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Lair Land Story Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen (Chinese version)
Opening cutscene - an invasion is on its way...
Opening cutscene - the hero faces down a giant enemy.
Opening cutscene - discovering Chilia in an abandoned temple.
Opening cutscene - Chilia's tears bring peace to the city.
Opening cutscene - Chilia passes out immediately after saving the day.
Carrying Chilia to safety.
Now that Chilia's safely awake, we're talking with a few other allies.
Main menu - we can start planning out our schedule!
Looking at Chilia's stats.
Yep, that's eight pages of stats to get details about.
Planning out Chilia's study schedule.
Chatting with Chilia before she gets started.
Starting out with a few days of hitting the books. Note the stats - we get a detailed readout on how every stat changed, including both positive and negative changes.
Trying out pottery.
Hey, she did it!
Practicing swordplay. This try didn't go so well...
Second try at swordplay went a lot better.
Heading to work, trying out hairdressing. While studying costs money, working helps bring in some cash.
Well, that didn't go so well...
Taking a day to rest before heading to the next job.
Next up is a day job as a seamstress.
Wearing an ad board is a pretty low-skill job, but it pays the bills.
Time for some rest. One option is to simply sleep at home.
Heading to the public baths is a lot more expensive than sleeping at home, but it's much more relaxing too.
Seeing as she's a holy woman, praying is good for Chilia too.
Doing some balance training.
Once a month or so, players can head into the town to hang out in various locations and meet with different characters.
Chatting with the bartender at the tavern during our day out.