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NBA Live 06 Credits


Senior ProducerDavid McCarthy
ProducerKevin Chorney
Development DirectorsWalter de Torres, Kevin Oh, John Posavad
Lead DesignerPeter Choi
Production TeamBren Lynne, Damian Zerr
Lead ProgrammerRyan C. Jones
Programming TeamSarat Buddharaju, Benard Ebinu, Jun Fu, Gregory Girczyc, David Hiscock, Xiaohu Lu, Shaun Mahoney, Nigel Rankin, Mike Werner, Sarah Yang, Robert Basler
Additional ProgrammingChristopher Scott
Lead ArtistSophie Gagnon
Executive ProducerWarren Wall
Senior Development DirectorTony Lam
Technical DirectorRichard L. Seaborne
Technical Art DirectorChris Baker
Development DirectorLiesl Fonseca
Front End Programming TeamClayton Arnall, Rizwan Awadia, Denny Chen, Peter Hood, David Westrom
Interface DesignersPeter Hoang, Garrett Knights
Technical ArtistTetyana Manuylenko
Art TeamSteve Midwinter, Clint Puritch, Leo Talento
Audio TeamFred Scheubel, Bart W. Gurr (as Bart Gurr)
QA ManagerMartin McQueen
Test ManagerChris Aduna
TestersPaul Chan, John Cheu, Jeffrey Chong, Corey Ferguson, Derek Fortier, John Hartfiel, Andrew Kazakoff, Fredrick Lai, Daniel Lee, Kevin Maher, Adam Mark, Sean Meek, Kenny Saran, Geoffrey Tien, Patrick Walker, Bruce Wang, Sy Haw Wong, Robert Yeung
Localization ProductionSteven Saepan
Localization CoordinationRodrigo Abad Tejo, Annette Bazin, Maria Bista, Stefano Buffoli, Andreas Grabner, Goran Marinković
Localization TeamMatteo di Giacomo, Gerson Koerner, Frederique Montouchet (as Frédérique Montouchet), Óliver Ramos Miranda, Henning Schlicht, Katy Schütze
Localization Voice TalentsEric Besnard, George Eddy, Sixto Miguel Serrano, Kiyohiko Tsukamoto, Ryo Manaka
VP of MarketingKeith Munro
Marketing DirectorBrian Coleman
Product ManagerDavid Pekush
Assistant Product ManagerBrandon Zien
Marketing TeamMark Wilson
Public Relations TeamT. C. Carling, Robin Chandler, David Tinson
Legal ApprovalsSamantha Zhang
LicensingLaura Epp, Jennifer Damewood, Jennifer Tait
Audio Speech TalentMarv Albert, Ernie Johnson Jr., Steve Kerr, Kenny Smith
PA Audio TalentAl Murdoch
Special ThanksThis product contains elements of design, code, and art from the console version of NBA Live. The contributions of the original team have been invaluble in the development of this product.
Special Thanks - NBA EntertainmentGreg Lassen, Shari Wolford, Stacey Kerr, Stephen Hellmuth, Chris Mattia, Brian Choi
Executive Music ProducerSteven Schnur
Music SupervisorCybele Pettus
Assistant Music SupervisorRaphaella Lima
Music Clearances and LicensingBeverly Koeckeritz

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Credits for this game were contributed by Mullet of Death (653)