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Winx Club: Join the Club Credits

Konami Digital Entertainment

PresidentKazumi Kitaue
Chief Executive OfficerKazumi Kitaue
Vice President - Product DevelopmentMasato Sakai
ProducerMeghan Nishimizu
Vice President - Contents StrategyTetsuya Hiyoshi
Director - Product Support GroupTakeshi Minagawa
Assistant Manager - Product Support GroupTsuyoshi Arayashiki
Chief Operating OfficerGeoffrey Mulligan
Senior Vice President - Sales & MarketingCatherine Fowler
Vice President ‑ OperationsLinda Stackpoole
Director of MarketingBrad Schlachter
Product ManagerSarah Felbinger
Associate Product ManagerWyman Jung
Director - Marketing CommunicationsCherrie McKinnon
Director ‑ Public RelationsMarc Franklin
Director ‑ Creative ServicesMonique Catley
Package DesignerPhilip Travisano
Operations ManagerKathie Tompkins
QA ManagerMichael Klug
QA Project LeadsPearl Lu, Andrew Cates
Lead TesterShane Leonard
TestersBen Flasher, Jim Hill, Greg Moy
Manual CopyOff Base Productions
Special ThanksLaura Waniuk

Rainbow S.P.A

CEOIginio Straffi
Creator of Winx ClubIginio Straffi
Director ‑ LicensingJoanne Lee
Manager ‑ LicensingFrancesca Barigelli
Content DesignerMaurizio De Angelis

4Kids Entertainment

Senior Vice President - Marketing & LicensingAntoinette Reed
Vice President - Marketing & LicensingColleen Nuskey
Director - Marketing & LicensingErin M. Webb
Associate Manager - Marketing & LicensingElizabeth Battista

4Kids Productions

Supervising ProducerAlan Kingsberg
ProducerSalvatore Oppedisano
Voice DirectorChris Collet

N Space

Lead Software EngineerShawn Leaf
Software EngineersLeon Brown, Ginger Christine Carroll, Shane Colliatie, Greg Grebe, John M. Meyers
Lead ArtistScott Kiraly
ArtistsJames J. Inziello, Nick Miulli, Sheri Tarter
2D ArtMaggie Wang
Character ArtistsRyan Cooper, Christian Holmes, Aaron Cross Gaines
AnimatorsChris Schroyer, Yamil Bermudez, Brian Highsmith, Brandon Shakley
AudioKarl Demer
Production ManagerKimberly D. Olivera
ProducerBob Hichborn
Vice President of Product DevelopmentDan O'Leary
PresidentErick S. Dyke

Special Thanks

Thanks to the Following People For Their Valuable Help and Support:Kurt Busch, Meghan Nishimizu, Jason Albee Miller, Sean Purcell, Gary Meyers, Jamie Chen, Darla Hichborn, Heather Hichborn, Jessica Hichborn, my family for all of their support, I love you, Jeanne, Andrew, Jen, Mom, and Dad., My Wife Chandra for giving me the Winx to create these wonderful worlds, Benjamin Carroll, K-La Carroll, Abigail Carroll, Linda Butler, David Butler, Julie Carroll, Terry Carroll, Trillia Blue, Gretchen Reynolds


This Game Features 10 Compositions fromCherry Lane Music Publishing and 4Kids Entertainment.

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Kazumi Kitaue, 138 other games
Cherrie McKinnon, 92 other games
Monique Catley, 88 other games
Catherine Fowler, 83 other games
Takeshi Minagawa, 82 other games
Michael Klug, 79 other games
Linda Stackpoole, 79 other games
Geoffrey Mulligan, 78 other games
Brad Schlachter, 72 other games
Tetsuya Hiyoshi, 72 other games
Marc Franklin, 71 other games
Kurt Busch, 63 other games
Kathie Tompkins, 60 other games
Pearl Lu, 51 other games
Tsuyoshi Arayashiki, 42 other games
Jim Hill, 38 other games
Wyman Jung, 34 other games
Sarah Felbinger, 33 other games
Dan O'Leary, 28 other games
Philip Travisano, 24 other games
Masato Sakai, 20 other games
Erick S. Dyke, 19 other games
Gary Meyers, 18 other games
Ben Flasher, 18 other games
Shawn Leaf, 17 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (224105) and formercontrib (159232)