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LittleBigPlanet Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

FMV intro
Game title in FMV intro
Introductory level
One of short video clips explaining the basics
Game title shown at the end of introductory level
Main menu
Overview of the first level
Starting in the prairie
Collecting some costumes right in the beginning
The frog demands you find and place a mosquito sticker
Cute Koalas :) You can grasp at them
Riding on a sheep
Jumping over a pool of lava
Level clear, let's see what we've got
Try to stay on the board in this minigame
Jetpack action
Your rocket. It's rather small compared to the PS3 game, but you can still place stickers and some objects here
A minigame involving catching and transporting sheep
Between two dragons and a fire pit
Shoot the dragon before it gets you!
Everything is Pandas around this place
That monkey stole the lamp!
These platforms shoot you up like pinball flippers
The treasure!
Electric swords? Yeah, right...
Hiding from a fire ball
On a magic carpet
This is my race camel!
These cat heads are jumping pads
Looks like an amusement park in Middle Asia
The water is electrified here
Traveling on an ice-skater
Climbing on top of houses for bonus items
Elastic fir-tree
Evil snow-man
Does this ring your bell goat?
Famous film director Alli Wooden
You gotta stay in front of the camera while avoiding UFO's
Inside a UFO
Rotate the maze to get the ball to the safe zone
Alien mother brain
Hey beauty, I'ma rescue you
Some deadly tricks
The carnival is about to begin
Decorating giant SackBoy (girl?)
Fooling around in level creation mode

Official Screenshots

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