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Wild Arms XF Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Earth's future, no doubt.
Those arms do look a bit wacky.
Music, the series strongest point.
Such a health-inspiring title.
I don't see anyone. Must be the sun.
Mega Serpent Dodging Technique!
Those huge-ass sticks are bad for your teeth, you know...
That's not what I meant!
Thanks Random Stranger. Just in the nick of time.
What's worse than a God of Death... TWO Gods of Death!
Pure friendship... on a loading screen for a fraction of a second.
Don't you think everyone should have arms... don't be jealous.
Tactics... just add some strategy and we'll have a game of chess.
HEXES! Showing off our l337 h4ck1ng sk11lz.
Standard basic options. This is no Disgaea, that's for sure.
You can move down here...
... but not up there.
Every battle seems to have its own conditions.
... though this one is pretty DUH.
Resident Evil had healing herbs, so why not healing berries...
Japanese voice acting. YOSHA!
Goddamn, too many names...
A different view on close quarters combat.
It's getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes...
Wait, is that guy gonna fly using blades...
Oh cool. So it WAS that easy...
GELLA... whatever happened to GOLD... that's what they craved back in the Old West...
Watching these small numbers makes me cringe a bit.
Geez, there was no need to hack everyone's limbs off...
Yeah, we're hot and we know it.
Pretty neat logo back there... ARMS! I'm not sure I should save...... and if we get tired, there's always that delete button. Option. Thingy.
Very Lord of the Rings-ish.
The gun doubles as a demon's face... at least in my mind.
Blonde Hitler. Makes much more sense this way.
By the Power of Greyskull!
You can always trust a guy with a scar like that.
... but DO NOT trust seemingly innocent young girls.
A flower couple. Because love can bloom even on the battlefield.
Those flowers must be huge by now.
Finally, some exploration. Even though it's done through a menu.
Gilliam seems to have some info.
Oh, he actually only repeats our own questions. Nice job you have there, friend.
Best moment - Shopping spreeeeeeeeee!

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