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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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IGN (Nov 01, 2005)
It sounded like the coolest idea ever. Still, Lucasarts delivered on its promise. It let you play as either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire in a series of epic, multiplayer confrontations spanning famous Star War locales. The game, of course, was the original Star Wars Battlefront. By all accounts it was a particularly huge game. And it wasn't just its scope or attention to detail, either, it was the fact the whole shebang was multiplayer and online ready.
GameSpy (Nov 01, 2005)
That sage street poet Kanye West recently posed a rhetorical question: "Why is it that everything that's bad for me makes me feel so good?" That's how I felt after putting in a few hours as a worker bee for Lord Vader. Should I be disturbed that I'm carrying out the intergalactic equivalent of ethnic cleansing? Probably. Sure, there's the fun of playing as the Rebels or as a defender of the Republic, but there's something about being the bad guy in the intergalactic trenches that really makes Star Wars Battlefront II so much fun…in single-player mode. Multiplayer has its attributes, but stumbles hard when it comes to framerate and resembles a Monet painting at some points. Overall, I'd recommend it for single-player, but for Wi-Fi, well, I've offered my caveat emptors. Choose wisely.
Battlefront II for the PSP boasts a lot of ways to control your Star Wars experience, whether it be co-op battles over ad hoc wireless, the chance to down Gungans as Boba Fett, or control Jedi over a variety of maps. Ironically, the one thing that taints the experience is the controls. Although it gives you four ways to configure them, none of the options made me feel really comfortable. And for an action game like this, if you don’t like the controls, you aren’t gonna get your kills. This Battlefront II doesn’t have the driving story of the console version, but it does give you the predominant experience – including the not super-fun space battles. There is a certain charm to this game, but it’s basically a big Jedi mind trick.
GameSpot (Nov 04, 2005)
It's got some of the console and PC versions' mechanics, but the lack of a story-based campaign and online multiplayer sucks much of the fun out of this PSP shooter.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 2006)
Al met al is SW: B2 dus een ietwat kale versie van hét succesnummer van LucasArts van eind 2005.
60 (Nov 23, 2005)
Moins convaincante que sur consoles de salon, la version PSP de Star Wars Battlefront 2 pâtit de son multijoueur limité à 4 joueurs en LAN et de son mode solo auquel il manque une campagne pour parvenir à retenir notre attention. En outre, la réalisation n'est pas non plus parmi ce qui se fait de mieux. C'est très dommage car les développeurs avaient réussi à rendre leur création jouable malgré le peu de touches disponibles sur la portable de Sony.
Worth Playing (Feb 21, 2006)
"Sequel The Best Selling Star Wars Game of All Time." That's what the back panel of Star Wars: Battlefront II proclaims. Best selling? Of all time? This seems off tto me, yet NPD numbers seem to prove it true, at least across all platforms. But it seems strange, with so many classic Star Wars games that have popped up over the years. X-Wing;Tie Fighter, which of course begat X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter; the classic Super Star Wars series for the SNES; Shadows of the Empire, one of the few good Nintendo 64 games for the first dry months of the console's lifespan – even budget classics like Yoda Stories (not the Gameboy version!) should have sold quite a few copies to curious fans.
These guys sure know what Star Wars fans want. In the first three single-player levels of Battlefront II, you get to exterminate Gungans, Jawas, and Ewoks. Smart. But guess what else you'll get to fight in those first few stages? The control scheme. The PSP just isn't made for shooters, and this is one of the most ambitious around.
Star Wars Battlefront II for the PSP is simply the Death Star. It's an immensity that is chock-full of destructive power, symbolized by the multiple re-creations of the biggest and baddest battles in Star Wars history. Its seemingly flawless exterior is made up of snazzy graphics and authentic pewpewpew laser sound effects. Yet, for all that is good about it, like the original Death Star, it has one flaw that slipped through construction, a flaw that is significant enough to blow the entire thing apart. That flaw is the terrible framerate during multiplayer. If you're into single player, the game is actually quite good...
55 (Jan 23, 2006)
Adapté Star Wars Battlefront 2 sur PSP n'était pas un pari gagné d'avance par les développeurs de chez Pandemic. Et malheureusement force est de constater qu'il n'est pas totalement remporté. Les coupables ? Des modes de jeu qui auraient mérité un autre traitement pour cette adaptation nomade avec un solo bien trop court et un multi tout simplement inacceptable à la vue des capacités de la console. De plus le soft offre des graphismes assez moyens qui sont heureusement sauvés par une fluidité très convaincante. Les fans seront donc ravis de retrouver leur soft favori en version nomade alors que ceux qui n'auront jamais goùté à la série Battlefront devront, malgré un gameplay des plus accessibles, faire bien des concessions pour ne pas voir un plaisir de jeu disparaître bien trop vite.