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Puggsy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Part of the opening sequence
The Menu
A map of the world
THE BEACH - take this shell and go to exit
THE BEACH - Watch out for that giant crab coming towards you!
THE COVE - Uh oh, monkeys!
THE COVE - Guardian
THE RED WOODS - use the bubble gun to put out three fires
THE RED WOODS - Groundhogs can cause trouble in this forest level
REDWOOD KEEP - take a weight to pass around the fan
STAR FALL LAKE - Puggsy is underwater..
SPLINTER TOWN - Exploring a town...
BADGER MILL - watch the flour being baked into bread
BADGER MILL - Guardian
PYRAMIDS - you're controlling mummy!
PYRAMIDS - Guardian
DARKBLADE FOREST - this sucker is hunting you
DARKBLADE FOREST - how to reach higher place?
DIAMOND MINES - during a ride on the mining cart
DIAMOND MINES - surrounded by enemies
DARKSKULL CASTLE - a little rest on the wooden table
FIRE HEART - snowmen are here to patrol
FIRE HEART - Guardian
AZTEC TEMPLE - go and grab that statue's head
Level complete
Game over

Genesis version

Title screen
Part of the opening sequence
The Menu
The map of the world
Watch out for that crab!
Stacking barrels
Jumping across a pond
Jumping through the trees in a forest level
Exploring an egyptian pyramid
Game over

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Pre-rendered Intro
More Pre-rendered Intro
Early Levels tell you exactly what to do.
Cool as ice.
Map screen
Use the axe to drop the ball.
The Sega CD version is mostly the same as the Genesis version.
First Boss
Any object can be used to trip a switch.
Boss Battle 2