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67 (Nov 13, 2005)
Ich fand Kao 2 schon vor einem Jahr nicht wirklich übel, das liegt aber an meiner Schwäche für Knuddel-Jump-n-Runs wie Rayman – und Kao ist mehr oder weniger der verbeutelte Bruder des französischen Hüpfers: sehr ähnlicher Grafikstil, sehr ähnliche Story (wie zu Rayman 2), eine Libelle (bzw. hier ein Glühwürmchen) als gelegentlich einen schlauen Spruch von sich gebenden Sidekick. Im Grunde macht das Spiel viel richtig. Nur die mistige Kamera, die haben die Entwickler auch auf der PSP nicht im Griff. Und wenn ich das konsequent auf eine Wand zeigende Luder nicht mal manuell nachkorrigieren darf, weil das Programm das eben so will, dann ist bei mir Schluss mit lustig. Der Mehrspielermodus ist zwar eine nette Ergänzung, aber im Grunde so überflüssig wie seinerzeit Rayman M. Eine nette PSP-Hoppelei mit einigen unnötigen, wirklich unnötigen Ärgernissen.
65 (Apr 25, 2006)
While the game has some major flaws the game is for young gamers in mind. On top of that, the game is selling for a budget price of $20. If you need a platform fix really bad and only have a bit of cash, the purchase can been forgiven. Just don't expect a memorable journey like that of other few platform games out of the PSP already. Personally, I liked the visuals but the overall game experience left me wanting more. All the games Kao Challengers reminded me of only left me wanting to play those other games. I don't know about you, but that seems a little backwards, if you ask me.
65 (Nov 15, 2005)
Sortant du marasme des jeux de plate-forme morts-nés, Kao Challengers parvient à se faire une petite place dans la ludothèque encore peu fournie de la PSP grâce à sa variété et à son univers. Néanmoins, si le titre ne parvient pas à accéder à des plus hautes sphères c'est en grande partie à cause de ses écueils de caméra et surtout d'intérêt profond. Un jeu sympathique, assez original, même s'il vole des idées ça et là, et surtout attachant. Mais l'apparence ne fait pas tout.
GameSpot (Apr 27, 2006)
Kao's latest adventure isn't very innovative or challenging, but it is varied enough to hold a player's attention for an entire weekend.
Cheat Code Central (Apr 21, 2005)
Kao is a kangaroo which would seem like the perfect character for a plaformer. He can jump high and cover great distances, he can use his tail for ass-whipping enemies and because he's a boxing kangaroo, he can even throw some powerful punches. But the game is marred by some annoying, automatic camera angles that makes things much more difficult than necessary. The game borrows heavily from many popular platformers which makes you feel as though you've played this game before. It's like a lukewarm imitation of a Crash Bandicoot game.
IGN (Apr 11, 2006)
Let's face it: there haven't really been a lot of platformers on the PSP; with the exception of Ape Escape: On the Loose and Daxter, these kinds of titles haven't really been released on Sony's portable system. Trying to correct this drought on the PSP is Kao Challengers (a port of Atari's console game Kao the Kangaroo Round 2) that was originally released in Europe in 2004. However, the translation hasn't exactly been kind to Kao or his friends, leaving much to be desired of the marsupial.
30 (UK) (Dec 19, 2005)
The PSP is a delightful machine. A bit fat round the hips and sporting an ungainly bottom, perhaps, but nevertheless you wouldn't kick it out of bed. However, as a games console, one would be hard-pushed to say the PSP has been given a chance to really shine; recent games have been underwhelming, to say the least.