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85 (Jul 14, 2006)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is one of the few film-based games I have not been able to put down. A love for the films aside, this game is excellent and despite its one or two faults (basic enemies, and occasionally sluggish frame rates) it is certainly one you will have to play. Fans of the films will be pleased with this title after the disappointment of the game of the first film on the Xbox, but Dead Man's Chest is a crowning achievement for Amaze. An adventure you cannot miss...
Deeko (Jul 06, 2006)
With the release of the second feature length film of Jack Sparrow and Company hitting theaters this week, it only stands to reason that we see a new game bearing its likeness. Released for multiple systems (we'll be covering the PSP version here) and each one distinctly different in execution, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is a hack 'n slash adventure with some puzzle elements and open ocean ship battles thrown in for good measure. Argh!!!!
GameSpot (Jul 17, 2006)
If you're a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest complements the films pretty nicely, and you'll probably be more willing to overlook the one-trick combat and ill-conceived platforming in the single-player game than most. Without some affection for the source material, though, Dead Man's Chest will seem like a pretty unremarkable action adventure with a fair amount of wasted potential.
IGN (Jul 05, 2006)
This game is nothing like The Legend of Jack Sparrow, which shipped for the PS2. Instead of re-imagining the events of the first movie, Dead Man's Chest on PSP sticks to the plot of the sequel. It follows pirate Jack Sparrow and his crew as they battle the infamous Davy Jones. It seems Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp in the movie, has made a deal with Davy Jones and now it's time to pay. The payment? Only his soul. Sparrow decides he'd rather not spend eternity as a sea monster and decides to fight. No real surprise there.
games xtreme (Jul 17, 2006)
This game feels like another movie port that has failed miserably, shoddy glitches and the linear feel to the game will probably only appeal to the die-hard fans of the movie or the younger generation.
55 (Jul 07, 2006)
Commençant sur les chapeaux de roues et laissant espérer un titre de qualité, Pirates Des Caraïbes : Le Secret Du Coffre Maudit se noie pourtant dans un gameplay mal calibré et un certain manque de profondeur. Si le fait d'avoir deux jeux en un est un atout indéniable, tout comme une qualité graphique probante et une ambiance forte, cela ne suffit pas pour rendre le titre totalement intéressant. Et même un tonneau de rhum ne sera pas assez pour faire prétendre le contraire. Espérons une suite plus aboutie pour le troisième film.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 25, 2006)
Buena Vista Games' Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest isn't the most ambitious PSP title on the market, but it should keep fans busy for a while. If you're not a fan of the movie, or not even familiar with the story then this one should be skipped. Dead Man's Chest had potential but fell a little short. Not to worry, I'm sure Jack will be back with more adventures on the PSP.
Pressing’s x three times and square does not take much effort, nor does it offer much enjoyment. The result: a shallow, short and disappointing experience that could easily have been improved with a better combat system and a little exploration. What kind of pirate doesn’t survey the places that they visit anyway? Buena Vista Games did a good job with the graphics engine, despite the slowdown and long load times, but the game overall is just not up to snuff.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is ultimately a disappointment. The repetitive combat, the lack of variation, the camera problems and the game's brevity all serve to make it a game that all but dedicated enthusiasts of the movie will probably avoid. The annoying thing about this is that the multiplayer game is actually enjoyable and had it been accompanied by an equally enjoyable single-player game this would have been easy to recommend.
Game Revolution (Jul 26, 2006)
Well, it’s official - the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been so successful, they’re about to be incorporated back into the Disney ride that inspired them. That’s right, the ride is being remodeled to include Jack Sparrow and Barbosa in classic Disney animatronic robot form. But before you hurl that keg of flaming rum at Mickey, think about this – could there really anything cooler than a robot pirate? If I could choose just one robot to short circuit and go on a rampage, that would be the one (other than Yul Brynner, that is.)
So to summarise, this is a weak and almost worthless attempt at recreating the superb movie, and is a really poor Prince of Persia-alike. The really annoying thing is that it will probably sell 10x the units that ‘Persia achieved purely on its name alone. You have to wonder what Buena Vista and Disney think of the game, and why they didn’t consult Ubisoft about developing it for them. Leave it on the shelf and go see the movie again.
Video Game Talk (Jul 24, 2006)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is the typical license milking drivel that you see when a hit movie comes out. Aside from the audio in the game, just about everything here screams unpolished and underdeveloped. The adventure itself is fine for what it is but the combat system here is entirely inexcusable thanks to the lack of defense and fight-by-number set up. The puzzles are a little too simple though the multiplayer proves to be a worthwhile diversion. In the end, this is a game that feels like nothing more than an attempt to cash in on the Pirate's namesake and should pretty much be avoided.
There's little to recommend here, even for the most fervent fans of this now multi-billion dollar franchise. It's a lackluster run through a wildly popular film. With such little merit, Dead Man's Chest should stay buried.
Yahoo! Games (Jul 13, 2006)
As Johnny Depp's latest blockbuster is packing movie theaters nationwide, so comes the inevitable flood of licensed games. Dead Man's Chest, a PSP action-adventure not to be confused with the DS game of the same name, broadly mirrors the plot of the movie and stars the iconic Jack Sparrow. But despite the odd spark of creativity and promise, this is another in a lengthy list of hurried movie tie-ins that won't amount to a great deal.
GameSpy (Jul 07, 2006)
You know a game's in trouble when it has you staring at a brick wall in the middle of your first swordfight. This wouldn't be a huge issue if combat weren't the primary focus of the game, but Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is all about hacking and slashing. You'll duel with pirates, pirate skeletons, zombie pirates, the undead pirates of Davy Jones' crew, and just to mix things up, some cannibals who like to eat pirates. It's sad that in this day and age your biggest threat out of this menagerie of vile pirate-filled evil is the game's camera.
40 (Aug 04, 2006)
De Pirates of the Caribbean gekte begon allemaal met een niet al te wilde achtbaan. Het was meer een museum, waarin je met een karretje door werd gereden. Een museum vol piraten van wax die het bekende ‘Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me’ zongen. Het was een levendige gebeurtenis vol bewegende piraten, kanonnen die werden afgeschoten en brandende gebouwen. In 2003 kwam er een actievolle film uit gebaseerd op de piratenrit en inmiddels draait het tweede deel alweer in de bioscopen. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is ook als game uitgekomen en wij hebben onze piratenvlag opgehesen voor de PSP-versie.
28 (Jul 31, 2006)
Was macht man nun mit dem betrunkenen Seemann? Er schlägt sich ja in ansehnlicher Manier durch sein knappes Abenteuer und hat ein paar lockere Sprüche auf den Lippen. Die Säbel klirren ordentlich und auf dem Bildschirm finden ansehnliche Kämpfe statt. Die Idee mit den Reaktionsspielen ist zudem klasse und funktioniert in den ersten Minuten auch. Doch spätestens wenn ihr zum hundertsten Mal die zwei stets gleichen Kombinationen gedrückt habt, macht sich Langeweile breit. Und mehr hat Amaze leider nicht auf Lager. Spielerisch und auch erzählerisch ist die PSP-Umsetzung in etwa so spannend wie Walfischsuche auf dem Festland. Dazu kommt ein ständiges Ruckeln, lieblos reingeworfene Soundtrack-Fetzen und eine unübersichtliche Kameraführung. Lasst den angetrunkenen Seemann im Regal stehen. In seinem Zustand taugt er nicht einmal zum Deckschrubben.
20 (UK) (Jul 27, 2006)
If you're really good, you sort of rock your hips about, cushioning the waves of motion in conjunction with your knees and looking nothing short of savagely obsessed as you intently pursue the goals of your current level, with nary a care about the fact that somebody's just thrown themselves under a train at Tottenham Hale.