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Misshitsu no Sacrifice Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen.
Time for a close-up!
Hey! I swear I didn't peek!
This girl doesn't look so healthy.
This is the loading screen for each chapter, showing its title.
This strange orange blob talks to you sometimes.
Opening scene. "Where am I?"
Her leg is trapped, and she can't move.
Look in your backpack?
Found a hairpin! That should be useful.
Miki can look behind here, but can't go anywhere until her leg is freed.
What's all this stuff?
Success! Now she can get out of here!
The door is electronically locked, but there doesn't seem to be any power...
Using items together.
Maki has a flashback.
This doesn't look good. We need to make sure she isn't hurt.
The game politely informs me that this isn't the time for such things.
Map. Entirely in (probably broken) Russian. How useful.
Found a hidden passage!
I need to figure out how to open up this cover.
At last, a friendly face!
Her name is Olga. I guess that explains the map!
Chapter menu. The next section is played as Olga.
...who has some flashbacks of her own.
Searching an office.
"What kind of tea was he drinking, here?"
This room is kind of a mess.
Gah! Number puzzles! Nobody said there would be number puzzles! ...this one is actually pretty simple once you figure it out, though.
Have you been watching me this whole time?
Looking through a library as Chloe.
More logic puzzles.
Some strange documents.
Options menu!