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Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Overall User Score (10 votes) 4.3

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Retro Gamer (Feb 01, 2007)
While it's great to see seven of my favourite games on one UMD I'm not convinced that they work well on PSP. Neither the D-pad nor the analogue nub are good enough for Metal Slug and I'd much rather be playing on a big screen. Still, if these kind of things don't bother you then Anthology comes highly recommended.
Armchair Empire, The (Mar 14, 2007)
Metal Slug Anthology is already a tremendous deal for your money, and the fact that it's portable makes it all the sweeter, especially since you can save the game when you quit and return to where you left off. It's definitely worth checking out for anyone into chaotic old school mayhem.
90 (UK) (Feb 19, 2007)
But while reviewing games is undeniably more than just critiquing gameplay, we're not going to mark Metal Slug Anthology down for its menu design and some shocking ugliness in the surrounding package. You should still buy this game, and not because it shows us how far we've come either - but rather because, in the case of 2D art and gameplay design, it shows us just how far we've since regressed.
Video Game Generation (Dec 07, 2007)
The only thing that hurts Metal Slug Anthology’s value is that it is so limited of a collection. In compilations like Namco Museum there’s usually something for almost everyone, but even shooter fans may not find a lot of value here if they aren’t particular fans of the franchise’s unique style and sense of humor. To the target audience though, Metal Slug Anthology is an incredible value.
Wham! gaming (Apr 16, 2007)
Though newer or easily frustrated gamers may want to take a pass, “Metal Slug Anthology” is perfect for the gamer who loves their action violent, 2D and insanely difficult.
Gaming Target (Mar 09, 2007)
Metal Slug is the most intense run-and-gun arcade franchise that hasn’t broken from its 2D commitment (at least not in the United States) since it premiered on the NeoGeo over a decade ago. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of its side-scrolling shooter series, SNK Playmore has put together a seven game compilation for the Wii, PS2 and PSP. All three versions contain Metal Slug 1 through 6 and Metal Slug X, but the latter portable edition is the most practical one. It emulates the series just as well as its console counterparts and can be taken anywhere that a Metal Slug fan treks.
GameZone (Mar 09, 2007)
Metal Slug Anthology for the PSP is a complete package for any fan of the addictive shooter even with the annoying load times that show up often. Still, it’s hard to ignore the action-packed collection that is still just as fun as the day you plucked that first quarter in the arcades. If anything, this is a real Must Have for fans new and old so pick this one up.
Bravo Screenfun (Jan 24, 2007)
Zum zehnten Geburtstag von "Metal Slug" wurden sieben Episoden auf eine UMD gequetscht. Die Gefechte sind technisch tadellos und spielen sich genauso hitzig wie in der Spielhalle - der Zweispieler-Modus wurde auch eingebaut! Hier darf man zwischen 4:3-Modus und Breitbild wählen. Leider wird bei Letzterem das Bild nur gestreckt, mehr zu sehen gibt es aber nicht.
GameSpot (Feb 22, 2007)
Metal Slug Anthology is a great value. Along with seven full arcade games--each rife with alternate paths, hidden areas, and some clever Easter eggs--you get music, concept art galleries, and a confounding Q&A with developers of the series, where they discuss topics ranging from the underlying design ethic of the series to their personal casting choices for a nonexistent live-action Metal Slug movie. The Metal Slug series has been responsible for the best 2D shooter action anywhere in the past 10 years, and arguably ever, and it makes for a great fit on the PSP.
Defunct Games (Mar 08, 2007)
There are a lot of classic video game compilations already on the PSP and Metal Slug Anthology is one of the best. It offers seven of the best 2D action games of all time in one succinct package, that's a deal you shouldn't pass up ... no matter who you are!
80 (Feb 11, 2007)
It's hard to really fault Metal Slug Anthology, as a collection of classic arcade shooters it does exactly what it says on the tin and existing fans will be in Metal Slug heaven having the whole series so perfectly formed in the palm of their hands. Does it stand up to the uninitiated? Yes, to a degree, it's fun, playable and defiantly addictive. It lacks all the graphical bells and whistles you may find in newer games and it's never going to cause you to stop and think but sometimes in this world of photo realism and rag doll physics a bit of mindless arcade action is just what the doctor ordered.
Pro-G (Feb 07, 2007)
There's no doubt that Metal Slug Anthology offers incredible value for money and the whole series together on one disc makes it essential for Metal Slug fans. Whether or not newcomers will take to what is often a demoralising experience will depend entirely on the individual. If the idea of single shot kills causes a sharp pain to run down your spine, stick to modern action offerings, but if you want a challenge look no further.
Deeko (Mar 10, 2007)
In the end, Metal Slug Anthology is one of the better compilations on the market, easily offering gamers with some of the best run and gun action for your buck. I mean, we're talking seven full games here and they aren't short â€" not to mention they're arcade perfect and not readily available on other platforms. Seriously, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Just not the Wii version. Seriously.
Mansized (Feb 18, 2007)
Metal Slug is an acquired taste, but one you should love. Just don’t expect to graduate from softy sports titles in an instant.
Jolt (UK) (Feb 19, 2007)
Metal Slug Anthology’s somewhat cute and funny visuals manage to present themselves as being at the same time effortless and impressive, and its cartoon appearance belies a game which can be fiendishly challenging and rewarding to complete. The PSP port in itself is not perfect, but with 6 and a bit full games, all of which are pretty damned well polished side-scrolling shooter experiences, it comes pretty easy to recommend to anyone looking for a bit of classic coin-op action.
75 (Mar 07, 2007)
Cette compilation porte bien son nom et n'oublie quasiment aucun point important. Entre le choix des Continus infinis ou non, le mode Coop, les différents types d'affichage et bien entendu l'intégralité des épisodes (hors portables et Metal Slug 3D), Metal Slug Anthology représente un beau morceau de choix, qui plus est vendu à bas prix.
IGN (Feb 27, 2007)
For die-hard PSP fans that can’t get enough Metal Slug and don’t mind the somewhat overbearing – and all too frequent – load times, Metal Slug Anthology is a solid purchase. For anyone else, save your cash for the impending April release of the PS2 version, which is sure to support arcade sticks, two player play, and a much larger screen.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Apr 19, 2007)
Det är därför Metal Slug-spelen alltid är roliga, och därför Metal Slug Anthology är ett givet köp för alla som gillar pixelvåld. Gång på gång blir jag dödad å det brutalaste, men det är bara att glatt bita ihop och trycka på knappen för att slänga in ännu en virtuell femkrona. Tillsammans med en kompis blir det förstås ännu roligare. Det tar ett gäng timmar att bara nöta sig genom alla de sju spelen och det är intensiva, spektakulära timmar vill jag lova. Och att sedan spela tills man bemästrat allihop och klarar sig genom utan att dö en enda gång (det är möjligt, på något sjukt sätt) kan ge underhållning för en livstid.
GotNext (Apr 18, 2007)
Death can be cheap, happens often, and is utterly unavoidable until ninja skillz are earned through lots of playing. The real question becomes whether or not it's possible to ignore the loading, slowdown, loading, cheap deaths, and loading to get to the goodness inside. For fans of the series who already know what they're in for it's a qualified yes, because when everything is working as it should this is a great collection, even with its technical issues. It's a rollercoaster ride between the great games and clunky execution though, making it highly doubtful Metal Slug Anthology will be picking up fans outside the series faithful.
66 (Feb 17, 2007)
Ich bin ein großer Metal Slug-Fan! Ich liebe die Serie, ich liebe den bescheuerten Humor, ich vergöttere den Grafikstil, ich denke mit einem seligen Lächeln an all die wundervollen Mehrspielerpartien, die mir dieser 2D-Quark schon beschert hat. Und als ich die Metal Slug Anthology in den Händen hielt, die ersten Games zockte, war ich glücklich wie Dagobert Duck beim Geldspeicher-Bad. Alle Metal Slugs unterwegs spielen! Das kann doch nur ein Traum sein! Ist es nicht. Aber er lässt einen dennoch nicht ruhig schlafen. Denn hier bekommt ihr zwar herrlich viel Arcade-Ballerei für herrlich wenig Geld - aber ihr zahlt dennoch einen hohen Preis: An die elend langen Ladezeiten kann ich mich ja noch gewöhnen, an das besonders im Multiplayermodus grausame Ruckeln nicht. De facto ist diese Sammlung nur solo spielbar - und da verliert sie naturgemäß recht flott an Reiz. Verdammt schade.
1UP (Mar 27, 2007)
Metal Slug's simply impossible at times, and the brief joy of rescuing all of the POWs and reaping their particular rewards turns out to be short-lived; you'll rarely register the bonus that comes with rescuing them and then defeating the boss that stands between you and level's end. Understand that the game's still a joy to behold and play, provided you feel no shame in hitting the continue button. But assuming you're just like the rest of us, without the superhuman reflexes needed to counter Metal Slug Anthology's endless fusillade of covering fire, slowdown, and technical shortcomings, you should expect to die about every 15 seconds -- if you're lucky. This is a convenient, handy, and well-intentioned collection of Metal Slug that's an idle diversion for the series' fans. But if you're looking for an arcade-perfect experience, you should definitely seek out the far superior Xbox collections SNK has released over the past couple of years.
Seven games, each one a classic in its own right, on a single UMD is a steal. Actually almost anything SNK puts out with Metal Slug slapped on the box is a winner; seven Metal Slug’s are even better. While this PSP compilation boasts all of the 2-D renditions of the main series, it’s either a system limitation or poor coding that at times renders these games unplayable.
Worth Playing (Mar 24, 2007)
Metal Slug Anthology was supposed to be one of the portable system's A-list titles. Instead, due to reasons that probably couldn't have been helped, it ends up being one of the system's biggest jokes. General Morden would be proud.
Gamezine (Apr 05, 2007)
Bref, alors que Metal Slug Anthology aurait du être une véritable ode à la 2D et faire honneur à la saga pour son dixième anniversaire, c’est un portage d’une médiocrité indécente, tellement indécent, qu’on en vient à penser que du côté d’Ignition, on aurait pu copier les isos pirates qui traînent sur le net que ça aurait été moins pire : nous aurions éviter les loadings !