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Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Credits

Developed by Bigbig Studios Ltd

Developed by Bigbig Studios LtdAlan Stock, Andrew Beynon, Andrew Liddle, Andrew Stevenson, Ankur Agarwal, Benjamin Calderwood, Ben Cohen, Bob Cowburn, Christopher Whiteside, Chun Man Li, Daniel Martinez, Glen Thorpe, Ian Griffiths, Ian Moir, John Roxburgh, Jonathan Webb, Kinwai Lee, Lee Metcalfe, Marcus Maunder, Mark Ashcroft, Matthew Brown, Matthew Stephen, Paul Gartland, Phil Irving, Piers Coe, Richard Ogden, Robert Shaer, Saleh Ahmed, Scott Cowie, Scott Naylor, Simon Bursey, Stuart Adams, Tony Marshall

Management Team At Evolution Studios Ltd

Management Team at Evolution Studios LtdMartin Kenwright, Michael Hocking

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Senior ProducerPeter Smith
Associate ProducersSimon J. Smith, John McLaughlin
Director of External DevelopmentJohn Rostron
External Development Co-OrdinatorsAngela Kaston, Joanne Richardson
President World Wide StudiosPhil Harrison
Vice President SCE WWS EuropeMichael Denny
Vice President MarketingSimon Rutter
Product Marketing DirectorMark Hardy
Head of Software PRCharlotte Panther
European Product ManagerMartin Burke
European Release ManagerLouise Welch
Print Production Co‑OrdinatorMatthew Bristow
Test ManagerGareth Spencer
Functional Testing SupervisorPhil Green
Functional Testing LeadFraser McLachlan
Functional Testing Assistant LeadGarreg Hansen
Functional TestersMike Lunt, Claire Rogers, Gary Jones, Alan Gamble, Mark Comerford, Paul Longley, Thomas Walker, Jonathan Chang, Ian Russell, Chris Severs
TRC Testing SupervisorPaul French
TRC Testing LeadDavid Hill
TRC TestersLee Champion, Greg Munt, Brandon Conley, Ed Hely
Localization Testing SupervisorNadine Martin
Localization Testing CoordinatorYolanda Akil
Localization Testing LeadAlberto Pérez
Localization TestersSilvia Ferrero, José M. Flores, Rafael Deogracias, Rafael De Vicente López, Pauline Brisoux, Harouna Camara, William Kandot, Aurélien Mouliets, Marco Simon, Daniele Tacconi, Gianni Bianchini, Daniele De Blasio, Kirstine Spinosi, Cesare Sivo, Katharina Tropf, Matthias Pokorny, Julia Aigner, Katharina Scharpf, Julia Schindler
Shift SupervisorMatthew Osborne
Support Services SupervisorAnthony Gill
Support Services CoordinatorNeil Moran
QA TechniciansJon Lowe, Chris Hopley
Online QA LeadMichael Kennedy
Online QA TesterRoss Wilkie
Head of Format QAGeoff Rens
Format QA ManagerDave Bennett
Manual & Packaging CopywriterRussell Norris
QA Manual ApprovalClare Crawley, Keith Derby
Packaging and DesignUmesh Mistry
Video ProductionNick Beedles, Tim Roe, Naomi Summerscales, Perelandra Beedles, Mark Zajac, Joanne Toomey, Jeff Culshaw, Nicola Adams
Special ThanksIvan Davies, Leo Cubbin, Lee Travers, Mark O'Connor, Greg Duddle, Phil Gaskell, Stephen Griffiths, Simon Livesey, Greg Hounsom, Thomas O'Connor, Stuart Tilley, Scott Johnson
Friends and ColleaguesRobyn Donnelly, Lyndsay Smith, Drew Williams-Rostron, Freddie Davies, Johnny Davies, Laura O'Connor

Additional Credits

Story Created and Written bySean O'Keefe, Will Staples
Sound EngineersPhil Evans, Robert King
Casting DirectorAndy Emery
Voice DirectorKate Saxon
Voice TalentCavin Cornwall, Eric Meyers, Fred Tatasciore, John Guerrisimo, John Schwab, Jules de Jongh, Kerry Shale, Maria Darling, Noah Lee Margettes, Patricia Rodriguez, Simon Greenall, Tom Clarke-Hill
Audio Production by Media MillJerry Ibbotson, Adam Rowley, Tim Shepherd
Motion Capture by AudiomotionMick Morris, James Witt, Tim Doubleday, Matt Rank, Andy Gough
Motion Capture ActorsMick Strand, Rachel Donovan, Sam Rumblelow
Music Services Provided byRichard Jacques Studios
Composed, Arranged and Orchestrated byRichard Jacques, Jeff Tymoschuk
Music Produced byRichard Jacques

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Product Development

Senior Vice President of Product DevelopmentShuhei Yoshida
Senior Director of Tools, Technology, and ServicesBuzz Burrowes
Senior ProducerSarah W. Stocker
Assistant ProducerGregory Lutton
Licensing ManagerBarbara House
Special ThanksKaren Chu, Ryan Hamlyn, Abigail Murphy

Sony Computer Entertainment America - First Party Quality Assurance

Senior Director, Global PlatformCharles Connoy
Director, First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA)Ritchard Markelz

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Test Operations

QA Test ManagerJeremy Hunter
QA Test SupervisorsAra Demirjian, Andrew Woodworth
Lead Quality Assurance TesterBryan Pardilla
Quality Assurance TestersNick Kosmides, Adrian Toler
Lab TechnicianTim Hackl
Contingent Game Test AnalystsMoshe Dictor, Andy Anderlini, Douglas Corbin, Steven Johnson, Denzil Villarico, Josh Illnicki, Dustin Jaeger

Sony Computer Entertainment America - QA Support

Manager, Online SupportChris Cromwell
Online Support LeadsKen Overbey, Derek Baurmann
Online Support AnalystsEdward O'Neill, Joseph Schmedding, Michael J. Brown, Brandon Fenton, and the Online Support Test Team

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Program Management Group

Sr. ManagerJim Wallace
Manager, Project ManagementEric Ippolito
Sr. Project CoordinatorJustin Flores
Project CoordinatorJesse Reiter
Director, Product Development Information Technology (PDIT)Adam Harris

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Online Games

Sr. Manager, Online GamesMonique Fraser
Manager, Production OperationsRichard Bennett

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Network Engineering Group

Sr. Manager Network EngineeringDerrell Jenkins

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Studio Applications

Sr. ManagerSteven Kirk

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Core Systems Infrastructure

Sr. MangerTom Perrine

Sony Computer Entertainment America - SCEA Marketing

Director, Software Product MarketingJeff Reese
Product Marketing ManagerEd Loonam
Senior PR ManagerJennifer Clark
Public Relations ManagerSheila Bryson
Senior Creative Services ManagerJack Siler
Senior Creative Services SpecialistsAlicia Beam, J. M. Garcia, Joseph Chan, Miguel Godinez
Creative Services SpecialistBlanca Hernandez

Sony Computer Entertainment America - Legal

Director, Legal & Business AffairsLisa Lunger
ParalegalRichard Daniels

Special Thanks

We would like to thankeach individual at Sony Computer Entertainment America for their contributions, support and dedication to the success of Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
With special recognition to the Executive Management Team includingKaz Hirai, Jack Tretton, Peter Dille, Phil Rosenberg, Scott A. Steinberg, Riley R. Russell III, Jim Bass, Glenn Nash, Phil Harrison, Shuhei Yoshida

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Phil Harrison, 136 other games
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Charlotte Panther, 109 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (218382)