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Myst Credits (PSP)

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Myst Credits


Designed byRand K. Miller, Robyn Miller
Directed byRand K. Miller, Robyn Miller
GraphicsRobyn Miller, Chuck Carter
AnimationRobyn Miller, Chuck Carter
Sound DesignChristopher Brandkamp
MusicRobyn Miller
Technical ConstructionRand K. Miller, Richard A. Watson
PSP™ Conversion byHoplite Research
Executive ProducerManny Granillo
Senior ProducerMilton W. Bland Jr.
ProgrammingBrian Conrad
Additional ProgrammingTim Villaluz
Additional ArtZackary Baker, Heidi Harter, Leann Sebastian, Rick Wheeler, Bryce Nakagawa, Bobby Nelson

Hoplite Research, LLC

ArtistsBrian Conrad
SoundBrian Conrad
VideoBrian Conrad
Sound EffectsChristopher Brandkamp
Production AssistantBonnie McDowall
Alpha TestersBonnie McDowall, Rick Ziehnert (as Ziehnert), Eric Arnold, Andrei Herasimchuk (as Andrei Herasirachuk), Tony Benavidez, David Smith, David Hume, Kyle Maxwell, Jason Burnside, Davin Studer, Clay Spurlock, Matt Renschler, Justin Robinson, Aaron Dolly, Kim Dolly, William McQuarrie, Belinda Watson (as Belinda P.N.), José Ng, et al
Early Design TestersWesley Morris, Karl Renschler, Ryan Miller, et al.

Cyan Worlds

CEORand K. Miller
PresidentTony Fryman
DesignRichard A. Watson
D'ni HistorianRichard A. Watson
Customer SupportLloyd Bell
Quality ControlLloyd Bell
Customer Support LeadsGreg J. Miranda, Vicki Almond, Karl Johnson

Midway Games Limited

Managing DirectorMartin Spiess
European Sales DirectorRob Gross
Senior European Brand ManagerMike Eglington
European Brand ManagerAidan Minter, Matthew Huband
Assistant Brand ManagerCraig Parker-Wood
Public Relations ManagerPhil Robinson
European Public Relations ManagerClare Turner
Project ManagerChristopher Giggins
Software Product CoordinatorJoanna Hammond
Creative Services AssistantAndrew McGregor

Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

Director of QAPaul Sterngold
QA ManagerMalcolm Scott
Lead QA AnalystBrian Dumlao
QA AnalystsEryk Paramoure
Technical Standards AnalystJoshua Palmer
Localisation ManagerClermont Matton
Localisation CoordinatorEric Pochet
Localisation AnalystsPhilip Vodermayer, Steve Farmer

Special Thanks

Special ThanksRandall Mage, Nina Lampinen, everyone at Localsoft, Robyn Miller, Rand K. Miller, Tony Fryman, Michael Fulton, Bill Rehbock, Joe Sousa, Scott Hunter
Dedicated toCarmen Granillo (my Mom in fond memory of her support and she will be missed)

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (202871), PolloDiablo (16881) and Stratege (20439)