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Overall NBA Live 08 is a pretty enjoyable game and has the advantage over Sony's game in that it actually plays a decent game of basketball on the court. If you want some NBA action on the go, it's an excellent choice.
1UP (Oct 16, 2007)
Even with the problems, the game's pretty sharp. The Crown feature definitely motivates you to get involved in the entire game, and even the gameplay glitches are tolerable if you're playing on a level where you can drop enough shots to keep up (Starter is probably best). It's not perfect, but it's fun enough that it doesn't have to be.
73 (Dec 19, 2007)
Für 2007 hatte ich einen ähnlichen Sprung erwartet; EA hätte einen Großteil der automatisierten und dadurch altbackenen Spielmechanik mit einem offeneren Ablauf, zusätzlichen taktischen Möglichkeiten, kurzum: mit frischen Impulsen beleben müssen. Doch die Wirklichkeit sieht anders aus: Der Wegfall von Superstar-Moves und neue Direktpässe machen zwar einen Schritt in die richtige Richtung, sind letztendlich aber nur Kaffeebohnen. Auch das gute Deckungsspiel der eigenen sowie gegnerischen Spieler und die abwechslungsreichen, fordernden Partien gab es bereits in der vergangenen Ausgabe. Hinzu gekommen ist lediglich der Crown-Modus mit seinen überraschend motivierenden Erfolgen und historischen Herausforderungen. An diesem zieht sich NBA Live 08 ins gehobene Mittelfeld - für mehr reicht ihm in dieser Form allerdings nicht die Kraft.
IGN (Oct 09, 2007)
Overall NBA Live 08 on PSP is a solid addition to the series, and definitely improves on what we saw from last year’s game. The Crown adds a perpetual accomplishment system that actually does make you want to explore the rest of the game and play modes that you might not otherwise. The online offering adds some solid playability to the game, even if it doesn’t bring the league play of the console versions. While it still plays less like a simulation and more like an arcade game, NBA Live 08 on PSP is fun nonetheless.
GameSpy (Oct 03, 2007)
This is a good year for fans of handheld hoops. Both Sony and EA Sports have ratcheted up their game and improved over last year's releases. The choice between one or the other really depends on what type of gaming you want to do. If you like things in quick spurts and dig the idea of a zillion mini-games, grab Sony's game, but if you want a bit more realism and the ability to log some serious time in a multi-season career mode, head EA's way. You really can't lose either way.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2007)
NBA Live 08 is a competent, fun basketball game on both the PS2 and the PSP. The problem is that other than updated rosters, they're almost the exact same competent games from last year, which were almost exactly the same as the competent versions from the year before.
60 (Feb 05, 2008)
Au point en ce qui concerne la bande-son ou la pléthore de modes de jeu, NBA Live fait un surplace technique et de gameplay qui déçoit énormément, même s'il reste au niveau de la machine. On ne voit pas grand intérêt à investir dans cette mise à jour 08 si l'on possède déjà la version précédente.