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Psycho Pinball Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Language select screen
Psycho Clown from intro
Main Menu
Default scores for Wild West
Default scores for The Abyss
Default scores for Psycho
Default scores for Trick or Treat
Bottom half of Psycho table
Top half of Psycho table
Bottom half of Wild West
Top half of Wild West
Bottom half of Trick or Treat
Top half of Trick or Treat
Bottom half of The Abyss
Middle portion of The Abyss
Top half of The Abyss

Genesis version

Title screen
Table selection screen
Bottom part of Wild West
Middle portion of Wild West, the bullet on the left launches your ball at high speed.
Top part of Wild West
Bottom part of Psycho, the multitable
Middle portion of Psycho
Top part of Psycho
Bottom part of The Abyss
Middle portion of The Abyss, the volcano enables many bonuses and launches your ball to the upper part.
Top part of The Abyss
Moonsquares, one of the bonus games
Bottom part of Trick or Treat
Middle portion of Trick or Treat
Upper part of Trick or Treat, try to get into the house on the left.