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There is some pop-up - but it doesn't distract - and the only downside to the title is that it doesn't have a manual transmission option. This is frustrating because your car doesn't always downshift for power when it needs to. Hands down, WRC is some of the best racing on the PSP.
80 (Nov 24, 2005)
Bis auf die zugkräftige WRC-Lizenz mit den Originalfahrern und Rallye-Boliden hat World Rally Championship in der PSP-Version kaum Gemeinsamkeiten mit der Konsolenfassung auf der PS2. Ist das schlecht? Nein, sofern man sich klar ist, dass man auf dem Handheld keine Simulation, sondern einen Arcaderacer geboten bekommt, der sowohl technisch als auch spielerisch überzeugt. Schade nur, dass kein fakultativer Simulationsmodus zur Auswahl steht und der Fuhrpark sowie die Spielmodi deutlich dezimiert wurden.
Gaming Target (Jun 06, 2006)
World Rally Championship is one of the most beloved rally racing Europe. Aside from the original WRC released under the now-defunct BAM! banner in early 2002 on PlayStation 2, the official game of the real FIA WRC has been nonexistent in North America even though the franchise is published by Sony themselves in Europe. Sure it's easy to understand why – it's a NASCAR world here and rally racing is stuck on Speed Channel at 2AM so nobody knows it exists aside from the die-hards who know how to operate a DVR. So it's pretty surprising to see that Namco-Bandai Games picked up the debut of the series on PSP for a US release, some 9 months since the European version shipped when the system launched there. Though PSP is flooded with racing games, WRC is the first and only rally-based take on the genre for the handheld (in the US, as Colin McRae is out in Europe), giving itself a definite advantage – it's easy to get attention when you have no competition.
GameSpot (Apr 28, 2006)
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship is a thoroughly imperfect racer, but it's a good first effort at bringing the WRC series to the PSP. The flaws in the controls are impossible to ignore, and the overwrought difficulty is going to turn a lot of casual players off (and hardcore players might be irritated at some of the game's arcade-in-lieu-of-simulation inspirations). But with its superb visual presentation, wealth of courses, and genuinely fun (if flawed) driving, WRC: FIA World Rally Championship is a game that rally racing fans ought to take a look at.
Softpedia (Nov 30, 2006)
It's about time some other rally racing game came along. Colin McRae had the supremacy for many years in this field, but Traveller's Tales hoped to turn things around and shift a gear up and speed to the racing games podium. I can't say they failed, but nor did they make it a brilliant attempt. If it wasn't for the well done weather effects, this game would be a mediocre ome with lots of car licenses and long tracks.
70 (Oct 18, 2005)
WRC est un paradoxe à lui tout seul. Vraiment performant au niveau du gameplay et de sa base de données, il est plus que décevant en ce qui concerne ce qui entoure un rallye et l'absence de certains réglages en est le parfait exemple. Proposant une conduite séduisante et technique sans être inabordable, il avait pourtant tout pour s'imposer largement. Si vous ne pouvez pas vous offrir WRC et Colin McRae, il vous faudra faire un choix qui passera par l'impasse sur certains détails importants d'un jeu de rallye.
IGN (May 23, 2006)
There's certainly no shortage of racing titles on the PSP - the genre may in fact be the strongest on the system. While there have been plenty of street racers to hit the system, rally racing really hasn't gotten any love. Namco Bandai has changed that with the release of WRC: FIA World Rally Championship, but unfortunately it doesn't quite cross the finish line unscathed. There aren't any crippling problems per se, but there are enough flaws to where you'll want to consider exactly how much you really need portable rally racing.
Portable Review (Jun 24, 2006)
To be honest, the racing genre just doesn’t appeal to me all that much, but certain games stand out. I would be completely bored with a NASCAR game, but I usually like the idea of Rally sport. Unfortunately, I can’t really get into this game.
1UP (May 22, 2006)
WRC is really your only rally fix on the PSP, and it's not entirely a bad game; it just doesn't live up to its potential. Useless analog steering, weird collision issues, and the lack of a decent multiplayer mode keep it from being a winner.