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85 (Apr 30, 2006)
Wir lieben Flipper, Flipper, den Freund aller Zoooocker! Die Pinball Classics bringen das Gottlieb-Erbe so gut auf die PSP, wie es technisch möglich ist. Zwar gefällt mir die Kugel immer noch nicht so richtig (ich habe schon in der Vorschau am eher Filzäußeren herumgemosert), der Rest dafür umso mehr: Tischauswahl, Realismus, Bedienung, Mehrspielerunterstützung – alles vorbildlich. Allerdings finde ich die harsche Beschränkung auf drei Startflipper etwas zu restriktiv, vor allem angesichts der Tatsache, dass die zum Freispielen der weiteren benötigten Aufgaben teils enorm knifflig zu lösen sind. Für Gelegenheitskullerer mögen die Pinball Classics also schon etwas zuviel des Guten sein – für den Flipper-Kenner aber genau richtig!
Game Chronicles (Feb 16, 2006)
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection was a wonderful trip down memory lane; at least for the tables I actually remembered playing. Some of the older ones actually predated my arcade days and gave me a unique insight into the evolution of the pinball franchise. If you are remotely interested in pinball, especially from an historical standpoint, or you are just looking for some good wholesome family entertainment without visiting a smoky bar or bowling alley and dropping a few dozen quarters into a slot then this is the game for you. And the PSP is the perfect system to play it on.
Worth Playing (Mar 06, 2006)
Still, it's a solid portable title and a must-have for former arcade rats. Pinball Hall of Fame has the gameplay and production values to be worth picking up, especially at the bargain prices that Crave usually puts on its software. Grab the codes off GameFAQs, unlock all the tables, and enjoy.
Cheat Code Central (Dec 23, 2005)
Along with authentic pinball sounds you will also hear various arcade machines in the background; of the videogame kind - the very ones that killed pinball. There is also a narrator that explains the origin of each pinball machine. This is a great feature and one that I would really like to see more of. I would pay big money to see a two-hour pinball documentary that also included simulated, digital versions of each machine to try out. We get a taste of that in Pinball Hall of Fame but what I really want is a meal, dammit.
GameSpot (Dec 12, 2005)
Pinball Hall of Fame delivers some accurate re-creations of some of Gottlieb's classic pinball tables, but the graphics get a little muddy in spots.
Sydney Morning Herald (Mar 09, 2006)
Mastering each table requires precision timing and judicious use of the tilt. Friends can challenge each other on one PSP or beam tables wirelessly to a mate's console.
As a pinball aficionado, my standards for virtual pinball are quite high. Pinball Hall of Fame has a lot going for it, what with numerous tables accurately reproduced, excellent physics, and decent controls. Being able to play pinball on a handheld device brings me back to the old days when Parker Brothers released electronic handheld pinball in the form of Wildfire, and this new PSP release is of course a ton better than that. Of course, this offering has some flaws, such as the nudging, and is not in the same league as highly innovative pinball releases such as the PS2′s Flipnic. In the end, despite its limitations, I enjoy playing this title and would recommend it to others.
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection is simply an instantly accessible and attractive pick-up-and-play experience that demands nothing from its audience apart from relaxed flipper-pounding fun. Not for everyone, but certainly a rare gem for the pinball fraternity.
TotalPlayStation (Jan 01, 2006)
A very solid $20 offering. It's nothing that will sell a PSP, but as a impulse bargain buy, it should keep most very, very happy -- provided they like pinball. REALLY like pinball.
Gottlieb Pinball Classics is a very enjoyable game and one of the best pinball titles released in a very long time. The game features a wide range of tables and the physics are generally very accurate.
70 (Mar 06, 2006)
Quelle bonne surprise que ce Gottlieb Pinball Classics. Très complet à tout point de vue, ce jeu propose de renouer avec le loisir préféré des lycéens des années 70. Peu avare en informations et en modes de jeu, le soft de FarSight Studios profite d'une bonne jouabilité et d'une durée de vie conséquente. On aura beau me rétorquer qu'il ne s'agit que de flipper, les efforts des développeurs font plaisir à voir et donnent vraiment envie de se lancer à boule perdue dans cette production entièrement dédiée au respect du fabricant et du joueur.
IGN (Jan 05, 2006)
The further the game industry progresses, the stranger playing pinball on modern consoles becomes. But it's as though technological wonders such as Half-Life 2 or Halo 2 take anything from a classic (read: real) game of pinball. This is especially true in the case of portable pinball.