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Never7: The End of Infinity Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Girl-centric game.
No need to cry over it though.
We're not there yet.
It's Baywatch time!
Nice summer house.
Usual female rivalry.
Hidden option to be unlocked during gameplay.
Your standard fare.
Starting off in pure darkness.
Don't ring it.
No spider webs in the corner, that's a good sign.
To infinity, and beyond!
First day.
Already have choices to make.
Don't mind me.
There's always a gloomy character.
Seriously, what's with the grumpy face.
Oh now you feel uneasy.
Are you worried about me.
Happy-go-lucky smile.
One of the in-game menus.
The more complete in-game menu.
How about a tennis match!
Gotta love that beautiful purple tone.
C'mon Miss Serious Face, enough already.
See! You're much prettier when you smile like that.
Why does it look like you're... doing your stuff into the ocean.
There are some really nice landscapes in this game.
Sun is coming down, let's hurry.
Just rest for a while.
Nice to see you again.
I wonder what those purple bottles contain.
Oh my, you're not upset are you...
But Miss Green Hair and Weird Finger sure are...
Everyone has issues, it seems.
The amount of smiles in this game certainly outweighs the angry faces.
... I rest my case.
Seriously, ENOUGH HAPPINESS already!