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GamingXP (Dec 29, 2009)
Ein guter Spaß für zwischendurch - doch zu viele Kleinigkeiten summieren sich zu einem Ganzen, das „Marvel Super Hero Squad“ den ganz großen Durchbruch verwehrt. Aber die Essenz bleibt: Der Geist und der Humor der Comics wurden zum Leben erweckt und das ist es, was zählt! Egal, mit welchem Charakter Sie das Spiel in Angriff nehmen, Sie finden immer wieder einen Grund zum Einschalten. Also: Legen Sie los und machen Sie den Unterschied!
Marvel Super Hero Squad is a capable, though simple and unoriginal, beat 'em up. Hardcore gamers won't find anything new here at all, but younger players who are willing to overlook the game's simplicity will enjoy being able to defeat villains as their favorite Marvel super hero. There are better super hero games available, but in terms of youngster-friendly titles Marvel Super Hero Squad does a pretty good job of bringing the fun of the TV show and collectible game to the video game world.
GameZone (Oct 25, 2009)
Marvel Super Hero Squad has a number of fun moments that work on the PSP but missing co-op and a few gameplay issues make this game a miss. That said, however, young gamers would still have a blast taking their favorite Marvel character through this decent action game. Do consider this a rental for fans of the show.
58 (Jan 07, 2010)
Marvel Super Hero Squad è senz'altro un prodotto pensato per i videogiocatori più giovani, che potranno divertirsi a impersonare i vari Iron Man, Hulk e Wolverine in un contesto cartoonesco e privo di particolare violenza visiva. Vanno dunque viste in quest'ottica la mancanza di spessore, la scarsa difficoltà e l'ossessiva ripetitività dell'azione? Probabilmente sì, ma altrettanto probabilmente si tratta di un errore a prescindere, perché rivolgersi a un pubblico di giovanissimi non significa per forza offrire un prodotto mediocre e poco coinvolgente. Così com'è, il titolo THQ rimane molte spanne al di sotto del pur non eccelso Marvel: La Grande Alleanza 2, e non può neppure ambire al ruolo di "seconda scelta" in quanto sono numerosi i giochi dello stesso genere in grado di offrire un'azione più varia e divertente. Un esperimento interessante, in conclusione, ma realizzato male.
IGN (Oct 21, 2009)
There are some serious downsides -- centered around a wonky camera (which is even worse on PSP), some poor AI, and a general lack of hand-holding for younger players. The visuals are decent for a PSP game, but all the bells and whistles you’d find on Wii and PS2 (shadow work and reflections) didn’t make the port over to Sony’s handheld. And when it comes to gameplay, the final product just didn’t lock everything down as well as it could have. Super Hero Squad also lacks multiplayer on PSP as well, which is a serious letdown for those looking to hook up and game with a friend. Those devoted to the show or that collect the toys will have a decent time pushing through the game’s multiple modes. Younger players will need some hand-holding though. It’s a decent brawler, but it lacks that final coat of polish.
41 (Dec 09, 2009)
Dem setzen die Fassungen für PSP, PS2 und allem voran die Wii-Version immerhin ein abwechslungsreiches Spiel entgegen, in dem zumindest die Kombo-Klopperei halbwegs Laune macht. Die Figuren leben vom witzigen Design ihres Serienvorbilds und man darf die Welt sogar kooperativ retten. Dass die Kamera dann mitunter unbrauchbar fehlschwenkt, ist freilich ein schweres Manko - ebenso wie die hirnlosen Arenagefechte oder die träge Steuerung. Nein, auch auf den "großen" Plattformen machen die Nachwuchs-Heroen keine gute Figur. Sie retten sich aber gerade so als ausreichendes Spiel über die Runden - na immerhin...
40 (Nov 17, 2009)
Bien que proposant davantage de super-héros ainsi qu'un mode Aventure plus long que sur Nintendo DS, Marvel Super Hero Squad loupe également le coche sur PSP. Inintéressant du début à la fin, limité à tous les niveaux, perclus de temps de chargements et monstrueusement lassant en solo ou avec 3 potes, le jeu se perd dans des combats à répétition sacralisant tout ce que le beat'em all a de plus soporifique. Dommage car avec un design réussi et quelques bonnes idées, il y avait matière à proposer un jeu plus dynamique.
GamesRadar (Nov 11, 2009)
And without the ability to play with buds in arena matches or co-op, you’re left with a dull single-player port of an already sub-par action game. The drearily straightforward structure, broken camera and mindless action make it one that even the most dedicated Marvel fan won’t find much value in.