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The steep hill that players have to climb to use the more advanced features in the game may dampen some enthusiasm for this part of the game, which would be a shame. Clearly the developers put much thought into loading in lots of great soccer action, but someone should have kept things aligned with a strategy that stressed ease of use. Some gamers may really be looking for the branded, licensed experience - which is obviously FIFA. But you would be making a mistake to pass up World Tour Soccer 06. Soccer fans will love everything here, and find they have a great, big game to explore. Casual soccer fans are probably better off here than with FIFA, due to the stress that World Tour Soccer 06 puts on "just playing." Gotta go, and I'll see you on the leaderboard!
Cheat Code Central (Jun 30, 2006)
As long as you're not looking for the game that topples FIFA, then you're sure to have a ball with World Tour Soccer 2006. As they sometimes say, some games aren't for everyone but this game is definitely meant for all.
WTS is quick on the field and quick off. You don’t need hours to get into it (load times are good, not great) with the game timer flying by as you try to beat the clock in most modes, and on the pitch the it plays fast, maybe too fast for some. Taking this route may isolate some of you hardcore ‘football’ fans but the fun that they have injected into the sport may have you thinking twice. WTS has the chance to appeal to everyone and, for a handheld like the PSP, we could use more games like it.
82 (Jun 27, 2006)
Trotz der derzeitigen Fußballüberdosis im Fernsehen hole ich in der Halbzeitpause eines WM-Spiels meine PSP heraus und zocke eine Partie World Tour Soccer 2, gibt es ein größeres Lob? Den Entwicklern ist vor allem durch die interessanten und motivierenden Spielmodi im Rahmen der Welttournee eine nahezu ideale Fußballumsetzung auf der PSP gelungen. Auch wenn das Spiel natürlich nicht an ein PES 5 vom Gameplay herankommt, hat mir World Tour Soccer 2 bedeutend mehr Spaß gemacht als die langweiligen PSP-Umsetzungen des aktuellen FIFA-Jahrgangs. Das Punktesystem, wodurch schönes Spielen belohnt wird, ist einfach eine tolle Idee und exzellent umgesetzt. Da verzeiht man auch die etwas zu schwer ausführbaren Kopfbälle im Angriffsspiel.
Worth Playing (Aug 01, 2006)
WTS '06 doesn't have the licensing chops of FIFA or Winning Eleven's pedigree, but it is a charming title that makes an honest and sincere attempt at being different without being contrived. It makes for a good game to play while waiting for the bus or on the back porch while waiting for dinner. The challenges may seem a little silly, especially when the game performs rather realistically, but they add depth and nuance to the gameplay, which is already pretty refined. WTS '06 may not have all of the teams and rosters that a soccer freak would salivate over, but if you like soccer and don't mind those unlicensed teams or rosters, then WTS '06 is definitely worth looking up.
78 (Jul 11, 2006)
Gut, aber nicht gut genug. So könnte man den Angriff von World Tour Soccer 2 auf den Fußballthron der PSP-Spiele passend beschreiben. Release zur WM aber kein Turniermodus im Spiel? Ballack auf der Verpackung des Spiels aber nicht im Spiel? Also irgendwas ist da schief gelaufen. Für mich ist World Tour Soccer 2 nicht mehr als eine nette Abwechslung, begeistern kann mich derzeit allerdings nur die Vorfreude auf die mobile Version von Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Dennoch muss man den Entwicklern zu gute halten, dass die verrückten Spielmodi für frischen Wind sorgen und durchaus gute Ansätze sind.
PSX Extreme (Jul 18, 2006)
If you're looking for a good "pick up and play" soccer game for the PSP, WTS 06 is a good option. However, if you're looking for a little more depth, the lack of club teams, customization, and mini-games is hard to look past when FIFA 06 is sitting on the shelves right next to it.
Game Chronicles (Jul 09, 2006)
World Tour Soccer 06 is an interesting arcade-style approach to soccer that probably works better on the PSP than it would on the PS2 where people are expecting a more serious experience. I really enjoyed the innovative rules and challenges in the Medal mode, and the World Tour offered just as much excitement (for me) as any official World Cup game. If you aren’t a stickler for the rules and don’t mind the lack of club teams, licensing, and playing for the actual World Cup, this is a great soccer game perfectly suited for the PSP.
IGN (Jun 27, 2006)
It may not please diehard soccer fanatics, but it will certainly appeal to most everyone else. World Tour mixes slick play mechanics with a bevy of fun and rewarding match types to create a refreshing, player-friendly soccer experience. Add impressive production values and multiplayer modes, and you've got one solid product.
77 (Jul 23, 2006)
World Tour Soccer 2 isn’t a soccer game for everyone. If you want club teams your out of luck, if you want PES styled gameplay keep away, but for everyone else you will find one of the most enjoyable arcade styled games on the PSP. It's perfect to take on the road, accessible to anyone and just pure gaming fun.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 19, 2006)
World Tour Soccer 06 is a good introduction to soccer for new gamers who own a PSP. Other brands might dig a little deeper and become a little to complex for the average consumer, and the fun, quick style of World Tour Soccer is welcomed change. Sony has the basics covered with a good structure laid down with some interesting gaming ideas, and great online support. This second edition of World Tour Soccer is more polished then previously and might just be enough to put Sony's portable soccer game into more homes where it belongs.
Armchair Empire, The (Aug 02, 2006)
Although it lacks the depth of other portable soccer games, and the AI may be a bit too wussy for veterans, World Tour Soccer 06 is a great choice for less serious games due to its easy pick up and play nature. The lack of a simulation mode hurts the longevity, but the various modes keeps things fresh every time you turn on your PSP.
Gamezone (Germany) (Jul 10, 2006)
"World Tour Soccer 2" ist ein brauchbarer Arcade-Fußball Titel, der spielerisch und grafisch recht solide wirkt. Lediglich die Soundeffekte bei der Punktevergabe für schöne Spielzüge nerven gehörig. Im Vergleich mit EA-Sport's- FIFA bzw. FIFA-Street Reihe kommt "World Tour Soccer 2" noch immer etwas klobig rüber und stellt auch durch das übermäßig arcadetypische Gameplay keine ernstzunehmende Konkurrenz dar. Fans von solidem Arcade-Fußball können aber durchaus ein Spielchen wagen. Die Spielbarkeit ist sicherlich nicht das größte Manko dieses Titels. Gelegenheitsspieler könnten jedenfalls die schnelle und unkomplizierte Steuerung zu schätzen wissen. Besitzer des Vorgängers dürften jedoch etwas enttäuscht sein, denn großartige Verbesserungen im Spielsystem sucht man mit der Lupe. Nur der Online Modus und der recht umfangreiche World Tour-Modus heben den Titel inhaltlich von seinem Vorgänger ab.
GameTrailers (Jun 27, 2006)
World Tour 06 does a good job of finding the middle ground for people who don't want an all-out simulation game but also want to avoid the wild world of FIFA Street. The in-game challenges are fun, especially when you are playing a quick game on the fly. It may not be the Brazil of soccer games but it ain't team USA either.
GameSpot (Jun 29, 2006)
World Tour Soccer 2 is an enjoyable arcade football game that combines pick-up-and-play simplicity with novel challenges and features. The gameplay modes present an ample challenge for gamers seeking a long-term challenge, with the various different conditions offering plenty of variety. The game improves on last year's title thanks to the new multiplayer modes, although the loss of club teams is a shame. If you're looking for a lighter alternative to the simulation games on the market and fancy online multiplayer, then World Tour Soccer 2 fills the gap in the market nicely.
74 (Aug 01, 2006)
So; except for the audio commentary World Tour Soccer 2 is a very enjoyable arcade soccer game on the PSP that succeeds in enhancing the gameplay by adding a bit of extra features. The replay value is very high and the game excels in both gameplay as graphics and sound but for the third edition there should be definitely another commentator or the series will be responsible for situations like the Paris riots.
Softpedia (Sep 28, 2006)
I know I've been bad-mouthing the game a lot but I'm sure that with a little more effort, we could have had a great football game. This is not the case here as "World Tour Soccer 2" is at best not-that-bad. Maybe the third version will be better or maybe it will be worse, but I know one thing. Give this game a real challenge and there will be fights in the stores because the potential exists and I, for one, would be very satisfied to win the Champions League or at least the World Cup. Until then, I'll be practicing my point making special magical ability.
GameZone (Jun 12, 2006)
World Tour Soccer ‘06 is a nice little arcade exercise that uses soccer to promote the challenges it holds. While not the type of game that huge soccer fans will immerse themselves in, anguishing over losses, it still offers a skill-based challenge that will serve players well in other soccer video-game venues. In its own right, this game may have the veneer of simple in concept, but it does have solid challenges that will entertain.
Gameswelt (Jul 11, 2006)
Sonys 'World Tour Soccer 2' erinnert mich irgendwie an die Nationalmannschaft der Elfenbeinküste: Macht Spaß, kann aber mit den ganz Großen nicht mithalten. Kurz gesagt: Wer kurzweiligen Arcade-Sport für zwischendurch sucht, kann gerne zugreifen. Alle anderen bleiben beim wesentlich gehaltvolleren 'Pro Evolution Soccer 5'.
70 (Jun 23, 2006)
If you're looking for a real football experience on the PSP, this really can't be recommended over Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA. If you've already got your traditional football fix, though, World Tour Soccer 2 offers something that neither of the big boys does. It's an arcade game, so don't expect to be putting together beautiful free-flowing moves that Brazil would be proud of, but the challenges make for a game that feels very different to normal football, and a title that will fill the gaps between World Cup matches very well indeed.
70 (UK) (Jun 27, 2006)
It's certainly not the ultimate handheld football game, but that's more through a selection of ambition than a lack of it - and that's why it makes an impression. Because whenever I throw on PES on a long train journey and I find myself bouncing off defensive walls and cursing the sluggish frame rate and ludicrous load delays, it's nice to have World Tour Soccer 2 around to fall back on. It's a pointed alternative, and nothing if not enjoyable.
GameSpy (Jun 27, 2006)
In conclusion, World Tour Soccer 06 doesn't quite manage to knock other soccer games off their thrones, but with its fun Medal Modes, it's a better PSP experience than 2006 FIFA World Cup. However, it still pales in comparison to the great Winning Eleven 9, although it's definitely got better load times than Konami's title. Visually, however, it stumbles terribly, as it's not a particularly good-looking game, although its frame rate could be a lot worse. The graphics and likenesses just look awful and really hurt the overall experience. The controls strongly resemble EA's franchise, but the gameplay feels easier. The game's Ad Hoc is great, but unfortunately, the Infrastructure has so few people on it that it's not easy to recommend at this point. No die-hard soccer gaming fan will adore it, but WTS's ease of play will certainly be good for newcomers to the genre. Ultimately, that's where it shines the brightest.
World Tour Soccer 2 is a lot of fun and a soccer game that doesn't take itself too seriously. If you were disappointed with Sensible Soccer but want an arcade alternative then you can't go wrong with this game.
AceGamez (2006)
World Tour Soccer 2 does have a nice flow to it and the progression is addictive, as you want to see what you will unlock next. You also get to play a huge variety of teams on a number of different continents, with the added bonus of facing the continent all-stars as the final showdown. However, as this review has clearly proven, all football games will always suffer from Pro Evolution comparisons. World Tour Soccer 2 is a good attempt at a slightly alternative football title, but as all of us footie fans know too well, form is temporary, class is permanent.
1UP (Jun 26, 2006)
While it's by no means the greatest soccer game ever made, Sony's game is a perfectly adequate introduction to the sport, and keeps things arcadey and fun, rather than bogged down in simulation and stats. Hardcore (read: non-American) fans will find it vapid, but those same fans are far better served by Winning Eleven.
Game Shark (Jul 17, 2006)
If this were a console game, I’d be rather upset with the limited number of play modes; however the modes fit the PSP perfectly and makes a good pick up and play game. While I’d like to play a league mode with a schedule, if you can over look that you’ll have an enjoyable arcade-like soccer game.
Gaming Age (Jul 21, 2006)
On the same note, it's disappointing to see season play missing. After all, what's the point of polishing up one's soccer skills if there's no championship to win, no drafts to reward a player for winning a series of games with the worst possible players? Don't get me wrong, what's here is great, but true soccer aficionados will probably want to go with something else to sate their season-managing desires. But as for those of you craving a quality soccer title to play on the ride to work or between classes, World Tour Soccer 06 is your game.
GamingExcellence (May 12, 2007)
Even with all the different modes available in World Tour Soccer 06, it is still a sub par, average game. The lack of features compared to some of its siblings is truly disappointing, and the gameplay isn't even that interesting. Some of the "features" in the game such as the 15 second rule are just downright frustrating. And the multiplayer, while a nice addition with adhoc and infrastructure modes, is mostly deserted on the North American servers. Unless you're a soccer hooligan who already owns the better soccer games on the PSP, you really shouldn't bother with World Tour Soccer 06.
Es ist ja löblich, über Regeländerungen im Fussball nachzudenken. Doch dieses Spiel geht mir eindeutig zu weit. Das hat mit Fussball nichts mehr zu tun, was da auf dem Bildschirm nach einigen Partien abläuft. Die abstrusen Regeln lassen mich keine eigenen Taktiken entwickeln oder Strategien umsetzen, sondern setzen meinem Spiel ein ganz enges Korsett auf, das mir die Luft beim Spielspass abschnürt. Es mag Spieler geben, welche diese neuen Herausforderungen knifflig finden. Ich gehöre eindeutig nicht zu dieser Kategorie. Technisch ein mittelmässiger Titel, der ohne optische oder akustische Glanzpunkte auskommen muss. Da auch in Sachen Umfang wenig geboten wird und vor allem auch keine Ligen enthalten sind, ist das Spiel lediglich etwas für Fussballfans, die auch heute noch auf dem Bolzplatz abstruse Regeln vereinbaren wie "drei Ecken ein Elfer" oder "Torwart-Tor zählt doppelt".