Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Screenshots (PSP)

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EA logo
Main menu
Nice view
I have to make that tank disappear.
Sneaking on top of a submarine.
Photos from the mission briefing
First mission's objectives -- very generic with no defined topology
A generic place making us think of the Normandy landings
Blowing the kraut out of their cover
My mate here has weird eyes. Maybe that's a subtle lesson EA is teaching about the consequences of war?
And he's stuck because he's crouching under the railing and can't stand up. Advanced AI with lifelike situations!
Setting a charge. Just as you'd expect, there is a cheap transparent C4 in place
Bam! goes your U-Boot. Lesson: 100 tons of German steel are no match for a fistful of glorious American C4 (read this with Texan accent)
It's *that* time of the day again. Huge grin
Mission debriefing -- objectives
Man, these Frenchies really do have a lot of wine, streets full of them barrels
The building interiors look pretty good, but ceilings are still ridiculously low
That oughta teach them generals driving around in their opulent Maybachs
Using the artillery you can blow up an AA installation. How I wish I can do that for a job interview
An AA installation up on the rooftop
Choosing a mission from the map
In the sewers -- eww what's that dangling from the ceiling!
Heavy firefight in the sewers