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Back of Case - (US):

    Wanted: Multi-Dimensional Fighter Pilots

    R You R-TYPE of Fighter?

    Do you enjoy fiendishly frantic gameplay? In this challenging opportunity, you'll be taking on 2 classic arcade shooters, R-TYPE and R-TYPE II. The successful candidate will go up against gigantic bosses, destroy strange alien creatures, and in general, commit mayhem on a daily basis. Must relocate to strange worlds across 14 action packed stages. No experience necessary. For the retro gaming experience of a lifetime, inquire within.

    An Equal Opportunity Destroyer.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69228) on Oct 13, 2006.
    One of the greatest arcade blast'em up classics, R-Types comes to PlayStation as part of a double-value package. Comprising the original R-Type and R-Type II on a single disc, R-Types takes you to a world where (in the words of Japanese developers Irem) 'grotesque creatures which strike fear into the foundation of our souls, subsist'.

    This daunting prospect is offset by the fact that you are armed with a craft capable of mixing it up with the most 'grotesque' of enemies.

    Your mission? To destroy the empire of the evil Bydo - a 26th-century manmade ecological weapons experiment that went badly wrong.

    R-Type takes you into your first encounter with the evil ones - in Stage 1 you must shoot your way past a creature blocking your path to an inter-dimensional portal. Later levels include brushes with aquatic plants and 'multi-shelled, dragon-like creatures'; a breeze through a devastated city; and finally an assault on a Bydo-occupied star.

    In R-Type II, your original attempts at vanquishing the Bydo empire appear to have come to nought, as grotesqueness has risen again, with a vengeance.

    This time you must navigate through underground streams, fighting off monstrosities and 'devilish liquid'; scrabble into The Crimson Sky where a whole fleet of airborne battleships awaits; and take out a base under construction, whilst avoiding deadly obstacles thrown in your path.

    For those not familiar with the arcade classic, R-Types is graphically both imaginative and very vivid, and the action is fast-paced and frantic. And the gameplay? Well, let's just say the expression on your face will be nothing short of . . .grotesque.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66684) on Oct 27, 2004.