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Policenauts Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Game title shown during the intro
Jonathan's office
Gunfight outside
Going to Beyond with a suspicious-looking fellow
The stewardess
Behold Beyond space colony
BBC news with Karen Hojo
Beyond City Police building
Dave and Meryl
Target practice
Video describing the process of making drugs
Buddy cops
Hojo's music collection
Hey beautiful!
Dress-code for women at Tokugawa
This pillar stands in the middle of Beyond space colony
This is my kind of party
Ed's daughter does Zero-G aerobics
Oh the horror
The chase
Game over
Bomb disarming sequence
CG of "EMP" mecha
Jonathan was not quite expecting this
Dead body or just a doll?
On the Moon
Fighting EMP
Controlling eight cameras at once
Wounded, but not going to give up