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Young Thor Credits

Development Team

Executive ProducerMartin Brouard
ProducersPierre-Alain Hoh, Jean-François Charland
Creative DirectorChristian Daigle
Game DesignerÉric Latouche
Additional DesignPhilippe Dion
Creative WriterDavid T. Moss
ProofreaderAlexandre Morin
Lead ProgrammerPhilippe Dion
ProgrammersKhalid Mriss, Christian Hovington, Michaël Dubé
Sound IntegratorYann Chénier-Desrosiers
Art DirectorYves Baril
Lead 3D ArtistChantal Couture
3D ArtistsRachel Grondines, Chantale Fitzback, Gabriel Beaudin, Olivier Boucher, Janick Belley
2D ArtistsJean-Luc Savard, Pierre Trépanier, Marius Gindac
Lead AnimatorYvan Deschamps
AnimatorsSimon Bourassa-Blouin, Julie B. Savard, Nicolas Houde
Interface DesignerThomas B. Martin
Visual EffectsJean-Luc Savard
Sound DesignerSen Fortier
Original MusicSen Fortier
Website DesignerFabien Rousselot
Lead QAFrancois-Gabriel Auclair (Fly)
QA TechnicianAdam Lamothe

External Development

Voices Recording StudioDACAPO Productions
Voice DirectorNolan Balzer
VoicesVanessa Macrae, Corny Rempel


CEOSteve Couture
CTOLuc Beaulieu
CFOChristian Bégin
Vice-President Corporate StrategyPierre Moisan
Vice-President ProductionPhilippe Bégin
Director of ProductionFrançois Gravel
Director of Game DesignÉric Asselin
Director of QAFrançois Perreault
Communications ManagerAnnie Bégin
Special ThanksBruno Cadoret, André Kadi, Luc Moussu, George Bain, Vivian Lam, Justin Cooney, Steven Espinosa, Wayne Harvey, Clinton Skibitzky, Arnaud Caron, Renaud Begin, Olivier Moisan, Louis Cloutier


Telefilm CanadaThis project was funded in part or in whole by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada New Media Fund, A component of the Canadian Culture Online Strategy, which is administered by Telefilm Canada.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (608028)