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The Warriors Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Shot from the intro movie
To steal a car radio you need to move the analog stick clockwise to unscrew it.
Unlike the PS2 or Xbox version where while mugging you search “points” with the analog stick and vibration, on the PSP you look for them using the analog stick and your eyes.
In some missions you can rob shops for money.
You can command yours Warriors using 6 basics commands.
If cops got your gang members you can save them.
You can throw different objects to distract enemies or to damage them.
If you have good reaction skills you can easily pick any lock.
In most missions you can write graffiti on walls to get extra points.
Armies of the Night mini-game
Rumble Mode mini-game
Sit Ups mini-game, it provides you some stats boosts.
Pause menu