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Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection Credits

FarSight Studios

Technical DirectorJay Obernolte
Engine ProgrammerJay Obernolte
Development DirectorBobby King
Lead DesignerBobby King
Gameplay / UI ProgrammerJeff Rice
Tools ProgrammerSean Shannon
Lead ArtistCraig Alexander
3d Modeling - TexturingChris Kline, Craig Alexander, Darrin Hart, Migo Wu
Music / Sound FXChris Kline
Game DesignJay Obernolte, Jeff Rice, Craig Alexander, Chris Kline, Darrin Hart, Migo Wu
Art DirectorTom Green
RepresentationPaul Kohler, CJ Welsh
Voice TalentDorio Barbieri
Very Special ThanksThe Crew at the Pinball Hall of Fame for their invaluable assistance,
Special ThanksLisa Ching, Jennifer Green, Vivian Green, Rosa King, Gabi King, Sophia King, Trina Kline (+1), David Kline, Mary Ellen Kline, Heather Obernolte, Hale Obernolte, Troy Obernolte, Kristin Plakos, Tracy Rice, Zoey Rice, Carrie Ann Steichen, Jeff Steichen, Magson Wu, Patrick Wu

Crave Entertainment, Inc.

Senior Vice President, Crave EntertainmentVincent J. Bitetti
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Product Development & AcquisitionsMark Burke
Senior ProducerKathy A. Bucklin
Associate ProducerThomas Quast
Quality Assurance ManagerTuan Trinh
Quality Assurance LeadTony Martin
Primary TesterNam H. Kim
Quality AssuranceJames Chen, Scott Fullmer, Ramon Ramirez, Phillip Snipes, Jonny Throop
Director of Marketing ServicesSheri Furumi Snow
Director of Brand MarketingDoug Panter
Package DesignBinary Pulse
Special ThanksNima Taghavi, Michael Maas, Robert K. Dyer, John Bloodworth, Aaron Hartman, Darold Higa

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