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Soviet Strike Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro -- FMV clip
Here we start in the Crymea
Map of the first level
Mission status
Each mission is explained in detail
Shooting the forces defending a radar
In late 1990-s EA was all about this trend of ugly FMVs with real actors. This is your co-pilot.
Showing off the power of your Apache
Picking up someone in need of rescue (to gain some armor later)
Demolishing enemy training camp
Destroying some building potentially of historical value
Flying over USSR port
It has USSR written all over. Yes, Russians are evil, I got the message
Dogfight with enemy helicopter
My Apache destroyed
You need some huge explosives to destroy enemy subs
Adrea Grey reporting after completing level 2
Level 3 is in the desert
You can strategically destroy oil rigs for huge explosions (I doubt though US officers would ever authorize such tactics :)
Oasis in the desert
Level 4 is radioactive waste Transylvania, located as the game insists, "in southern Russia" - I'm not joking...
Some transylvanian cemetery
Destroying a small convoy for gas and maybe ammo
Dodging enemy rocket
Carrying a nuclear core from the destroyed reactor to bury it in the mines with about 10 scientists who were helping along the way. Yeah, realism...
Final level, the center of Moscow
Short videoclip showing Moscow's important assets :)
Old church inside the Kremlin
Lenin's tomb
Moscow State University (I think)
Escort Russian president Boris Yeltsin to the plane and see him safely leave the city!
Lenin's tomb opened. Comments? I have none XD