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PGNx Media (Nov 16, 2006)
Need for Speed Carbon: Own The City is similar in spirit to the Carbon that hits consoles but modifies the formula enough to work splendidly on the handheld. You’re playing a new story, in a new city, and with new modes in the game. It’s one of the rare times where you should purchase both the console versions and the PSP version since both offer different yet extremely compelling racing.
82 (Mar 03, 2007)
Podsumowując, Need For Speed Carbon: Own the City, to chyba najlepsza obecnie gra wyścigowa na PlayStation Portable. Gwarantuje nam przynajmniej kilkanaście godzin rozrywki, która nieprędko się nudzi, do tego możemy grać, gdzie tylko chcemy. Byle nie przegapić przystanku, na którym mamy wysiąść, bądź nie ekscytować się za bardzo, krzycząc w niebogłosy, gdy przeciwnik zajedzie nam drogę… Mnie się to zdarzyło i przyznam się – od czasów Colina 2 żadna gra wyścigowa nie wciągnęła mnie tak mocno.
80 (Dec 31, 2006)
Own The City is a great title to have for your PSP library. Is it a must own? For racing game fans, yes, this is everything they could hope for but if you are on the fence about this genre of game then you might want to hold off for another year when Need for Speed for the PSP will get even more polish for a refined experience. I had a blast zipping around the open world and seeing my crew gain more territory as I completed races. There is one important difference between the PSP and console version of Carbon and that is your crew members won’t win a race for you. I was relived when I tried to send out my drafter in front of the finish line and they slammed on the breaks instead. For as many gripes I have about Carbon, the level of customization, single player story, and online modes made the game stand out as one of the best racing titles on the PSP today.
GameSpot (Nov 10, 2006)
There's already a ton of accomplished racing games on the PSP, but the core driving in Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City is solid enough. The unique features are also interesting enough for it to warrant a look from street racing enthusiasts. It's different enough from and, in some significant ways, better than the console versions of Need for Speed Carbon that fans of those games will find a whole new game to enjoy in Own the City.
PlayFrance (Nov 12, 2006)
Malgré ses quelques défauts, plus d’ordre technique que de gameplay, Need For Speed Carbon Own The City est un jeu de course de premier choix sur PlayStation Portable. Modes nombreux, balade libre, coopération, tuning et multijoueurs forment une soupe très digeste pour les pros et les novices.
Game Infowire (Feb 13, 2007)
In sum, "Need for Speed: Carbon" is a very well produced arcade racer that adds a new and interesting strategic dimension to the racing action. Hardcore racing fans probably don't need that extra twist -- they like their racers just as they are -- but if you're more on the fringe of the genre, you should check this title out. It could be that "Carbon" has a special mix of ingredients that you'll find particularly tasty.
GameZone (Nov 09, 2006)
Own the City is not a bad Need for Speed game for the PSP but then again the series does feel like it’s in serious need of a major modification. Sure it still is a fast and furious racing game with a lot to offer but this is stuff we’ve seen before. If you’re a fan of the series you will like this game but if you’re expecting something new you will be in for a disappointment.
Pocket Gamer UK (Nov 16, 2006)
But for those already familiar with previous Need for Speed iterations – and despite the introduction of wingmen and a free roam mode – that point will come a lot sooner in the journey. For them, then, the ultimate exercise in control will be to resist the temptation to pick up a copy this festive season.
GameSpy (Nov 14, 2006)
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City does make some solid improvements over the previous NFS PSP releases. The storyline and wingman idea both add a lot to things, but eventually, the racing becomes too repetitive. If you're a fan of the series, this is probably the best of the lot for the handheld, but if you're just looking for some high-speed thrills, there are better games out there.
Need for Speed: Carbon Own The City for the PSP still has a few problems, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable racing game that should fulfil your street racing needs. The gameplay engine really does need a makeover, but Own the City is still a very enjoyable racing game.
70 (Nov 08, 2006)
Dans la lignée de ses aînés, Need For Speed Carbon Own The City vous fera passer de bons moments sur une console comme la PSP. Un peu bref et dépourvu de modes de jeu exclusifs à la console, il n'exploite pourtant pas tout le potentiel de la série. A conseiller aux fans de Need For Speed.
1UP (Dec 07, 2006)
Own the City still isn't the best racer on the PSP -- Burnout and Wipeout are both better -- but it's a major step in the right direction for a series that has been stuck in a major rut.
IGN (Nov 01, 2006)
EA's seminal racing series has revved its way to the PSP once again with Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City. For the first time, the series hits Sony's portable system with a truly open city to cruise around and race in. Toss in crew members that act as your wingmen during races, some new race types and a bit of spice here and there and you have what sounds like the makings of an all-new experience.
65 (Jan 26, 2007)
NFS: Carbon hatte wirklich das Potenzial, die PC- und Konsolenfassungen zu übertrumpfen. Der Karrieremodus gefällt mir hier durch zusätzliche Rennmodi und den gestiegenen Umfang deutlich besser, die leider zu leblosen Kulissen sehen für PSP-Verhältnisse dennoch spitze aus und das Geschwindigkeitsgefühl kommt bei den Fahrten durch die beleuchteten Straßen der Stadt ebenfalls gut rüber. Nicht zu vergessen das Crew-Feature, das mir hier aufgrund von zwei Begleitern mit ihren jeweiligen Talenten mehr Spaß bereitet hat. Schade nur, dass man die coolen Canyon-Rennen sowie das Autosculpt-Feature nicht auch der PSP-Version spendiert hat – technisch wäre dies mit Sicherheit drin gewesen. Schlimmer ist jedoch die viel zu sensible und damit schwammige Steuerung: Sie ist der Grund, weshalb der im Grunde gut konstruierte NFS-Motor auf Sonys Handheld gewaltig ins Stottern kommt!
Gamestyle (Jan 02, 2007)
The problem with all this is that it's hard to put a finger on anything so spectacularly wrong to mark it down for. It's predictably well presented outside the game, it's easy enough to pick up and get on with, if you can tolerate relatively vast loading breaks. The story might be terrible, but somehow it is still better than nothing and the wingman system does work, even if it is a bit odd. None of it is that bad. On the flip side, there is no reason to recommend NFS: Carbon either. Races are largely dull, cars aren't particularly interesting and online play is a complete non-event. In short, don't bother buying it but if you get it as a gift (and they've lost the receipt) you might still get some entertainment out of it.