Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Credits


PresidentEric T. Peterson
Vice PresidentWayne Harvey
ProducerMike Pearson
Lead Art DirectorPierre Roux
Art DirectorBen Lichius
Lead Programmer Amilcar M. Ubiera
VO Script EditorDavid Ellis
HR AdministratorAnn Tyer-Sebring
Associate ProducerJimi Doss
QABrandon Murray, Bryan West
Contract ArtistsCorentin Jaffré, Susan Luo
Special ThanksThe Vicious Cycle Staff, James Lewis


Lead DesignerSteve Fawkner
Lead ProgrammerSteve Fawkner
ProducerJaneen Fawkner
ProgrammingNikolas Bowe
Level DesignBen Caller
MusicMarc Derell
VoiceWalter Fields
TestingChuck McGee, Tim Sowden (KGB), Landon Bolt


ProducerAndy Pan
Senior ProducerSteve Baldoni
Manager of Support ServicesSteven J. Kasparek Jr.
Senior TestersJoe Fletcher, Paul Vaterlaus
TestersGeoffrey Schoenthal, Michael Bordon, Jack P. Oakley, Jeremy Schleining, Kelvin Kinsel, Tanner Smith, Salvador Urena, Jeremy Helton, Jason Ellis, Jeramy Layton, Micheal H. Koelsch II, Drew Johnson, Justin W. McCabe, Nicholas E. Spero, Tris Baybayan, Joshua Farrell (The Josh), David Nguyen, Mark Webster
General Office ManagersJeremy S. Barnes, Michael Greene
Vice President of Product DevelopmentBrian F. Christian
Product Development CoordinatorNana Suzuki
TranslatorNana Suzuki
Vice President of MarketingAlison Quirion
Marketing ManagerTim Blair
Publicity ManagerTamara Sanderson
Vice President of Sales and OperationsKim Motika
Associate Operations ManagerDonna Marr
Vice President of LicensingCareen Yapp
Vice President of Business DevelopmentCareen Yapp
Director Finance / Administrative / Global PlanningHidetaka Tachibana
Executive Vice PresidentYoji Takenaka
COOYoji Takenaka
PresidentYuji Ito
CEOYuji Ito
 Special Thanks our friend and loved ones that support us in our endeavors.
  No goblins were harmed in the making of this video game.
   … actually that’s not quite true …
    … apparently Drong ate one, but he assures us that it was very tasty and that the Goblin never actually felt a thing.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stratege (18874)