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Shining Blade Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

On a dark, gloomy night...
... flowers blossomed...
... as did love.
The boy got so excited...
... that his blade started shining.
Welcome to the colorful intro screen.
... where besides the usual regular options...
... you have EXTRA ones.
Somehow, that title sounds kinda off to me.
Elf kid doesn't look very enthusiastic around weird fairy-like-thingy.
But cat lady looks interested in blade boy nonetheless.
Seriously, so many characters right off the bat.
Of course, we're always willing to accept more pretty angelic girls.
And we're off to a REAL start.
Sure, let's select our members.
Yeah... Thanks for all the available options.
Not the most labyrinthian path.
Basically, defeat them all!
Tutorial huh. I wonder about its necessity.
So I basically just... move. Thanks.
Oh, you're getting it now, smartalec.
But it is DONE.
Now that's why I play these games. To earn MONEY.
Having a companion makes adventuring worthwhile.
Not having a huge array of stats can actually be a good thing.
The enemy seems much scarier this time around. RUN!