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Unbound Saga Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Dialogues are visible in speech bubbles.
You can pick up any object and use it against your enemies.
Passing from one screen to another.
Enemies are drawn by the artist himself! I don't know right now who I hate the most. The enemies or the artist who keeps on spawning them.
Boss fight.
Rick's skill tree.
Lori's control settings.
You can switch between Rick and Lori. Each one of them is useful in some situation or another.
Lori's 'dark powers' pop up menu. Choose one spell and cast it right away.
Main menu.
Lori can become invisible in such areas.
Aside from the fighting, you will also have to do some other things, such as activating switches.
During your travels in the underground you will also meet some... not so friendly mutants.