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Jetpack Joyride Credits

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Shane Bettenhausen, 60 other games
George Bain, 23 other games
Alexey Menshikov, 18 other games
Luke Muscat, 16 other games
Cedar Jones, 16 other games
Shainiel Deo, 14 other games
Jason Maundrell, 13 other games
Aleksandr Kravchuk, 12 other games
Daniel John, 10 other games
Grant Peters, 10 other games
Phil Larsen, 10 other games
Matthew Maguire, 10 other games
Joe Gatling, 9 other games
Brent Hobson, 9 other games
Adam Wood, 8 other games
Stephen Last, 7 other games
Vadim Shcherbakov, 6 other games
Artem Kharitonov, 5 other games
Jason Harwood, 4 other games
Peter McNeill, 4 other games
Sierra Asher, 3 other games


People who have worked on this game have also collaborated on the creation of the following games:

Fruit Ninja, a group of 14 people
Fruit Ninja Kinect, a group of 12 people
Aero Racer, a group of 11 people
Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master, a group of 9 people
Monster Dash, a group of 9 people
Echoes, a group of 7 people
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes, a group of 6 people
StarDrone: Extreme, a group of 6 people
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth, a group of 6 people
Heatseeker, a group of 6 people
Age of Zombies, a group of 6 people
Barnyard, a group of 5 people
Dan the Man, a group of 5 people
Steppy Pants, a group of 4 people
Blast Off, a group of 4 people
#KILLALLZOMBIES, a group of 3 people

Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (237447)