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Destructoid (Jul 22, 2009)
For fans of straightforward brawlers, Unbound Saga is a satisfying experience, with an attractive $15 price point that should make your decision easier to make. Fans of the genre should already be accustomed to the repetition that comes along with mercilessly (and sometimes pointlessly) pounding thugs into the ground, stage after stage. Unbound Saga is no different, but it certainly does it well.
Spazio Games (Jul 25, 2009)
Un’occasione persa, per Vogster Entertainment tanto quanto per gli aficionados del PSN. Unbound Saga si ferma ad un passo dalla sufficienza, non potendo mettere sull’altro piatto della bilancia altro che degli ottimi dialoghi e un reparto tecnico di buon livello, a fronte di problemi troppo rilevanti per chiudere un occhio. Sarebbe bastato prestare la stessa cura avuta per lo storyboard o per l’atmosfera da fumetto ad aspetti quali il bilanciamento della difficoltà e la bassa longevità, per fare di questo gioco un ottimo veicolo pubblicitario per una piccola casa di software e, soprattutto, per il PlaystationNetwork, elemento chiave per il futuro del marchio PSP.
IGN (Jul 17, 2009)
Unbound Saga isn't a bad game, the dialogue is funny, the story is interesting, and the levels look like they're pulled from comic books. Still, the gameplay isn't all that fun, and the title's definitely not that deep of an experience with its 10 levels that are about 15 minutes or so each. In general, the content here doesn't warrant the $15 price tag. I mean, I wanted to get to the next cutscene to see how the story was set to unfold, but there were plenty of times I didn't feel like playing the game to get there. That's not good. Old school beat'em up fans might be thrilled with the game's adherence to that genre's principles, but everyone else might be a bit let down by the sluggish controls and maddening hit boxes.
Worth Playing (Aug 01, 2009)
While Unbound Saga oozes personality in its story line and cinematics, this veneer tries to cover up a game which, when you actually play it, has about as much depth as Kim Kardashian. Boring gameplay and half-baked mechanics combine to create a title that is shallow even for a $15 downloadable game. PSP owners continue to wait for more great games to come out for the handheld; unfortunately, it looks like they're going to wait a while longer.
TotalPlayStation (Aug 08, 2009)
All I am sure of is that I regret having to spend so much time ripping on a game that honestly just deserves to be skipped. Yes, there's potential here, and the premise is so poised to make for an awesome game, but the end result is such a slap in the face of everyone trying to search for the diamonds in the deep, deep rough that it all ends up going from hilarious to downright offensive. Do not buy this game. Do not play this game. Just imagine it never happened and should Vogster give the concept another shot, we can only hope they block it from their minds too.
GameSpot (Jul 23, 2009)
No matter what you're looking for, there's a game that does it much better than Unbound Saga. The 1995 Genesis game Comix Zone made compelling use of its setting in a comic book while such hard-hitting classics as Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2 had enemies that attacked with variety and personality. As a beat-'em-up, Unbound Saga isn't in the same league. With these games and more like them readily available for download, there's no reason for anyone to waste time with this boring brawler.