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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen and main menu
First day at Al Revis Academy: Vayne makes new friends
The workshop
Flay trying to impress a mana
Strolling in the Living Forest. It's a good thing that monsters are visible, so we can avoid unwanted encounters
Student Affairs: selecting a course (sometimes there's more than one available)
Battle screen with some tutorial text
Nikki attacking
We get certain number of points for completing courses
Synthesizing a weapon in the Athanor
Areas are mapped as we explore them
Synthesizing an item in our workshop - usually it's a complex ingredient for even more complex items
Nikki summoning a panther
Character equip screen
The boxes and crates are breakable
Each semester consists of opening and closing events, a number of classes, and also free time if we get enough points to deserve it
One of Flay's attacks
Encyclopedia knows everything about anything
Pamela's ghost lover attacking an enemy
Purify - Roxis' handy ability which allows to prevent certain attacks
Big monster attacking Jess
Crowned monsters are usually the target of some quests
My party attacked with lighting
Sometimes counter-attack is activated
Mining resources in Dragon's Grave
Burst Variation is a special mode that increases the power of party's attacks. If we meet special conditions then Finishing Burst move becomes available
There's also platform-jumping involved
We visit strange places...
There is a huge number of items, including some naughty ones
Jess attacking with her Finishing Burst
Supporting attack with 3 characters from the back row with Vayne being the third one activates the powerful Variable Strike
Finishing Burst performed by Muppy - a character acting as comic relief
A boss
Flay's screwdriver attack
Grow book: the more items we synthesis the more upgrade options become available. We still need AP (action points) to level up the abilities
One of Vayne's power moves
Vayne's cat Sulpher plays an important role in the story
We go to different places in the Academy and outside of it using a text menu. More places become accessible as the game progresses