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Rocky Balboa Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Character Selection Screen
Some instructions from Mickey before the fight begins
Ivan Draga!!
"I Must Break You!"
Beating Drago's gloves with my face!
C'mon!! You killed Apollo and now I'm going to defeat you!
Take this!!
End Of The Round
Rocky: "I See Three Of Them!" Paulie: "Hit The One In The Middle!"
A New Round Begins
Another Hit
Time To Fight Back!! He Is Cut!!
AAARGH!! Drago's Power Mood On!!
Falling To The Ground Again
Rocky is on the ground for the 50th time
Fighting Clubber Lang
"I'm Going to Kill you Balboa!!"
"C'mon Balboa!! Take This..."
"UUUUHHHH What a punishment!!"
"And Balboa is going down!"
"Get Up Balboa!! Get Up Balboa!!"
Clubber: "I'm Going To Bust Your *ss!!" Rocky: "Go For It!"
Clubber: "I'm The New Champion!!"
You Chickensh*t!!
"C'mon Balboa, Hit Me!!"
"Dead Meat!!!"
"I've Got A Lot More!! I've Got A Lot More!!"
"C'mon!!! Hit Me Balboa! Hit Me If You Can!!"
"You Are Going Down Balboa!!!"
Uuuuuuhhhhh!!! Another Powerful Hit By Lang!!
Power Mood For Clubber! Devastating Hit!!
And Balboa Takes Another Knockdown!
"Get Up Balboa!! Get Up Balboa!! I've Got A lot More For You!! I've Got A Lot More!!!"
And The Winner Is Clubber Lang!!
"I WIN!! I've Defeated Balboa!!! I'm The New Champion!!! I Told You Balboa!!! I Told You!!! You Fool!!!!!"
In this game you can also fight with the movies foes! Fighting Balboa with Drago!
"I Must Break You!"
"I Must Break You!"
"I Must Break You!"

Official Screenshots

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  • Rocky Balboa Screenshot
  • Rocky Balboa Screenshot