relancer l'intérêt. Un jeu finalement assez honnête.
PlayStation Universe (Sep 02, 2007)
All in all, Jeanne d’Arc surprised me. I began playing expecting a hum-drum experience along the same lines as LOTR: Tactics. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The battle system takes a well-refined formula and tightens it, allowing for ease of use as well as strategic depth. The storyline isn’t passable, and with the addition of animé cut scenes to help move it along, it does an adequate job of engaging the player. Bringing together history and fantasy, Jeanne d’Arc could very well be a sleeper hit for the PSP this year.
70 (UK) (Oct 04, 2007)
But for those willing to put a little effort in to tracking down a copy this is a worthwhile experience. The storyline, while clearly bonkers, makes a refreshing change to the standard RPG fare, if only because it draws at least superficially, on historical characters and events. Likewise the mechanics are deep enough to be enjoyable for veterans while also serving as an excellent introduction to what is one of gaming's least approachable genres. If nothing else, at least the game might account for some decidedly more colourful and rip-roaring GCSE coursework in the coming months.